Types of Accounts At Standard Chartered Bank Zambia

Standard Chartered Bank Zambia gives you multiple account options to choose from. Saving your money with this Bank gives assurance to yield interest. There account provides amazing interest to ensure you reach your financial goals. Standard Chartered Bank Accounts has options for you to choose, either local based currency and foreign currency.

Standard Chartered Bank History

The firs branch established in 1906, Kalomo District located in Southern Province. Standard Chartered Bank Zambia is today one of the major leading Banks in Zambia. Currently has 25 major outlets withing the country to serve you 24/7. More than 50 Automated Teller Machines. Located in Banking Centers and provides jobs to over 1000 Zambian employees. Standard Chartered Bank Zambia is available in 8 out of the 10 provinces of Zambia. Therefore, you can find branches on the Copper-belt and Lusaka.

Standard Chartered Bank Zambia Types of Accounts

Types of Accounts At Standard Chartered Bank Zambia

Rural expansion has made Standard Chartered Bank available in North Western, Northern, Southern, and Western province. Any one, anywhere can Open an account. The only international Bank listed on the stock market. You can buy and sell shares (Stocks) if you become an investor. Standard Chartered is available at the Lusaka Stock Exchange for investing. Standard Chartered Bank types of accounts available in Zambia is a Payroll account and Flexi Cash accounts. Open an account with Standard Chartered Bank today.

Best Top 3 Standard Chartered Bank Accounts

Hence, these accounts allows you to Bank your currency in dollars if that’s the preference. Bank accounts designed to provide expected transnational requirements.

1. Flexi Cash account:

This type of account from Standard Chartered Bank Zambia has many advantages. You need no minimum balance with the Flexi Cash account, and you can transact as many times possible. There’s no restriction to what you can do at your Bank. This account comes with a personal monthly Cheque Book to make payments and withdrawals via Cheque.

Includes a VISA Banking card for quick withdrawals in case of an emergence, gain access to money 24/7 everyday. Account holders receive free monthly statements through Email, ATM and Mail box. Open Flexi Account: System provides uninterrupted shopping experience through VISA. Experience monthly free swiping included for a first day in a month.

2. Smart Banking Accounts:

Smart Banking Account specifically made for those in employment. Payroll paid monthly, receive wages and salary to enjoy privileges. Hence, Employees integrated in the Banking system have more benefits from Smart Banking Accounts. Programs offered including access to Loans, and minimum interest rates.

Similarly, account opening process takes minimal time. Withing minutes a Bank account expressly opened to have money secured. No additional fees, charges billed monthly even if the account balance falls below prescribed threshold showing minimum balance. Open Smart Banking Account: in addition provides low account fees, immediate issuance of ATM card upon opening an Account.

Withdraw money anywhere through online, phone and internet banking from Standard Chartered Bank Zambia. Additionally, other privileges includes e Statements and personal loan preference to manage your Mortgages.

3. Global Accounts:

Standard Chartered Global Accounts provides access to foreign currency. Its the best foreign savings account, saving money in a foreign currency. Having foreign money in your account has never been this easy.

No need to go for conversation currency elsewhere. Just open your Global account and Standard Chartered exchange management for you. Join Global Account: to start enjoying tailored transactions offered. Meanwhile, banking done in major currency, subsequently includes USD, ZAR, GBP, and EUR. Likewise, this account has free monthly statements and ATM withdrawal.

Moreover, many people need online banking. phone and internet. Hence, this account meets all those prerequisites of granting access to money anywhere.

Hopefully you’ve been helped with Standard Chartered Bank Accounts. Choose what meets you needs from types of accounts at Standard Chartered Bank Zambia.

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