Richest Musicians In Africa (Forbes)

Africa known for its magnificent beauty, vast land, natural resources, great weather and talent. Not forgetting its the worlds second biggest continent with population of 1.216 billion. Since the late 1990’s, We have seen thousands of richest Africans musicians, making money from music. Making it to be Forbes richest musician in Africa inst easy but these names made it. So, due to this most people ask, “who is the richest musician in Africa?” and top 10 richest musician in Africa 2021 almost everyday.

Hustling making money and trending on social media, with millions of followers. After following through this article, you will know who is among top 10 richest musician in Africa and those not even close to been richest African musicians.

Net Worth For African Musicians (Overview)

What is net worth? According to Macmillan dictionary its total amount of wealth and assets one has minus the expense. Who is richest musician in Africa? Well, when measuring the net worth for musician and people, incomes earned in this year combined with whatever has been mad in the past to come up with a total.

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Expense incurred from these musicians includes, payments,clothing, bills and purchase of clothing they use in music videos and live performance shows.

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The Richest Musicians In Africa
PICTURE: Macky 2 Zambia’s Richest Musician

This article evaluates each musicians net worth and lifestyle. Hence it includes total amount of money they make and musicians from different countries. So far, in our articles more in depth information on Zambian music, and this subject can be found [at]. This includes our comprehensive list about richest musicians in Zambia, which you may also enjoy reading and possibly do some comparisons. List includes Chef 187, Rapper Macky 2 and Slap Dee, but aside from that, did you know, despite having so much money. Most of these richest Artist in Africa have a heart for the people?

For, instance Akon, the leading richest Artist in Africa did amazing works in his home village. Ensured they installed more than a 1 million dollars, worth of solar panels. Officially launched in 2014, and was named Lighting Africa project which he personally founded.

Its main objective been to eradicate poverty in the sub-Saharan Africa and improve lives. While, others have embarked on sponsoring African musicians and raising acts based on cost evaluations. Buying of hospital drugs, helping widows and sensitizing against drug abuse and gang violence is among major roles the musicians play on the continent.

How Richest African musicians Make Money?

These Richest musicians in Africa make money through several ways. Common ones, been through music, selling of albums, shows, awards and personal business ventures. Majority of these rich people run businesses which sale vehicles, voted brand ambassadors for NGO’s, song features, etc. So you see, not all musicians rich in Africa are drug dealers or Illuminati. Mostly its just hard works, music, consistence, belief and opportunities why they make money.

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And, after Google introduced YouTube Partner (YPP), most of them own YouTube channels as well, and make money online while home through video monetization on YouTube. Now let’s dive in and evaluate richest musician in Africa 2021 and there net worth.

In the past some other names existed before these rich celebrities. We’re talking about new and updated names for richest musicians in Africa, appearing in the pictures below.

Top 3 Richest Artist In Africa For The Year 2020

Artist Name (Full Names)Country Of OriginProfessionNet Worth ($)
1. Akon – Aliaume Damala BadaraSenegal-AmericaSinger$85 million dollars
2. Black Coffee – Nkosinathi Innocent MaphumuloSouth AfricaDJ$63 million dollars
3. Don Jazzy – Michael Collins AjereNigeriaProducer$10 million

Lets dive into evaluating the wealth for top richest African musicians. From the table, above you can see summery for who’s Africa’s richest musician for this year. Scroll down to get full insight on the net worth, lifestyle and biography for these celebrities considered Forbes richest musician in Africa 2021.

Here Are The Richest African Musicians

10. Shatta Wale : Net worth = $6.5 million (USD)

The Richest Musicians In Africa
Shatta Wale

Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr, otherwise better known as Shatta Wale is Africa’s top ranked self acclaimed artist with a whooping net worth of 6 million dollars. He is an Actor, singer and reputable CEO of a music group called Shatta Movement Empire. Rose to prominence, after “Dance hall King”got awarded best song of the year at Ghana’s Vodafone Music Awards in 2015

Just recently got awarded for been the most watched local Ghanaian based musician. In measuring the net worth of this guy, we can not exclude the fact of been among people with expensive cars. Which includes cars, music videos shot on the rich expensive resorts and clothing lines in the USA. Currently is tenth richest musician in Africa 2021 having net worth of $6.5 million

9. Sarkodie : Net worth = $8 million (USD)

The Richest Musicians In Africa
Ace Rapper Sarkodie

Ghanaian heavy weight multi award winner Michael Owusu Addo, known as Sarkodie on the continent is the 9th richest African musician. Forbes list released a year ago, voted Sarkodie leading on sales and nationwide performances, hence making home Africa’s most bankable musician. Currently Sarkodie holds over three music awards to his legacy, expensive cars, five big mansions and net worth of 8 million dollars according to verified source Forbes.

8. Davido : Net worth = $2.1 million (USD)

Richest Musician In Africa
Nigeria’s Davido

Billionaires son and Nigeria’s prominent award winning musician Davido has too much wealth. Born in Atlanta, David Adedeji Adeleke, known as Davido, a singer, song writer and producer. He;s number six on the richest musician in Africa 2021. Member and of a defunct group KB international and won over 6 music awards. Leading on richest musician in Africa 2021 and record for been the only African musician to have ever featured Rae Sremmurd, Chris Brown, Trey Songs, Neyo, etc.

