How to Start a Blog In South Africa

So you have heard of people that make money online in Africa and they tell you its through a blog? And now, here you are wondering How to Start a Blog In South Africa? Well don’t worry after this guide on web development you will have your first website running in 5 minutes.

Web designing is a very popular topic, been one of the most commonly used methods people use to make money. In other countries bloggers make much money just through websites. Even as a South African, you can earn money from home, but only after learning how you can create a blog in South Africa.

Blogging is considered a hobby but for many people this is now a professional. Most people now make money through blogging even in Zambia. In this guide you will learn easy ways to make a website using content management system called WordPress, the same method can be used on Joomla and Drupal to start a blog in South Africa.

How to Start a Blog in South Africa Beginners Guide

If you’re thinking to start a Blog in South Africa, note there three ways you can make your first website. This includes using templates, blogging platforms and coding the website on your own through mark up languages HTML, CSS and server side language PHP or Python. The third method requires basic coding knowledge and skills.

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But most people opt for the first and second options which involves using a blogging platform WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Just like others, you can use or I remember my first website back in 2017 was hosted with Wix until I decided to go with Word press.

Don’t be mislead on which blogging platform you must go for to start a blog in South Africa. Choosing a blogging platform and content management system depends on the requirements of your website. Remember blogging requires patience, working hard and creativity.

Don’t beat your head up after a few weeks and you notice the website is not getting visitors.After the ten simple tips to make your first blog, I guarantee you will not have any problem in future with making your website. Here are 10 Ways to Start a Blog In South Africa:

1. Choose a Blogging Platform

Starting your own blog means choosing a blogging platform for hosting your content. A blogging platform is a developed software that manages your content, helps you integrate plugins even publishing of content. We’ve analyzed the popularity of the seven most commonly used platforms in the world. From the list below you can choose which one suits your needs. Word[press is the worlds mostly used platform and content management system having over 70% of websites on the web using WordPress.

DescriptionBlogging PlatformSEOSearch Engine RankingLearning CurveSecurityPlugins
1WordPress.orgExcellent with SEOExcellentVery Easy to learnVery Good securityMore Plugins
2DrupalPoor with SEOPoorDifficult to learnVery Good securityFew Plugins
3JoomlaGood with SEOGoodEasy to learnGood securityVery few Plugins
4WixPoor with SEOPoorSlightly Easy to learnVery Good securityVery few Plugins
5WordPress.comGood with SEOVery GoodVery Easy to learnVery Good securityMore Plugins available
6BloggerGood with SEO and OptimizationGoodEasy to learnVery Good securityNo Plugins available
7TumblrGood with SEO and OptimizationPoorEasy to learnVery Good securityNo Plugins available

Joomla together with Drupal have a same ranking in-terms of users that are using it for blogging on there websites. Drupal’s learning curve is slightly difficult compared to Joomla or WordPress. With Drupal you need to understand modules customization, calling of functionalities and changing of templates is more difficult than WordPress.

2. Find a Niche

A niche is a main category of what your website content is about. It represents the voice of your website content, if your interest is technology, then start a blog with technology related topics. There so many many categories for blogging to choose form, music, blogging, movies, news and politics, tech, SEO, finance, education etc. Depending on your hobby, find a blog that represents who you’re. Most bloggers fail in the world because they neglect the first rule to blogging, follow your passion when starting your first blog.

How to Start a Blog In South Africa
How to Start a Blog In South Africa

How to Choose a Blog Niche?

Before you Start a blog in South Africa, Find something not very much much populated. Because trust me on this one, you don’t want your website not getting visitors. Set your goals straight, plan how many visitors you intend to achieve coming to your website per month. In this example, lets get a blog niche “Music”. In music there’s a lot of sub category you can blog about. You can make a website about selling instrumental beats, music reviews, gossip celebrity news, music downloading etc..

Which blog Niche is good in South Africa?

