Top 15 Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa


Average Salary for an Economist in South Africa is $16,701.77

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

Economist’s significance in commercial enterprise has grown incredibly through the years. Their primary position is to assist a corporation’s control in decision making and forward making plans.

Economists play a crucial position in assessing the enterprise surroundings of a firm for you to address inner and outside factors which could have an effect on the boom of the commercial enterprise.

A company’s decision on funding, manufacturing of commodities, and employment can be tormented by the business environment in a selected area. this will include the government financial policies and the peak of opposition faced with the aid of a corporation.

thus, economists come up with techniques on the way to assist the employer flourish in that enterprise environment.

To qualify as an economist, you would need a degree in Economics, facts or commercial enterprise management.

Economists earn high earnings in South Africa. An early profession economist with 1-four years of enjoy earns a mean of R131K p/sometime an economist with five-9 years of enjoy earns a median income of R305K p/a. A skilled economist with 10-19 years enjoy earns an average of R565K p/a.

2. IT Managers

Average Salary for an IT Manager in South Africa is $17,409.01

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

As our international grows greater virtual, technological jobs have grown momentum inside the process enterprise. now not handiest is the career in excessive demand however is also most of the excessive paying jobs.

IT managers are answerable for coping with all of the tech-related operations in an organization. IT managers play a big role in organizations today considering all commercial enterprise has moved from the physical lifestyle of doing business to being absolutely virtual.

To qualify as an IT supervisor, one desires a degree in statistics and generation.

IT managers salaries also depend upon the quantity of revel in one has within the enterprise.

An access-stage IT manager with 1-4 years of revel in earns a mean of R351K p/a. A midlevel with an enjoy of five-9 years earns a median of R454K p/a. An IT supervisor with 10-19 years revel in earns an average of R576K p/a.

3. Pharmacist

Average Salary for a Pharmacist in South Africa is $26,657.55

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

Pharmacists are many of the few experts with a smooth-going job that doesn’t require a great deal bodily labor but that wishes one to be continually on their maximum alert levels.

Pharmacy is a high call for talents activity global. For one to pursue pharmacy in South Africa, they need to have a diploma or a master’s degree in pharmacy from a South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) accepted group.

that is accompanied by way of an internship education of 1-2years in a network, clinic or private pharmacy and compulsory service in a public medical institution to completely qualify.

An early career pharmacist earns an average of R251k p/a, a midlevel pharmacist with five-nine years enjoy earns a mean income R487K p/a and an experienced pharmacist with 10-19 years of revel in earns an average income of R688K p/a.

4. Cybersecurity Engineer

Average Salary for a Cyber Security in South Africa is $27,480.12

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

With maximum big corporations in South Africa going virtual, the importance of cybersecurity has extended. moreover, the improved hike inside the quantity of hackers within the digital international has had many groups on the lookout therefore the excessive demand of cybersecurity engineers these days.

groups are willing to pay an excessive amount to those who can help them secure their tech.

 Cybersecurity is a career accountable for the creation and execution of secure community answers that offer safety towards cyber-assaults, hackers and so on.

To qualify as a cybersecurity engineer, you commonly want a diploma in laptop science.

An early career stage Cybersecurity engineer makes a median of R400k p/a while one with five-nine years of enjoy makes a median of R503K p/a. An experienced cybersecurity engineer with 10-19 years earns a mean of R646K p/a.

5. Software Engineer

Average Salary for a Software Engineer in South Africa is $27,800.01

at the number 12 spot are the software program engineers. even though this profession is new, it’s far, however, growing speedy and is currently on high call for.

software Engineers generally have a degree in computer science and programming. they’re responsible for designing, growing, and coping with pc software program.

An entry-degree software engineer can earn mean earnings of R280K p/a. A Midlevel software program engineer with 5 – nine years of experience can count on median earnings of R509K p/a. An experienced software engineer with 10- 19 years revel in earns a median of R640K p/a.

