Step by step to log into Bolabet Zambia

Bolabet Zambia is an online sportsbook that offers winnings on top-level competitions safely and legally within the entire Zambian jurisdiction that has been well received by the locals with a great track record of success.

Thus, Bolabet has dozens of physical branches spread all over the country and a great work team to guarantee the operation of the games, winnings and attention throughout the year.

With this system, the platform has managed to enter the list of the most recognized sports betting sites in the nation that despite not having the biggest rewards in the market, manages to capture the attention with an attractive proposal to win money.

With an intermediate interface and some interesting features for its hundreds of users, Bolabet Zambia allows a registration place to enter its website, and we show you the step by step.

Bolabet Zambia Interface

Once inside the platform you will find a simple and fast interface that allows a continuous connection without crashes on computers or equipment with low requirements, since the largest visual percentage of screen is accompanied by texts instead of images unlike other betting applications.

In this system, Bolabet optimizes its spaces to achieve a space for games and recreation without excess of details that complicate the reading and understanding by all types of players.

In this way, they offer a guarantee to quickly learn the game system, bets, winnings and sports enabled to play with Bolabet Zambia.

Bolabet Application?

The Zambian betting platform started on the gaming market with a system designed to connect from computers, since it does not present a dedicated application for smartphones.

So for users who want to keep up to date with their bets, games and current opportunities, they can connect to the company’s website from the Internet browser of their phones to continue playing.

With this form of entry the platform has some visual changes in shades, colors and distribution, so you will even have a simpler design than the main one.

In this way, those in charge of the operation of the web assure to count on the stability of its platform, to present a low rate of crashes or problems to connect on the part of the users from any intelligent device and operating system.

Registering with Bolabet Zambia

Once you are familiar with the platform, you will be able to create your own account through a personal registration to start participating and receive the rewards offered after each of the games.

To do so, you will have to fill in all the empty fields that are required:

  • Telephone number.
  • Password.
  • Password confirmation.
  • E-mail address.
  • Gender.
  • First name that appears on your ID.
  • First last name that appears on your ID.
  • ID number.
  • Country.
  • Date of birth.
  • Accept the terms and conditions that require you to be over 18 years old to be able to enter the betting platform.
  • And then click on “Register” to have your own account in Bolabet Zambia.


Once you have completed the verification process of your new account, you will be able to log in to your account by entering the data you entered previously in the platform process.

You will have to go to the official website and click again on the “Login” session to add:

  • Telephone number.
  • Password.

This way you will be able to enter your confirmed Bolabet Zambia account to start your series of bets and games available on the platform from your computer or web browser.

How to deposit more money at Bolabet?

The betting platform offers a variety of payment methods and options to deposit more money remotely to your account and continue betting if you wish.

This option has become one of the biggest changes on the part of the gaming house, since the first Zambian users to participate did not have this option enabled.

Even so, the system now increases the ways to manage finances between sports disciplines, being able to generate deposits from different recognized menus such as: Airtel, MTN, Zamtel or with Touch4Pay machines.

For the maximum fans and bettors, Bolabet has the advantage of not having a limit of deposits, since the platform has not limited the income on the part of the users.

This way, your maximum bet is produced in the greatest amount of enjoyment and opportunities to generate through the games for each of the members of the platform.

Contact Bolabet Zambia

If you are in Zambia and wish to contact the Bolabet team it is possible through their customer service which is available through their contact lines in each of their branches which is among the best.

Despite working on a timetable and not 24/7 availability, Bolabet Zambia has a comprehensive system to solve all the questions or problems of their players between 08:00 am and 00:00 am every day.

For this line of contact, it is possible to be made through phone calls or directly in their physical headquarters to talk directly while the messaging system or email is not enabled.

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