Davido‘s money and wealth can be seen in music videos and social media accounts especially Instagram. According to Forbes, David Adedeji Adeleke (Davido) has net worth of $2.1 million.

7. Wizkid : Net worth = $13 million (USD)

Richest Musician In Africa
Daddy Yo Wizkid

Nigerian Multi award winning musician, singer and song writer, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, known by the stage name as “Wizkid”, is seventh richest musician in Africa. Worked with big international stars nationwide and Grammy winning artists. “Wizkid” been among Nigeria’s oldest musician in the music industry, since 2009 arguably called an Afro-beat king locally. According to multiple online sources, “Wizkid” has net worth of $13 million among Forbes richest musician in Africa in 2020 from last years $12 million, recorded since 2016.

6. Jidenna : Net worth = $7 million (USD)

Jidenna Theodore
Jidenna Theodore

Theodore Mobisson is a Nigerian African American born Rapper and record producer. Coming from western roots is seventh richest African musician. Managed to build a name in the music space, after dropping two hit singles “Yoga and Classic Man”. Founder for Wonderland music Records. Featured in a popular HBO TV series Insecure, only African musician to have worked with Michelle Obama, former US first lady. Online sources record Jidenna wealth net worth of 7 million.

5. Tinashe : Net worth = $5 million (USD)

Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe, female international figure and personality, Born in Lexington is Zimbabwe, and American based singer, songwriter, and record producer. Finally became Forbes richest musician in Africa ranking at number four. Aside from music she’s an actress, pursuing entertainment career. Featured Schoolboy Q on her notable single “2 On” and made appearance on among Africa’s richest musicians with net worth of $5 million.

4. Don Jazzy : Net worth = $100 million

Don Jazzy
Don Jazzy

Co-founder for international music record label Mo’ Hits, Michael Collins Ajereh, known as Don Jazzy is fourth richest African celebrity. Michael Collins Ajereh is not just a record producer, but singer, and entrepreneur. Aside from music Don Baba J owns clothing business, sales expensive cars to other musician and music management company in Nigeria.

Don Jazzy, began working in the USA, making not more £155 from production to been among Africa’s richest artists with net worth of $100 million.

3. Hugh Masekela : Net worth = $60 million

Richest musicians in Africa
Hugh Masekela King of Jazz

South Africa’s father of jazz, Hugh Ramapolo Masekela is a reputable trumpeter, singer and music composer. He’s among Africa‘s celebrated musicians, still remembered after his death for coming up with “Bring Him Back Home” and “Soweto Blues”. At the time of his death, Hugh Masekela recorded net worth of $60 million.

2. Black Coffee : Net worth = $62 million

Black Coffee
Black Coffee

South African reputable personality, producer, song writer and singer Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo known famously as Black Coffee is Africa’s second wealthiest musician. According Forbes Black Coffee is only behind from Akon Africa’s richest musician. Makes money through sales of music and DJ mixes, voted leading music typhoon to make sales of over 8 million, and thousand copies in one year. Black Coffee has net worth of $62 million as of the year 2019, according to financial magazines, Forbes and the BBC. Second on top 10 Richest musician in Africa 2020

1. Akon : Net worth = $81 million

American based, senegalese born musician Aliaume Damala Badara Thiam, popularly known as Akon is the Richest Musician in Africa with net worth of $81 million. Akon has been trending on social platforms, magazines and Forbes list more than twice. Among highly paid celebrities and a tors our current times. Akon founded recording music label Convict music, which makes him not less than 1.5 million dollars per year.

Aliaume Damala Badara Thiam

He’s a five times Grammy Award nominee and made it to the top 50 Billboard more than 10 times, with over 100 certified songs. Have you been wondering, who is the richest musician in Africa? The answer to your question is right here: Senegalese musician, singer and producer, Akon is today the most top ranked and richest Artist In Africa with net worth of $81 million.

To conclude: Akon maintains this position and leading list for richest musician in Africa. To have more insight on the top see related video on who is Africa’s richest musician. Outdated content states otherwise, but since the year 2019 to 2020 there major changes in net worth for our African artists and celebrities as shown on this article. Akon ranks top for top 10 Richest musician in Africa 2020. Akon is the number one Forbes richest musician in Africa.

Notable Richest African Musicians

Just like the top names you have seen. Africa keeps on recording emerging musician with money. Making more wealthy each day and hosting big events worth thousands of dollars. Therefore many name s not on list for richest African musicians, can be seen below, despite been popular on the continent.

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Evaluating richest African musicians with a steady growing net worth, its empirical to say in few years time these are the names expected to be among top 10 Richest musician in Africa 2020.

  1. Burna Boy: Net worth = $4.2 million
  2. 2Face :Net worth = $28 million,
  3. D’Banj : Net worth = $25 million
  4. PSquare : Net worth = $71 million
  5. AKA : Net worth = $9.3 million
  6. Cassper Nyovest : Net worth = $670,000

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