6. Sales Manager

Average Annual Salary: $39,714.31

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

Income managers are pivotal to every present agency. they are answerable for the growth of sales in a business enterprise and making sure that sales targets are met. they also lead sales teams, lease and train them to generate sales for the employer. To qualify as an income supervisor, you want a degree in enterprise management, facts, or mathematics. some employers choose income managers to have a master’s diploma in business administration as a qualification.

sales managers earning fluctuate as they depend upon the sort of income department they lead, the corporations they work for and their enjoy inside the area. reported salaries on similar income supervisor jobs exhibit Absa as the company with the highest-paid income manager, earning R800K p/a.

An early profession sales manager with 1-4years of revel in earns median earnings of R155K p/a, while a midlevel sales manager with five-9 years of experience earns mean earnings of R317k p/a. An experienced sales supervisor earns a mean profit of R727K p/a.

7.Biomedical engineers

Average Annual Salary: $40,802.37

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

Biomedical engineers have distinctly progressed approaches of treating human beings from accidents and diseases. thru their information, they’ve controlled to create higher and more superior medical equipment that has made complex surgical procedures simpler to do.

To qualify as a biomedical engineer in South Africa, you would need to gain a degree in biomedical engineering or in the relative discipline.

An early career level biomedical engineer with 1-4 years of enjoy earns a mean of R303K p/a. A biomedical engineer with five-9 years of enjoy earns a mean of R420K p/a and an experienced biomedical engineer beyond medial career degree can earn a median of R734K p/a.

8. Architect

Average Annual Salary: $41,346.40

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

Architecture isn’t always most effective an excessive-paying process however is likewise a critical-abilities-based career in maximum nations round the world. this means that even outdoor South Africa, you may nevertheless get to amplify by way of working in different nations. An architect plans, designs, and supervises the development of homes. for the reason that decisions of an architect can affect public protection, architects undergo good sized specialized schooling.

In South Africa, to qualify as an architect, you may examine architecture at any college that gives the area programmer. for example, you may observe architecture within the school of Engineering and the constructed surroundings at the university of Cape metropolis. An early-career architect with 1-4 years of enjoy earns a mean of R277K p/a, even as one with 5-nine years of experience earns higher common earnings of R715K p/a. An architect with more than 10 years of experience can earn a median income of R1.2 million p/a.

9. Management Consultant

Average Annual Salary: $46,242.69

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

In South Africa, the common revenue for a control representative at entry stage is between R250,000.00 and R350,000.00 in step with annum. With 4-7 years of revel in, midlevel experts can count on to earn between R550,000.00 and R800,000.00 according to 12 months. control consultants help corporations to maximize their boom by means of enhancing the company’s performance. They achieve this by means of assisting corporations in growing capabilities that have been previously lacking.

To qualify as a management consultant, one has to gain a bachelors or master’s degree in a commercial enterprise-associated area. Majors in Finance, Economics, and Accounting are generally favored. As a management consultant, one must have precise numerical and IT skills. for this reason, it would be sensible to broaden your IT competencies now in case you are to pursue a profession in control consultancy.

10. Pilots

Average Annual Salary: $51,955.02

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

As those who should go through a sequence of training and earn some of certificate before qualifying to be pilots, they do deserve to get a high profit. To be a totally certified pilot in South Africa, you want to achieve a CPL license with at least 200 hours in air flight.

Pilots fly and navigate planes, helicopters and other varieties of aircraft. A pilot’s earnings, however, depends on numerous factors along with the kind of plane they fly, the form of corporation they work for and their qualifications. A Mid-level with 5-9 years of experience can earn a median of R850k p/a. An experienced business pilot earns an average of R950K p/a, in South Africa.

11. Actuarial Scientists

Average Annual Salary: $63,923.71

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

The average revenue for an Actuarial Scientist in South Africa is R1,100,000.00. The actuary’s career deals with measurements and control of danger and uncertainty in an organization. those professionals use analytical and mathematical talents to remedy economic and business problems. this is a relatively in-call for profession due to the lack of actuaries inside the use of a. Qualifying to be an actuary can soak up to nine years.

