Ten Most Consumed Foods in Nigeria

Nigeria is a highly populated country which has quite a number of ethnic groups which also translate to variations in cultural practices. Of particular interest for the purposes of this article is the culinary culture, traditional Nigerian food in the country and Africa. Despite differences in language and some dishes by region, there are numerous foods that are consumed by the majority of the Nigerian populace that will make you spend your Nigerian dollars. Therefore we seek to interact with the most consumed foods in Nigeria that are delicious and popular.

1. Garri (eba)

Garri is a household food in almost all Nigerian homes making it the most consumed dish in yhe whole of Nigeria. A popular joke in Nigeria goes, “Though Garri has no advert placement, yet, it sells more than other food products that advertise.”

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The process of making garri after harvesting the cassava starts with peeling it followed by washing and grinding it. It is then drained of water, some starch and hydroponic acid before it is sieved and fried. When mixed with hot water it becomes ‘Eba’, and can be served with almost all kinds of stews and soups. Its one of the Most Consumed Foods in Nigeria, because It can also be eaten with beans or as a snack .

2. Pounded Yam

Pounded yam is one of Nigeria’s most popular dishes and can be served with different soups depending on household preferences. Soups that can accompany this dish are Egusi, Ogbono, Vegetable and Okro soup. Yam is boiled and pounded into a smooth mash.

Nigerians abroad depending on the availability of yam wherever they will be, substitute pounded yam using yam flour. However, this substitute does not taste like the original pounded yam. The Yoruba people are known to be fond of pounded yam but other Nigerian Ethnic groups like the Ibos consume it especially during occasions such as the celebration of new yam festival.

3. Egusi Soup

This soup is widely consumed in Nigeria and even foreigners know this soup popularised by Nigerian films. Egusi soup is prepared from melon seeds, red or any desired meat, seafood, fermented beans, a variety of green vegetables and onions. Egusi soup can be served as an accompaniment of Garri, Pounded yam and fufu.

4. Jollof Rice

This colourful delicacy is food to many West African Countries, not just Nigeria. Jollof is just ordinary rice prepared with tomato, onion and, pepper and other spices. It can be served with vegetables and desired meat, chicken or fish. Jollof rice is commonly served on (but not limited to) special occasions and at social events.

5. Efo Riro

This is a mix of pumpkin leaves and any kind of meat (for example chicken offals). Efo Riro is a Yoruba delicacy originating from Western NigeriaF. Green vegetables like water leaves or pumpkin leaves are used in preparing the stew, spinach, can also be added to the ingredients. This is a traditional meal that is highly nutritious and common in the whole of Nigeria.

6. Akara/Kosai

This is a bean cake simply fried in either palm or groundnut oil is another popular Nigerian delicacy. Its popularity in Nigeria is quite obvious as many Nigerians opt for it for their breakfast.

In the south, it is known as Akara while in the North it is called Kosai. It can be gotten very cheap from roadside food vendors and can also be prepared at home for family and friends. The beans are soaked to peel off the skin then ground to a mash that will be deep-fried. Another kind of Akara is made from grated water yam.

7. Suya

Suya is another popular dish in Nigeria that will give you an appreciation of the country’s exceptional culinary culture. It is usually eaten in the evenings, and it is prepared from fish or meat doused with spices and then barbecued on a skewer. Ginger, peanuts, pepper, dried onions and various stock flavors are some of the spices used.

8. Afang Soup

This soup is made from local Afang leaves, water leaves together with dried fish, meat and snails, as well as seasonings. Afang soup has its origins in South-southern Nigeria but now Its one of the Most Consumed Foods in Nigeria and borders in the country and even in other countries. To prepare this soup, one needs about about an hour to prepare, and often Afang soup is served with Pounded yam, fufu and Garri.

9. Moi Moi

Moi Moi is a Nigerian pudding made from steamed beans and it’s origins are in South West Nigeria. It can be made with egg, crayfish, corned beef, onions, and sardine to give it an added taste. Moi Moi can be served with other Nigerian dishes or eaten alone as a snack.

10. Tuwo Shinkafa

The name of this dish is a Hausa language translation meaning “Mashed Rice.”  It’s the best accompaniment of many Northern soups and recipes such as Miyan Kuka, Miyan Karkashi and even Okra in many Hausa-speaking communities. It is usually served daily for lunch or dinner.

The most outstanding phenomenon about Nigeria’s most consumed foods is the fact that they are almost all indigenous dishes. Most Consumed Foods in Nigeria gives the country a well defined culinary culture.

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