Zambian Doctors Salary Per Month

How much do doctors earn in Zambia? Its no surprise you want to know Zambian doctors salary per month and Doctors salary in Zambia 2020. Important thought to take note of is that health workers, especially doctors are the most highly paid careers in Zambia today. Without any further ado, lets get started with analyzing, salary range for people working in Zambia under ministry of health and studied Medicine.

How much Doctors Earn in Zambia (Salary Range)

Contemporary Zambian Doctors or trained Physician, earn between the range from 6,180 ZMK for those with low experience, qualification, and experience of less than five years to 25,800 ZMK. This is the actual highest salary for senior Zambian Doctors. But roughly about 50% of Zambian Doctors earn 15,100 ZMK per month, which is a median salary.

Gender Employment Gap Affect Doctors salary

In other countries qualification is highly valuable than gender. Those working in the health sector of Zambia, especially women actually earn less compared to men. Statistics showed male doctors earn 7.5% compared to women, despite having same skills and qualification.

Zambian Doctors salary in Kwacha

This is the average monthly salary, vary based different Doctor / Physician careers. If you are interested to learn about Doctors salary in Zambia today. Check this table below!

Salary RangeDoctors Salary / MonthAnnual Salary
Low6,180 ZMK74160 ZMK
Medium15,100 ZMK181200 ZMK
High 25,800 ZMK309600 ZMK


Salaries change and vary between different Doctor and profession. Today in Zambia, experience level is an important factor factor in determining the actual salary range. Having more experience makes other doctors to earn more than freshers and juniors in the health sector, and this is common trend in other industries.

Salary scale for civil servants in Zambia
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Take note, Zambian Doctors salary per month, includes housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically among different available jobs and health positions. Learning more, especially on which other jobs that pay more in Zambia and salary scales for civil servants. If you are interested in ways to find a particular job, these articles explain more on online jobs as well and ensuring you find careers on demand from the sector to guarantee employment, its important especially for newly graduated students.

Hopefully you have learnt how much money does people working in Doctor / Physician make in Zambia?


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