7 Successful Zambian Politicians

This landlocked country has managed to do good for it’s self from about 55 years ago when it was colonized. The richest Zambian politicians ensure this sovereign state. This list includes richest president in Zambia 2020, recognized globally and others go to lengths of challenging the Governments decisions. While some serve this country with love and nationality by guiding its laws which are made through the legislature and embodied in the universal document the “Constitution”.

These Are the 7 Richest Zambian Politicians

Zambian politicians we could find after covering the richest people of Zambian in our previous article, which you might check out after you’re done reading this one.

7. Bowman Lusambo

Mr Bowman Lusambo served under the MMD Government before moving to the patriotic front PF. Currently regarded among the richest Ministers in Zambia and people know that He is one the individuals with loaded pockets. You can tell from the expensive lifestyle, houses and billboards he managed to put up which showed just how much at least the man makes. The man mostly performed a role of a forerunner and made sure investors come to Zambia. Its a common thing to see richest people the majority been those with political attachments.

6. Peter Sinkamba

The man has been a long political tycoon in Zambia, due to his manifesto that involved the legalizing of marijuana in Zambia. He is a social activist and influential entrepreneur, known for voting towards cannabis to be exported in Zambia in order to generate revenue.

Peter Sinkamba made million dollars from the trading of crops and been the first to sought the advantage of exporting marijuana. Due to this marijuana ideology, Peter Sinkamba pushed forward the idea and named his party the ‘Green Party’ to promote exporting and income generation from selling this drug.

Now Government approved the selling of marijuana and paid him compensation for the borrowing of his idea to use cannabis for medicine production and industrial use.

5. Chishimba Kambwili

The man is a political icon in the country. Founder and initiator of the fast rising political party National Democratic Congress (NDC). Held a parliamentary seat for Roan Constituency form the year 2006 until he was revoked of the post in the year 2019. Chishimba Kambwili was born on 3RD June 1969 in a small town on the Copper-belt near to Ndola in Luanshya District. Positions held during his tenure under the patriotic front include National Youth Chairman, then served under Minister of Foreign affairs, Minister of Sports for Zambia and finally Information minister for Broadcasting Services.

Regarded a political master mind and successful business man, dealing in mining, real estates, transportation and selling of scrap metal. Chishimba Kambwili has been the face of Zambia to the world. Has some companies that deal in mining machines, equipment, trucks to vehicles, and other foreign investments.

4. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba

The Zambian businessman Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba , well known in the country by the name “GBM”. He is a big face on the political scene and former Kasama Central member of parliament under the patriotic front from the year 2009 to 2016, before he decided to join the opposition united party for national development (UPND). Former defense Minister and has been a very successful businessman, mostly on top of things having milling companies in the northern province of Zambia and other day to day businesses.

3. Charles Milupi

Popular in Zambia among the richest men due to the local influence and business he holds. Hails from the western part of Zambia, were you find the people of the tribe referred to as Lozi. Mr Charles Milupi is currently the chairperson for Kainsha energy and director for Zal holding company limited. President of a political party Alliance for Democracy and Development, also a engineer from the countries largest learning institution, University of Zambia (UNZA).

2. Edith Nawakwi

Female Zambian politician Edith Zewelani Nawakwi is an economist, among the most Educated women in Zambia and the former of Minister of Finance in the year 1998. The woman is a founder of Legana Meat company, mostly dealing in production of Hungarian sausages signing contracts from South African supermarkets including Pick n Pay. She is a former remarkable farmer that managed to yield hectares of tomatoes which got sold on the market.

1. Hakainde Hichilema

Biggest shareholder in Zambeef and over the years the companies operate in 90 countries world wide. Among the most feared politicians in the country, very influential and powerful having the most highly trained body guards from the United States, Russia and United Kingdom. He is the founder and owner of a Zambian company Lybrand which he helped build and establish before moving to a second company Grant Thornton. Hakainde Hichilema is number one on this list for Richest Zambian Politicians, currently working on the University project to cost over $80 million, having a net worth estimated to be about $1.0 billion dollars.

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