In Africa the most commonly visited websites online include, ‘job portal websites’, ‘music blogs’, ‘news and politics’, ‘education websites’, ‘technology’ and ‘software download’. Choose a blog niche from the above you think is okay with you to a Start a blog in South Africa.

Which blog Niche is good in America?

In the American blogging business the most commonly utilized category for bloggers is currents affairs, politics, news, technology, search engine optimization and blogging. In 2020 the most searched websites with popularity in America includes, ‘loss weight’, ‘making money’, ‘online marketing’, ‘blogs about pets’ and ‘how to get rich websites’.

3. Find A Domain Name

A Domain name is a website URL of any blog or website; example “”. Any domain consists of a domain “description”, mostly words representing a niche and an extension at the end of the web address. Four commonly used extensions in the world include; .COM, .NET, .CO, .ORG, and .CO.ZA for south African websites. Don’t use a south African domain extension if your website targets international audience.

Domain Name
Domain Name Extension

Only use a .CO.ZA domain extension if you want to rank your content locally on search engine. This is because .CO.ZA is a localized domain extension, therefore search engines will only rank your blog withing Africa, including other neighboring countries Zambia, Botswana, etc. If you intend to to start a blog in South Africa, I suggest you choose a .COM domain extension for commercial even when you’re targeting the local audience. Using a .COM extension will give your content an advantage to rank even in other countries, due to the fact its a commercial URL extension.

Where Can I Buy a Domain Name In South Africa?

Before you think of buying a domain name, ensure to choose a good trusted domain selling company. Remember, a domain represents your brand. Don’t just pick any cheap domain selling company without doing a proper prior domain company review.

Important Tips Before you Buy your Domain!

Check for customer feedback’s, star ratings on the website, most importantly if they provide 24/7 domain customer support. You can buy a domain for your first blog on and Through our affiliate links you can get a premium 65% discount on your first domain name purchase.

These are the best domain companies I have used in years without having to experience any problems. If you wish to sale your domain in future, you can easily do this using the domain selling market place. When you choose for your domain purchase, they offer offer a free WhoisGuard privacy to keep your registration records private. So you don’t need to worry about domain theft because your domain 100% safe.

This feature is good for for those starting a blog in South Africa, preventing people knowing who’s the owner of a domain. It hides your bank records, address, names and your location which might be a vulnerability for hackers to steal your identity.

4. Choose Web Hosting For Your Blog

Choose a hosting plan that meets your purpose, this ensures your blogging journey becomes successful. Its not easy to find best cheap hosting company in South Africa with desired plans. But Dream host is here to give you a push on your journey. Dream Host is based in Los Angeles, a hosting company and domain name registrar actively operational since 1996. I have worked with them for over 6 years now, and I must say its an amazing hosting company. We tried local plans but noticed a lot of security risks, and the last thing you need is your website getting hacked.

A slow website is not good again because visitors will not be staying due to page speed. I choose Dream Host because it offers unlimited bandwidth, great speed and more disk space so you don’t need to worry about memory space.

The company offers great customer support, through live chat support and tickets. You will be helped through every step to have your blog live on the web. Shared Hosting plan is good if you have just began your blog in south Africa. Shared Hosting with Dream Host you get a fast server and unique IP address. You can have unlimited websites on your account, there is no limitation to a number of websites. Dream Host offers unlimited features and products for you to choose from. Finally you get 50% discount on Shared Hosting to give you a boost.


Payments can be made through debit card and PayPal starting at only $4/month. Its the only Hosting company that allows your balance on the account accumulating to $30.00 before they suspend your account. Meaning you only pay once every 3 months and your account remains active. The maximum credit balance on your account is $30 dollars. You just have to maintain a pending balance of less than $28 and your account will never be suspended. Dream host offers a 97 day money back guarantee if you don’t enjoy the service.

Its a company that provides you with a server to host your web files and not getting worried over account suspension. Alternatively u can choose to find a free web hosting server. But its better you pay for a server because chap is expensive. Dedicated Servers come with extended support and speed. Dream host offers the best hosting packages to choose from for your website. Shared hosting, Dream press which is a tailored designed for your WordPress blog. If your website grows in the amount of visitors you should upgrade to a trusted Virtual Private Server.

