Salaries For Civil Servants

Salaries for civil servants in Zambia ranges from 2,500 ZMK for anyone earning slightly above the minimum wage. Those with educational advantages such as diploma and degree holders, earn around 5,700 ZMK to 8,000 per month. Highest paid civil servants in Zambia, earns up to 18,000 ZMK average salary per month. Maximum civil servants salaries list Zambia is actually higher than this figure. Because average monthly revenue, gets incriminated depending on number of factors. To earn more, or less these factors are considered, which includes job experience, age, risk involved and location of the job.

For instance some civil servants in Zambia, earn risk and transport allowance, while those in urban areas don’t. Hence its very common finding government workers with similar qualifications earning different salaries. Zambian government in charge of paying and allocating salaries to civil servants, operates through ministries to pay these workers.

Therefore salaries vary, depending on the ministry. Money is paid by following stipulated conditions between workers, and the employer. In this case, an employer is the Government of Zambia, which pays anyone rendering services to the public through collective agreements made for civil servants in Zambia on behalf by the union.

civil servants salaries list zambia
civil servants salaries list zambia

Civil Servants Salaries List Zambia (Scale)

ProfessionMinistry/Department (Zambia)Average Salary Per Month (ZMK)
DoctorsMinistry of Health10,000 ZMK – 50,00 ZMK
JudgesMinistry of Justice9,810 ZMK – 45,600 ZMK
ProfessorsMinistry of Higher Education10,000 ZMK – 30,450 ZMK
LecturersMinistry of Higher Education7,068 ZMK – 18,000 ZMK
AdministratorsMinistry of Foreign Affairs7,020 ZMK – 10,000 ZMK
Agriculture, Food ProductionMinistry of Agriculture 4,603 ZMK – 12,055 ZMK
Bankers/AccountantsMinistry of Finance 7,680 ZMK – 28,600 ZMK
JournalistMinistry of Information and Broadcasting 3800 ZMK – 8,070 ZMK
PoliceMinistry of Home Affairs4,000 ZMK – 12, 670 ZMK
SoldiersMinistry of DefenseUnknown
EngineersMinistry of Energy 5,008 ZMK – 30,000 ZMK
EconomistMinistry of Commerce, Trade and Industry5,673 ZMK – 18,750 ZMK
TeachersMinistry of General Education3,850 ZMK – 10,780 ZMK
Soil scientist / AgriculturistMinistry of Lands and Natural Resources 7,000 ZMK – 14,355 ZMK
Human Resource ManagersMinistry of Labor and Social Security 8,533 ZMK – 15, 1050 ZMK
AdministratorsMinistry of Local Government 4120 ZMK – 8,900 ZMK
NursesMinistry of Health4,700 ZMK – 6,890 ZMK

Highest paid civil servant in Zambia

Currently the highest paid government workers are doctors, surgeons, university professors and pilots. You can find best paying jobs by reading Read more on this topic. Salaries for civil servants in Zambia and some of the high paying careers from Zambia. Its not only government working earning more. In fact the private sector has more money and pays workers more than government sometimes.

Salaries in Zambia

Salaries depend on the type of job. Qualification is a big determent in Zambia to how much you can earn. Those with University degree earn more than diploma holders, to certificate holder and unskilled workers.

Increment for civil servants in Zambia

According to the Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ) the salary increment for Zambia civil servants in 2020 remains at 4%. Online sources cited, reported the bargaining process with Government to be on going and will announce, to civil servants once an agreement is reached.


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