The best paid jobs for travel nurses

The best paid jobs for travel nurses. If you like a varied job where you get to see new places, a travel nurse could be the perfect career for you. This type of medical profession has a wide variety of specialties, allowing the opportunity to earn a high salary. Understanding which types of travel nurses earn the highest salaries can help you decide what field you want to study. In this article, we discuss what a travel nurse does and provide a list of some of the highest paying travel nurse jobs.

What do travel nurses do?

A traveling nurse works briefly in a hospital, clinic, school, or other health care facility. These professionals help medical teams fill gaps in areas where they are experiencing a nursing shortage. The duties of traveling nurses vary depending on their area of expertise, but generally include responsibilities similar to those of a traditional registered nurse. The following are some of the duties that a traveling nurse may have:

  • Perform a physical exam to assess the patient’s current condition
  • Counseling the patient and family
  • Checking the wound and changing dressings
  • Maintain patient status reports
  • Administer patient medications and vaccines
  • Collaborate with medical team to plan patient treatment
  • Prepare patient specific nutritional meals
  • Follow Post-operative follow-up of patients
  • Check in with patients and talk to them about their symptoms

1. Registered pediatric nurse

Average Salary: $69,122 per year

Primary Duties: One a pediatric nurse or registered nurse in Pediatrics (IPP) who works with infants, toddlers, and children. The duties of a pediatric nurse practitioner include performing diagnostic tests, assessing patients’ symptoms, developing treatment plans, referring their patients to specialists, and maintaining medical records. specific economy. This type of care is beneficial for those who like to travel and work with their children.

2. Registered Home Care Nurse

Average Salary: $74,686 per year

Primary Duties: Home Care Registered Nurse provides direct care to patients in their home surname. This may include going to the patient’s home, examining the wound and changing dressings, training care staff on how to care for the patient, administering medications, and talking to the doctor about their patient’s condition. Since this type of nursing involves working from home rather than in a medical facility, it can involve a lot of travel.

3. Palliative care nurse

Average Salary: $80,741 per year

Primary Duties: A palliative care nurse cares for terminally ill or elderly people at the end of life. Their responsibilities include adjusting the patient’s care plan, seeing the patient to monitor their vital signs, administering pain medication, following the physician’s orders, and informing the physician about any change in the patient’s condition. This type of nursing may be different from others because it is intended to relieve pain rather than cure disease.

4. Traveling Nurse

Average Salary: $112,721 per year

Primary Duties: A traditional traveling nurse deals with nursing shortages in a healthcare facility and performs other duties temporary service for a period of up to 13 weeks. A Traveling Nurse is one of The best paid jobs for travel nurses. They work closely with the doctor and medical team to design a treatment plan for the patient and make any necessary adjustments. Travel nurses are typically trained as registered nurses and work for an independent nursing staffing agency.

5. Registered oncology nurse

Average Salary: $122,707 per year

Primary Duties: Registered oncology nurse works with cancer patients. Some of the duties include monitoring patients, developing a plan of care, administering medications, reviewing a patient’s medical history, educating patients and families about disease and treatment plans, and evaluating outcomes. examine the patient, review the patient’s general health, and provide counseling support. Oncology nurses help patients across the country navigate cancer treatment and manage their symptoms.

6. Labor and delivery nurse

Average Salary: $125,707 per year

Primary Duties: Labor and delivery (L&D) or obstetrics and gynecology (OB) nurse helping pregnant patients during pregnancy childbirth process. The duties of the L&D nurse include advising patients during antenatal care, monitoring fetal heart rate and labor contractions, performing newborn tests, and advising patients on newborn care. . While they typically work with otherwise healthy patients, these types of nurses can sometimes handle emergency deliveries, such as unplanned C-sections or high-risk patients.

7. Registered operating room nurse

Average Salary: $127,184 per year

Primary Duties: Registered operating room (OR) Nurses work with doctors and medical teams in the operating room to Help care for the patient before, during, and after surgery. This includes providing sterile equipment to the operating room, assisting the surgeon during the procedure, updating the patient’s medical record, and working with the team to determine the aftercare regimen. patient surgery. Since this nursing major requires a lot of nursing knowledge for different conditions, they have the potential to earn more money than other types of traveling nurses.

8. Registered Emergency Room Nurse

Average Salary: $131,764 per year

Primary Duties: Registered Emergency Room Nurse cares for critically injured or ill patients, in hospital or during ambulance transport. Their responsibilities include stabilizing incoming patients, administering medications as prescribed, cleaning wounds, and suturing the patient. This type of pose can be fast-paced and involve many daily tasks when treating patients with a variety of conditions.

9. Registered Critical Care Nurse

Average Salary: $142,136 Per Year

Primary Duties: Registered Critical Care Nurse (ICU) or Treating Critical Care Nurse patients with life-threatening illnesses or conditions. Duties include responding to emergencies when alerted by a physician, caring for patients during their recovery in the ICU, monitoring patient progress, performing total body assessments and emotional support for patients and family members. This travel nursing specialty can be in high demand due to its ability to treat critically ill patients.

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