6 Best Courier Companies In Zambia

Are you planning on shipping to Zambia? We’ve covered shipping companies In Zambia on this article, that provide good express courier services for buying things online. Top ranking couriers If you buy things online through Ebay.com, Amazon.com, Alibaba.com etc you will know a courier company to use and other things you you didn’t know how to do. Buying things for resale locally is another great online money making business you could try once you choose a delivery parcel company. Freight and forwarding in Zambia help people buy clothes, shoes, devices, gadgets and computers through these delivery companies to Zambia for parcels. It does not matter whether you have bought an item online from China, America or United Kingdom.

Why Use Shipping Companies In Zambia?

Since they are located in Zambia, it very easy to know the status of your online good which you have just bought. You have an assurance,since offices are in Zambia it become very easy to make follow ups in case of nay complications. Freight and forwarding in Zambia cost for collection is okay and not very expensive compared to a shipping businesses like DHL , which is relatively more costly even just collecting a mobile phone.

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These shipping Companies in Zambia deliver both international and local parcel bought online. Good for item courier, parcel delivery, and express logistics. You don’t have to buy a plane ticket to visit the country in person to buy things. Online shopping, through these courier companies is very easy. You just need to do it on your mobile device or computer. They also provide guidance on so many questions related to buy things online in Zambia through e shopping websites. Here’s a list of companies that offer international Courier Services, including Freight and forwarding in Zambia.


Fedex is the leading Shipping Company In Zambia. It came first in the industry before all these we will discuss, at least that’s what I know because the company is not just local but international based as well. Fedex has a huge stuff to help with soughing out of cargo and tracking parcel capabilities so you wont have to worry about loosing your parcel. The only problem is the time it takes and cost for collection in Zambia. Fedex is more expensive on this list for carrier services, shipping to Zambia from USA. Currently does not import mobile devices only laptops and other major goods you buy online.

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It approximately takes between 7 – 14 working days for your parcel to get into Zambia through Fedex. Once it arrives you will receive an automated message alert on mobile device for collection instructions and the charge. Fedex has a good connection team and help desk to attend to your needs and request as soon as possible. Good even for shipping from Nigeria to Zambia

2. One World

One world online shipping Zambia is another amazing shipping company more especially if you buy small unit items. With 5 – 7 working days from United Kingdom and 7 – 14 days parcels coming from United States of America. This company has negative pros due to the fact it does not have a clear tracking system for items.

Secondly they don’t have a personal website and poor customer service in terms of response. One world has a very bad team of workers and my experience working with them I have lost a lot of items and they could not even explain how and why I never received my purchase.

One world Zambia has a lot of foes, for instance they keep changing addresses. The American route is not clear if it is working or not and they take long to ensure your parcel gets to Zambia especially if coming from USA. Its a great company to ship purchases from UK but not for USA. An advantage is the price charged for items is fair and minimal with one world Zambia compared to other courier services in Zambia.

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One world is also very effective with local deliveries, sending a mobile phone from Lusaka to Copper-belt on;y costs less than K60.00. Collection fees for foreign goods less than 1.5 KG costs K300.00 kwacha with one world.

3. Tigmoo Shipping

Tigmoo is not just a shipping company but also one of the leading eCommerce platforms for online shopping in Zambia. You can buy things directly on there personal website developed once you have created an account. Easy to track purchases using an account so you don’t have to rely on the E bay tracking system or Amazon’s mostly used USPS Tracking to manage and know the location of parcels in transit. This company has a good responsive team that are readily available to help you out either with shipping or online shopping. You get notified through email once your parcel arrives in the country and a delivery message is sent to you personal portal account.

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Cost for parcel collection is a bit expensive compared to one world. Tigmoo shipping takes exactly 5 working days for UK parcels to arrive in Zambia and 7 – 10 working days for USA parcels. Tigmoo is one of the fastest company providing courier services and delivery on Zambia you should definitively use.

4. Mercury Express Logistics

Mercury Express Logistics is a great Company for shipping from china to Zambia, USA and UK. Deals in both local and international logistics, courier delivery, freight and ship freights for your goods. Mercury Express use a wide range of technology for parcel tracking and management. Duration arrive time is 7- 14 working days for both USA and UK parcels bought online. I personally used Mercury Express for a shipping company form China to Zambia and my items were received as expected with no damage.

5. AmeZam Shipping

Amezam shipping refers to parcels coming from America to Zambia bought online. Its a great company even though they still need to find there way with customer service and marketing. Amezam is something you might not want to use for shipping from UK to Zambia but specifically American purchases and goods. You purchase with AmeZam arrives approximately with 7 – 14 working days.

6. IShop online express

Getting started with IShop online express deliver your parcel to Zambia from USA. You must ensure to first create a personalized account on the website. Currently only delivers parcels en route from there locations USA, UK and South Africa. Ishop has three main branches in Lusaka, Ndola and Kitwe for parcel collections shipped from either USA or UK to Zambia. IShop online express has a huge coverage from Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa and Uganda.

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Even though the collection cost is not clear and how parcels are weighed with this company, its one of the best for online shipping from America to Zambia.


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