The best Superdrug student discount in UK

Superdrug is one of favourite health and beauty retails for many people in the UK. Where are beauty products and medicines as well as a great student discount and good offers. Superdrug is the second best chain of this type in UK.

These super stores have special student discount at all its retailers, in this article we explain how you can get them.

Have you ever wonder if Does superdrug do student discount? The answere is Yes! students can have 10% off at least in every purchases also the superdrug student discount online is avalible on any of their items regardless of quantity. Yes! you can take home whatever you want and get 10% off as a student.

How to get Superdrug student discount

superdrug student discount
  1. Register on the Superdrug website or on their app and NUS Totum app, you will find superstore student discounts on these official websites.
  2. Log in to the Health & Beauty card and apply for your card to start getting discounts.
  3. Then click on the special page of the superdrug website and validate your student infomation, this step is required.
  4. Done! You can go to your nearest Superdrug store and present your Health & Beauty card with your student ID, now enjoy the 10% discount on all your purchases.

There are more ways to save money at Superdrug, here are some tips you should know

  • Check out the Top Offer page there you will find products and medicines at half price.
  • Have free delivery on purchases over £15, this can be a great help if you are busy with your homework.
  • The Health Beauty Card has benefits such as special prices. Superdrug is definitely a great way to save money for students.

Super drug is a good option no doubt! is a great opportunity for save money,

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Superdrug Origin

Starting the year 1964, Superrug was engaged in the name of London’s Goldmentein’s brothers in a product name for sale. Then, the year has adopted the name now. The first super dragger has held at the PU carry, April 26, 1966 in London.

The same year Superdrug year got the first distribution in Wimbledon. The chain is growing rapidly, and continued to chain of 40 shops early in the 1970s. In 1971, US economists memor dee audica corpora get 49% of business.

By 1981 there were 300 Superdrug stores in the UK and 11,148 m² (120,000 ft²) of distribution and office space were opened on Beddington Lane near Croydon. somewhere. The center closed in July 2007, the southern export business moved to Dunstable and the head office moved to a new head office in Central Croydon in 2017. Northern Distribution operates in South Elmsall, Pontefrac, West Yorkshire .

Since 2010 Superdrug Business Concept

In February 2010, Superdrug became a BUAV-approved retailer, joining many other highly committed companies that promise not to test animals on its own products. All Superdrug branded products bear the Jump Rabbit Cruelty Free logo. However, this does not apply to other commercial products sold in the store.

In 2010, Superdrug partnered with sister company The Perfume Shop to pilot in-store franchises. The partnership includes eleven Superdrug stores including; [6] Ilsbury, Milton Keynes, Perry, Glasgow, Westfield, London and Kensington Streets. In January 2018, Superdrug was recognized by the Customer Service Institute, ranking fourth in the UK for customer satisfaction (UKCSI), Yorkshire Bank third, Amazon second and Amazon first.


In December 2007, SuperDrug should take women’s stamp after complaints from domestic violence activists. Encourage women to enter women in the form of a photo of men in bag bags and have an arrow that says the thigh says “kicking here”. The humanitarian initiative, a domestic violence, said that a national retailer, such as Superdrug, should sell products, encourage honest violence against men. After complaints, the retailer killed this product and promised that any profits donate from charity. In August 2018, extra pressure was extortion using data obtained through accreditation data of accreditation.

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