How To Know Musicians In Illuminati

Is it true in Africa there artists who are part of the Illuminati? And do we have Zambian musician who are under Illuminati? These can be musicians, politicians, actors, footballers and presidents. This has become a popular topic among the peer and music lovers of a popular genre in Zambia, who have openly asked for Zambian musicians in Illuminate.

First of all, what is Illuminate? and how can you know people, especially Zambian musicians who are in Illuminate. This name refers to a secret group of people known to control most aspects of the world of entertainment, politics, business, music, news to technology etc. You can call it an international secret movement of millionaires. It refers to Bavarian Illuminati founded in the year of 1976. I personally do come across individuals that claim Illuminati is real and actually happening in Zambian music.

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Even though it is entirely another issue pointing out those involved,through research conducted and online publications involving the same topic concerning Illuminati. After reading Zambian Musicians In Illuminate. Don’t forget to check Richest musicians. In the meantime, this is how you can know Zambian musicians allegedly in Illuminate.

How To Know Zambian Musicians under Illuminati

Follow through our stipulated hidden signs musicians use to discover, Zambian musicians who are in Illuminate.

1. Music Videos

Zambian Musicians In Illuminate

Even though this societal group is supposed to be secretive, there so many ways they come into the light. Music videos mostly showcase symbols and sinful acts which are not acceptable by society. They have the most sophisticated music videos supporting homosexuality, murdering, rape, drugs etc. These music videos go into the world streaming and cause great influence among the people.

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2. Gestures

Zambian Musicians In Illuminate

Gestures we have seen this even coming from Zambian musicians in music videos and images showing a 666 symbol. This is a sign of the last marking of the beast according to ancient history and religion. Look for unusual symbols on photos and music videos to know those involved. Even though everyone tries out to hide and remain hidden, eventually exposure can be seen.

3. Lyrics

Lyrics and Illuminatti

Illuminati music, especially lyrics are those of adult explicit content and cause havoc. Remember this society has nothing to do with God. Most songs oppose christian teachings, encourage fornication, persuade killing and murder, police brutality among other things. Don’t just follow anything you hear in these famous songs coming from parts of the world without fully understand what you’re really getting into.

4. Dress code

The Illuminati

Zambian musicians in illuminate follow the code to influence and seduce people. This leads to so many things that affect the younger generation. performing there mission also involves exposing there nakedness for the world to see and win may people close to the devil as much as possible. Again this is don’t through arousing dress code with the intent to confuse people. So just close check for those that dress clothes you know are so wrong again our local culture. Dressing is the fourth aspect to know Zambian musician who are under Illuminati.

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5. Tattoos

Zambian Musicians Who Are In Illuminate

Body markings and tattoos represent the club and cult they belong to. Illuminate is a big organization having small units of cults. People put tattoos of the beast and other symbols including eye commonly called Baphomet. Due to these reasons some have come to claim most high paid musicians might be part of the illuminate. But don’t go round accusing people without having proper facts and proof. So Do you know Zambian musicians in illuminate?

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