Where does Ph1Lz4 live in the UK?

Today we will talk a little bit about Ph1LzA as he is known in some social platforms and gamer communities. So where does Ph1LzA live in the UK? Phil Watson (born March 1, 1988 [age 34]), better known online as Ph1LzA, is a Minecraft Youtuber and streamer who joined Dream SMP on November 16, 2020.

Who is he? 

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He’s 34 years old British content creator and video game streamer whose biggest claim to fame is his YouTube channel Ph1LzA. He builds epic Minecraft projects in hardcore mode for over 2.9 million subscribers.

Family Life

He has a sister named Aimee. He married his wife Kristin in 2020.


He collaborated with YouTube star JeromeASF on a video in July 2019.


His first recording to reach 10 million plays was 2019’s My 5 Years of Minecraft Hardcore (Montage). In December 2006, he released his first YouTube video titled Ph1LzA Montage 4 PREVIEW.

Where does he live in the UK?

We know that he lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Wear, England. 

Why is he famous? 

Philza, who had held this game, managed to walk 6,316 km, fly 7,798 km and jump 732,389 times in the game before his demise. However, none of that was enough to prevent a vicious attack by a zombie baby and a spider.

Watson’s character was attacked by a zombie baby wearing magical armor. A situation from which he managed to flee only to eventually be bumped off by a spider.

“No! Really, that’s how I die?” said Watson on the Twitch stream of the game as the screen displayed the categorical “Game Over.” “Of all things, I knew it was going to be something stupid,” he added.

After his defeat, Watson reflected that he could have survived all this if he had eaten a golden apple in time.

“I ran out of luck,” Watson commented to BBC. “There’s so much I could have done, I felt stupid making such an easy mistake.”

In fact, the player admitted that he thought about quitting Minecraft, but is now eager to get back into the game.

“When it first happened, I was so depressed that I thought I didn’t even want to look at Minecraft right now, that I never wanted to look at a zombie again,” Philza said. “But I’m starting to feel the urge to create something and go on another journey.”

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– Philza is also known as “Philza Minecraft” due to the fact that he died in his hardcore world.

– In his hardcore world (season 4), Philza dyed and renamed himself a “Friend” sheep after Ghostbur blue sheep in the Dream SMP.

– Philza has participated in every MCC, with the exception of MCC 3, during which he was married. He has won twice, first in MCC 4 with his Dream SMP teammates Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, and TommyInnit in the Purple Pandas, the second time in MCC 12 with GeorgeNotFound, Wilbur Soot, and TapL in the Green Guardians.

– Philza is part of the “sleepy bois inc” with Wilbur, Technoblde and Tommy. Philza is the “Pope” of their dynamic.

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