Best Credit Card for students in America(EEUU)

Students in america currently lead a super advanced life and when they start a new stage. They tend to have certain needs that for some reason their parents have planned from birth how to solve them. But young people nowadays seek independence at an early age in addition to seeking their economic independence, they search for Best Credit Card for students.

Which is why they look for work to cover their expenses.For this and many reasons, banks have created opportunities and different benefits for today’s students. Among those benefits are credit cards used only for students. In the world there are many banks and each of them offers different cards. So today we will show you the best and most comfortable options for you young student.

Best credit cards for students.

First of all we have, the Discovery it student cash back: This card is an excellent option for students who have the need to receive a cash refund when they make their daily purchases.

That is why this card allows you to receive a 5% refund on purchases

You make every day anywhere you are every three months only on amazon.

Discover it student chrome: With this card, students who have basic needs can cover them perfectly, such as food and gasoline.

Students who have this card will enjoy a 2% refund .

At all service stations and restaurants where they decide to buy.

All other purchases that do not fall into this category will have a 1% cash refund.

Chase feedom student credit card: You have the option of enjoying 1% in the refund of their purchases.

This card also gives you the option to enjoy a 4% cash back on Lyft carpool purchases.

Bank of america cash reward credit card for students: You have great flexibility to be able to receive rewards.

Receiving a 3% cash back on a gasoline option, online shopping, dinners, travel, pharmacies or home improvements and furniture.

Plus, all purchases made in supermarkets and wholesale clubs get a 2% cash back.

And all other purchases get a 1% cash back.

Rewards for students journey of capital one: Students who have the joy of having this card, will have the possibility of enjoying a limited effect of 1% in all the purchases they make, in addition to that this percentage has the possibility of increasing to a 1.25% of the cash back if you manage to pay your bill on time each month.

Bank of America travel reward credit card for students: with this card you have the possibility of 1.5 points per dollar spent without limits.

These points can be redeemed on your account statement when you go to a restaurant, when you are traveling, go out to eat, on flights, hotels.

If you manage to spend $ 1,000 on purchases within 90 days after opening, you can receive up to 25,000 bonus points that can then be redeemed.

Wells Fargo Cash back college cards: You can get 3% cash back on up to $ 2,500

On gas, grocery and pharmacy purchases made in the first six months with this card.

Other purchases get 1% cash benefits, plus the card does not charge an annual fee. Students also have access to free credit management tools through Wells Fargo online.

In a survey of college students with credit cards who were surveyed by US News, they commented that one of the main reasons they thought of when opening an account with credit card benefits was to generate credit,

But consequently only half of those surveyed answered that they paid the fees every month.

Not only does keeping a balance cost interest.

It also doesn’t help your credit score by increasing your credit utilization rate or the percentage of available credit that you are using.

The survey revealed that nearly 23% of students did not know how much credit card debt they had,

And about 13% said they had more than $ 8,000 in revolving debt.

Among other key findings:

The interest rate was the most important factor for college students when choosing a credit card.

Only about a quarter of those surveyed made the credit card their method of payment for daily expenses.

Although the majority of college students surveyed said they were taught about at least one financial topic before getting a credit card.

Only about 25% practiced as authorized credit card users.

Student loan debt was just as worrisome as credit card debt for college students

But nearly 35% said they weren’t worried either.

The top three factors for college students choosing credit cards were interest rate (33%), rewards (28%), and annual fees (25%).

As a conclusion, we can say that the students who seek this alternative in most cases have no idea what they are getting into.

They do not investigate, and they do not seek what their best options are.

In addition to not being clear, what are the benefits they need.

Or what are the payment estimates they are willing to pay.

Therefore, it is necessary that you educate yourself a little and be clear about the things you want to achieve .

And the benefits you want to obtain through your credit card. Try to consult with the bank in which you want to request an application to request a credit card. And ask about the benefits that they can offer you as a student,

And already knowing this, decide which the one that best suits you is. We hope this post has been very helpful and you can decide on a good option for you.

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