How To Find A Good Web Designer In Zambia

If you’re reading this article its because you found it online. It appeared on top of searches probably because it was ranking on top of search results or first page of Google. This is because of one good reason, I did very good professional SEO on this article. Been a search engine optimization (SEO) expert comes with experience and skills which very few web designers in Zambia have adapted.

“Years ago in 2012 I once made a mistake of hiring a very unprofessional web designer from Zambia. This was before I knew anything about websites and designing even how to code. I must say the job the developer had done was very bad and i didn’t like it considering I paid over K7,000 which is a lot of money. It was due to this reason I became a web developer and designer, and after years of serious learning I’m now an expert at web development and SEO.”

Why did I write this article about Web Designing?

Well this is because I have heard people complain of having wasted money paying a certain web designer in Zambia. Probably going trough the same things i did and afterwards they get very unprofessional work done on the website for them.

Web designing is a good well paying job today in Zambia. For this reason even those with little knowledge are trying so hard to certify them selves claiming they’re media agencies. Be careful who you hire so in this article I will show you how you can know and find a professional website designer to do a great job for you in Zambia.

NOTE: If you need someone to help you out with a professional website. I have over 7 years of experience in websites. I develop Android Apps and I develop websites in languages including Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, CMS and HTML. If my CV meets your requirements then don’t hesitate to contact me for a web designing job.

Otherwise you should use this criteria to perform your litmus test, whenever you want to hire a web developer or if you want to find a web designer in Zambia. Do this before you hire a web designer in Zambia to know if they’re good at Web designing.

A Good Web Designer In Zambia Must be Able To Do;

Web Designer In Zambia
Make Money Blogging

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a very broad subject and one needs to properly understand it. SEO is not just about uploading your content and article. this is why if you paying a web designer for a job they should be able to teach the basics of SEO and how you can do it on your website. If you have no interest then they should be able to do it for you.

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With good SEO withing weeks a website must start ranking on searches. of course this depends on content quality and type of industry together with competition of a targeted keyword.

2. Web Security

A good web designer in Zambia must be able to do a proper security job. Failure to which your website might be vulnerable to cyber hacks and attacks on the web because hackers are always working on ways to exploit websites. This makes your website to be a target for such activities especially if it has a larger number of visitors.

Good security includes a web designer been able to change a default login URL most hackers know and finding great plugins for Anti-theft and web security. For instance any WordPress website has a default login URL which is not very safe. So on most of my websites i change to a custom one which I only know about.

3. Back link Strategy

A good web developer must know all about web linking and creating of back links. To rank you need link juice from other websites and this can only be achieved with a good plan. Ask them if they will teach you inbound and outbound liking techniques. Because trust me, these might look simple but they highly determine how well your website performs on searches.

4. Code (PHP or HTML)

Coding is everything in web development. This is why it shocks me to see people making websites don’t even know how to write any simple code. Next time when you’re about to hire a web designer ask them if they know how to write any code. Okay what if you need some customization on the theme? How would someone doe it unless they know how to code. To notice even a piece of malware code in a template its unless one can read and write code.

5. Show you how to make money blogging

Unless you’re a making a website for a company or restaurant, otherwise the main go most people make websites is to make money. And this is one of the hardest lessons if you’re just starting out. Most of times people don’t even know how to make money blogging. But truth be told, if a website isn’t making money then it has very little worth and very soon you will quit after paying a web designer so much money.

6. Help you rank number 1 on Google

Unless its when you’re starting blogging but trust me, in time you will understand the importance of getting higher ranking. Your all blogging success is actually dependent on this one, “ranking number one on google”. Any good web developer must teach you how to rank higher on google. Even though necessarily you can not dominate all searches but at least more than 70 percent of searches must give you a first page ranking.

7. Previous work done

Before you hire a web designer, ask them to show you samples of works done and just believe the images and fake testimonials you see. Ask them for phone numbers of previous customers and consult how well they did the job. inquire if they were satisfied with the quality? Ask if they do recommend them ? and why you should use them to create a website for your business?

This is important if you’re not to trying to face a disappointment with any website designing company in Zambia. Because having a big name has nothing to do with quality and service. Test them out and see if they deliver what you need. Most importantly never pay a designer in advance more than half of the money before a job is done, unless you really know what you’re doing and whom you’re dealing with. I have seen people pay and they don’t get the website developed for them.

8. Experience

Honestly I believe in web designing, “experience is the best teacher in everything.” The more experienced the better. Go for people with a lot of knowledge in website designing if you need a good job done for you. Remember, “cheap is expensive”. Anything cheap projects the quality of a good or service. Ask the developer for how long they have been doing the web masters jobs, companies that hired them to design a website? and what you will likely learn from them?


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