What and why is the gay ear in the uk?

In the 1980s, when occurrences of men wearing earrings took an upward trajectory, it became the norm to associate heterosexual people who wore earrings in the right ear as heterosexual. There was also a widespread belief that men who wore earrings in the left ear were homosexual. However, it was known that the idea and belief would vary from country to country and from culture to culture.

The ear that most homosexuals pierce most often is the left ear, hence its reputation as the gay ear. Therefore, suffice it to say that when someone who is straight pierces their left ear, it simply means that they are piercing their gay ear. Most of the time it is advisable for straight men to avoid piercing their ear if they intend to remain straight. However, it is normal for people to pierce both ears regardless of which category they fall into. It should be noted that the concept of homosexual ears is rapidly losing steam as more and more people pierce their ears without recourse to sexual inclinations.

Back in the day, the idea that the right ear symbolized being gay was widely accepted. It was one of those gossipy things you heard and believed without trying to confirm. It was so strong that it soon became a widespread belief throughout the country.

As people began to understand the codes that homosexuals used, a new phrase was coined: “right is wrong and left is right,” the wrong in the phrase being associated with being homosexual. Soon, the phrase spread like wildfire at a time when piercing was just beginning to gain ground. For a long time, body piercing was not what everyone generally accepted, seen mostly on rock stars.

For a while, body piercing was even considered an act of rebellion and, with the gradual introduction of the concept, piercing a body part was soon considered gay.

In some places, the idea of ​​piercing one side of the body as gay was the opposite, as the left ear was the marker. Other parties saw piercing both sides of the ear as synonymous with being transsexual or bisexual.

Soon after, the original phrase was soon lost and people began to forget which ear was the real ear, even as piercing became more popular.

By the 1990s, most people had forgotten the concept of “right and wrong” and piercings soon became more about fashion and rebellion. Also, with an increase in acceptance of gay rights by the law and society, there was less reason for people to hide their identities. And that killed the “gay ear.”

The left ear the easiest way to remember it is the saying “The right ear is right, and the left ear is wrong.” So, the left ear with an earring on a man shows that he is gay. The right ear with an earring is just an earring, and is favored by hippies and pirates, also called the one percenters (the rule means the one percent of society that is outside the law).

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