These are the best paying jobs in Georgia

1. Anesthesiologist

Average salary: $ 362,175

Main Duties: Anesthesiologist specializes in perioperative care. They create an anesthesia schedule and administer the appropriate dose of anesthetic to the patient prior to surgery or procedure. They evaluate patients to determine appropriate anesthesia plans, monitor vital signs and coordinate with other medical professionals.

2. Surgeon

Average Salary: $264,901

Main Duties: As surgical team leader, surgeon evaluates patients, determines if they need surgery, and performs surgical procedures difference. They review the patient’s medical history and develop a treatment plan based on their findings. Surgeons also educate their patients about the risks of surgery and provide them with postoperative care and treatment.

3. Psychiatrist

Average salary: $223,894

Main Duties: Psychiatrists assess patients for emotional and behavioral disorders their different micro and mental. Based on their assessment, they develop a treatment plan and prescribe medication. After the patient has been treated for some time, the psychiatrist will evaluate the results and modify the treatment plan as needed.

4. Dentist

Average salary: $217,945

Main Duties: Dentists work to prevent and diagnose dental disease. They promote oral health and plan treatment for their patients. Dentists also interpret the patient’s X-rays and diagnostic tests and monitor the growth of the patient’s teeth and jawbone.

5. Orthodontist

Average salary: $214,007

Main Duties: Orthodontists examine patients to determine their dental needs. They create dental casts and match patients with various orthodontic appliances, including dentures and braces.

6. Doctor

Average salary: $196,567

Main Duties: Doctors diagnose and treat their patients for injuries and illnesses. They perform tests, review medical history, and prescribe medications when needed. Doctors also advise patients on how to maintain or improve their general health.

7. Pediatrician

Average Salary: $191,632

Main Duties: Pediatricians perform examinations on infants and young children to assess the health and development of children. They seek diagnoses, prescribe medications, and advise the child’s parents on preventive medical measures.

8. Family Physician

Average Salary: $190,766

Main Duties: Family Physician provides care to patients all ages. They order and interpret tests, monitor patient health, and work alongside other healthcare professionals.

9. Enterprise Architect

Average Salary: $137,065

Main Duties: Enterprise Architect sets the direction of the company’s operations. They work to improve the organization’s IT infrastructure and its overall business. They also help with the integration of different applications and programs.

10. Sales Engineer

Average Salary: $130,418

Main Duties: Sales Engineer works on the technical side of the company. sales process. They manage the technology review phase and explain the technical and functional characteristics of a product or service to different users.

11. Chief Architect

Average Salary: $130,325

Main Duties: Chief Architect builds an organization’s technology foundation office. They identify the technology needs of the business and ensure that its information technology functions work smoothly across different parts of an organization.

12. Actuary

Average Salary: $123,772

Main Duties: Actuaries use their mathematical knowledge to determine the financial costs of various risks faced by their clients. They create policies to help reduce these costs and often work in the insurance industry.

13. Pharmacy managers

Average salary: $122,486

Main Duties: Pharmacy managers oversee the day-to-day operations of the pharmacy. They advise clients and dispense prescriptions. The pharmacy manager manages the pharmacy staff and ensures that all prescription drugs and controlled substances are stored securely.

14. Software Engineering Manager

Average Salary: $121,577

Main Duties: Software Engineering Manager oversees the development of a software application. They work with engineers to ensure a smooth process and correct use of software development best practices.

15. Computer Scientist

Average Salary: $119,680

Main Duties: Computer scientists create new computer products and solve various computer problems. They create algorithms, develop computer languages, test new computer systems and designs, and work to improve hardware performance. After various tests, they presented their findings to the scientific community. Collectively, they ensure that both the software and the hardware in the computer work efficiently.

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