Actuaries can come from special educational backgrounds, but one ought to get an actuarial technological know-how diploma, a postgraduate degree, and write the important examinations with the expert actuarial bodies. An early-level actuary with 0-2 years of revel in earns among R – 350,000.00 and R – 450,000.00 in step with year. An actuary with 4-7 years of revel in earns between R – 500,000.00 and R – 800,000.00 in keeping with year, while one with 10+ years of experience earns among R – 1,200,000.00 and R1 – 700,000.00.

12. Chartered Accountant

Average Annual Salary: $68,003.95

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

The average profits for a chartered accountant in South Africa with 4-7 years of labor enjoy stages between R800,000 and R1.250 million consistent with annum. To be a chartered accountant, you want to be a very disciplined and efficient man or woman as the job can be very taxing. The Chartered Accounting designation is across the world recognized and gives extra advantages than different accounting credentials.

A chartered accountant’s job is to offer financial recommendation, audit debts, and provide honest statistics about economic statistics to a client. A chartered accountant might be liable for taxation, forensic accounting, corporate finance, business recovery and insolvency. 

To qualify as a chartered accountant in South Africa, you have to get a diploma in accounting science or a Bachelor of trade in Accounting or any CA (SA) undergraduate qualification at a SAICA approved college. you may then need to put in writing the CA(SA) board examination.

despite the fact that qualifying to be a chartered accountant takes you to write a qualifying exam after completing your undergraduate diploma, the career has a excessive income which is very rewarding.

A chartered accountant with access-level experience earns between R550,000.00 and R750,000.00 in line with 12 months, whilst a chartered accountant with mid-level experience earns among R800,000 and R1.250 million in step with yr. A CA with ten or more years of enjoy earns among R1.6 million and R2.2 million.

13. Specialist Doctors

Average Annual Salary: $92,485.37

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

Professional medical doctors are presently the very best-incomes professionals. they’re fantastically skilled people who commonly specialize in a specific clinical subject. these can encompass neurology, cardiology, and urology. Qualifying to be an expert physician such as a neurosurgeon isn’t always only rigorous however very high-priced, hence the excessive income.

maximum specialist medical doctors work lengthy hours and are always on-name, therefore making their process very demanding and disturbing. This, but, is handsomely compensated for by the earnings they earn after all the hard paintings is finished.

A neurosurgeon is professional in treating people with mind, spinal cord-related illnesses and injuries. An entry-stage neurosurgeon with 1-four years of experience earns mean earnings of R730K p/a.

A Mid-degree neurosurgeon with five-9 years of revel in earns a mean income of R780K p/a while the only with 10 – 19 years of revel in has a median income of R2 mil p/a.

A heart specialist specializes in coronary heart health. if you don’t thoughts preserving someone’s beating heart on your fingers, this may be a excellent process for you as it is a pinnacle-paying process. A heart specialist with medium experience earns a mean of R1.7 mil p/a in South Africa.

14. Judges

Average Annual Salary: $146,888.53

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

average earnings for a judge in South Africa are R2 – 500. With the chief Justice earning about R3 million, Deputy chief Justice R2 – 6 million, Constitutional courtroom judges R2,3 million and high court Judges R1 – 9 million turning into a decide isn’t always just like most professions in which you have a look at and acquire a diploma for that particular profession you want to pursue.

In South Africa, one has to get a law degree, pass their bar examinations, emerge as an advocate or a Justice of the Peace and function an advocate or Justice of the Peace for a number of years earlier than qualifying to be a judge.

moreover, to qualify in this career, you have to be taken into consideration as a proper and suit man or woman by means of the standards of the legal and exercise council policies.

15. Lawyers

Average Annual Salary: $467,867.18

Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa

landing on variety 8 is the regulation profession. The criminal profession has constantly been on the list of high-paying jobs since time immemorial. despite the fact that social and financial adjustments have had a bad impact on many professions, attorneys have managed to preserve their position on the pinnacle of the excessive-incomes listing.

this is mainly because agencies and individuals will continually need prison specialists to assist them steer thru felony systems. attorneys’ salaries are decided by way of the quantity of years they have got practiced regulation and the sort of lawyer they’re. legal professionals are the fine-paid legal professionals.

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