Install Content Management System (CMS)

On your web hosting dashboard choose the best Content Management System (CMS) you want to be using. We’ve already covered the popular CMS systems above to choose from. You can install WordPress, Joomla or Drupal using the one-click install button in your dashboard.

If you have chosen Dream-host this is very easy to manage your installed Apps. On the home dash just locate the WordPress dashboard, choose the content management system you want and click install. After the installation complete, an email is sent with a confirmation link and login details to the website.

Install Content Management System (CMS)

5. Choose A Template (WordPress Theme)

After the installation in your WordPress dashboard you should see preinstalled free themes. Word Press has over a million free themes available which you can download online for free.

WordPress is the worlds leading content management system on the web. You can buy premium themes at an affordable cost from with auto-updated features. You need a mobile friendly Word Press theme because over 80% of people access the web through mobile devices.

Find a template that meets your requirements for a niche you have chosen. Go for a magazine template is you intend to run a niche blog on news and current affairs. Theme forest provides the worlds most selling blog themes starting from $20 dollars for a personal license. Customer support is included and a theme documentation to get you started.

How to Create a Website In Zambia
How to Create a Website In Zambia

6. Upload Your Theme

After purchasing or downloading a theme to start a blog in South Africa. The next step is ensuring a template for your blog is activated. Before activating your template, perform a theme installation. In your WordPress dashboard -> Go to Appearance -> Themes-> Install theme to install your WordPress theme.

If its a premium theme, you have to contact your theme seller and ask for an activation license key. A theme activation key is mostly sent via email from the seller, depending on the license key of the theme, it can be reused sometimes on more than one theme.

Install Theme

7. Install Plugins

Plugins are a piece of software that is coded to enhance the built in features of a theme and blog. Common plugins are written in PHP, Java, JavaScript, C++ and C#. Without plugins any website is limited to the functionalities it can perform, so when you start a website in South Africa. Don’t for get to install the most important plugins on your blog.

Plugins offer extended look for your blog, security features, socialization, API functionalities, compressing images to increase your blog load speed, etc. Other uses of a plugin is (SEO) search engine optimization so your website can be found on google and other search engines.

8. Do Search Engine Optimization SEO

Another important aspect of making your blog is SEO. This is a process of optimizing your website and content for it to rank and be found on google so visitors can come to your website. Lean (SEO) search engine optimization in our previous beginners article to begin optimization of content on your blog. SEO determines how well your content performs, don’t forget performing inbound and outbound links withing content. Remember reaching out to other bloggers, its part of a good SEO strategy that helps blogs get back links which are very significant for ranking.

9. Create A Social Media Presence

Social signals are very important for your blog to build up some authority. Google ranks websites based on the domain authority (DA) and page authority of the website (PA). Have a YouTube account connected to your blog, create a Facebook account or page, ensure to use Pinterest for images and Twitter. The more people share your blog posts, the more Google finds content relevant and ranks it high on search results.

10. Promote Your Content

Finally to Start a Blog In South Africa don’t be shy. Make sure your content published gets to the public. If posts are interesting and topics then people will share and like your blog posts. You can use Facebook to boost posts for more user engagements and getting visitors to your blog. That’s it congratulations your website is done, you have just learnt how to Start a Blog In South Africa. Get stated and have your blog running!

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How to Start Your Blog/Website In South Africa (2020) Summery

  1. Choose a Blogging Platform
  2. Find a Niche
  3. How to Choose a Blog Niche?
  4. Find A Domain Name
  5. Choose Web Hosting For Your Blog
  6. Install Content Management System (WordPress)
  7. Choose Your Template (WordPress Theme)
  8. Upload Your Theme
  9. Install Your Plugins
  10. Do Search Engine Optimization SEO
  11. Create A Social Media Presence
  12. Promote Your Content
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