10 Richest Musicians in Zambia (Forbes)

Who are the richest celebrities and richest musicians in Zambia? If you don’t know yet, after reading this article you will who are Top 10 Richest Musicians in Zambia & Their Net Worth 2021, and you will get more insight on ranking Richest Zambian Musicians.

Probably some people you thought are wealthiest musicians in Zambia have not made it to this complete list for rich musicians in Zambia. These are names considered Zambia’s wealthy artists today according to trusted online sources. They record music in common languages and since we’re now in 2021 this is fresh content on this topic. Themillionair.com, presents the only updated list for richest Zambian musicians, richest rappers and names of the most happening celebrities.

Remember there’s clear distinction between, been a highly paid and rich musicians in Zambia. To learn who’s Zambia’s most highly paid musician in 2021, See this previous article and this other article to find a best Zambian music blog you can download songs. If you wish to get rich like these people, but without becoming a musician. See ways on how you can find a job today and ways to make money online.

These Are The Richest Musicians In Zambia

The top 3 on this list for wealthiest artists in Zambia for the year 2021, consists of Macky 2, Kayombo and Slap Dee. Read down below to know the names for richest musicians in Zambia.

11. Mic Burner = K300,000

 Mic Burner
Mic Burner

Michael Mandona popularly called Mic Burner is a talented Zambian rapper and Afro reggae musician. Born May 31 in 1990 and the man behind hit songs “Fuss” and “Thought of you”. Mic Burner with an estimated net worth of K300,000 is the first local musician to have shot a music video worth over $50,000. This guy does not play and hes got big bucks than you can ever imagine.

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The video for thought of you, had scenes and clips from Namibia and South Africa. The music video trended and been the most requested on international music channels Channel O, BET, Trace, MTV and MTV Base.

10. Cleo Ice Queen = K380,000

Cleo Ice Queen
Cleo Ice Queen

Hip hop female recording artist and radio presenter, Clementina Mulenga, known as Cleo Ice Queen is Zambia’s most influential female rapper. Born on June 14 in the year 1989 she has sought to prove her worth. Music has done well for her making her to be among the wealthiest women and musicians in Zambia.

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Former Big Brother show housemate, brand ambassador for female condoms, voted best female in Southern Africa during AFRIMMA in 2013 and 2015: Who is the richest female Zambian musician?. Arguably one of the most prominent female rappers with everything and among richest Zambian musicians. From today when you ask, remember Cleo Ice Queen has a net worth between K380,000 to K500,000.

9. Chanda Mbao = K400,000

Richest Zambian musicians
Chanda Mbao

Don’t get surprised Chanda Mbao has made it to this list for richest artists in Zambia. He’s a highly influential rapper, even though not very much recognized in Zambia. Chanda Mbao is the first local rapper to have a music video shot in Miami USA. He makes very ultra good music. Collaborated with major African names including South Africa’s Dales and Major Gemini just recently became ninth on richest Zambian musicians. Chanda Mbao has an estimated net worth of K400,000 according to Lusaka Times.

8. B’Flow = K690,700

Richest Musicians In Zambia

Brian Bwembya Bwalya, professionally known as B’Flow is a recording hip hop artist and eightieth richest Zambian musician. Given respect for making amazing enormous dance-hall sounds.

He is a brand ambassador of music for change, Chairperson for HIV/AIDS and Social Commentary and AIDS Healthcare Foundation founder. B Flow is the first African musician to have been recognized public by the American president Barack Obama. He among richest Zambian musicians, because B’Flow is with a net worth of K690,700 according BBC and other foreign trusted sources, which cited lifestyle of this musician.

7. Organized Family = K790,100

Richest Musicians In Zambia
Organized Family

The group rose to prominence with great music and sound to the ears. They are the most celebrated musicians in most African countries. Currently based in South Africa at the moment were they have built houses.

The group also owns a successful record label in Lusaka. Organized Family have an estimated net worth of K700,000 was reported by a south African magazine TshisaLive.

6. Mampi-Queen Diva = K890,100


Mirriam Mukape, Queen Diva is one of Zambia’s richest female musicians. Business lady, musician running a closing line and boutiques in Lusaka. Thinking of how expensive life in USA is compared to Zambia. She is the only musician that manages living abroad for over 12 months. Mampi currently has an estimated net worth of K890,100.

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5. Chef 187 = K900,000

Richest Musicians In Zambia
Chef 187

Chris Kondwani Kaira, Chef 187 is arguably the best rapper of this era. Chef 187 has significantly contributed to the music in Zambia, breaking boarders with rap. Chef-187 currently the only Zambian rapper to have been invited to Coke studios. No doubt Chef 187 is a very skilled rapper.

Due to these reasons the rapper has so much dominance. Chef 187 is popularly one of the most played artists on radio and third most highly paid musician in Zambia. (Chef 187 Net Worth) He is worth over K900,000, drives an expensive Audi A5 one of the best luxury vehicles in this country.

4. OC Oscilliation = K910,000

 OC Oscilliation
OC Oscilliation

Siame O’Brien, better known by his stage names OC Osilliation is the CEO of recording studio Obama Records. Currently based in the United states of America. OC is the third richest musician in Zambia and was born on the 25 August 1984. This is the renown hit maker of “Folo Folo”, “Wacha Wachema”, “Last Forever, among others. OC Oscilliation has an estimated net worth of K910,000.

3. Slap Dee = K955,000

Slap Dee
Slap Dee

Mwila Musonda, famously called Slap Dee is rapper and multi award winner. Featured on CNN’s top magazine for best musicians in Africa. He is one the to leading musician with major endorsements from local companies in Zambia. Slap Dee is the second highest paid artist. Running sideline businesses and music, making more tours every year compared to any other musician. K955,000 is Slap Dee’s net worth minus property and other assets. Slap Dee is Zambia’s third richest musician currently.

2. Kayombo = K995,000

Kayombo is Zambia’s second third richest musician worth K995,000. He is the only Zambian musician that owns a private helicopter, deals in the importation of expensive cars and clothes.


King Kayo owns other investments including Kayo Lodges, this alone makes him over K25,000 per month. Shops in Lusaka for clothes, deals with Chinese syndicate. Kayombo is considered a political cadre, together with close friend JK (Jordan Katembula). They have some of the most expensive cars in the country. Kayombo is the second richest rapper with an estimated net worth of K995,000.

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1. Macky 2 = K1.5,000,000

Who is a richest musician in Zambia 2020? Hip-hop musician Mark Mulaza Kaira, otherwise well known by the stage name Macky 2 is currently the richest musician in Zambia today worth K1.5,000,000 million (Kwacha). Elder brother to award winning rapper Chef 187 and Towela Kaira, the new female talented musician on the scene. (Check out he’s full net worth); Regarded a legend and operating other lucrative businesses than you can imagine in Zambia. Former Big Brother Africa house mate were he finished third and founder for Hope Foundation.

Highest Highest Paid Musician In Zambia
Macky 2

He has so many poles of income from endorsement with mobile companies to mining deals. In the year 2014 he had an estimated net-worth of K1.5,000,000 million (Kwacha). In the year 2019 became a shareholder in a company for meal meal called Kamuda milling, which is new on the market.

Acquired a private mining license, ten houses in Lusaka and copper belt on rent. Arguably supposed to be among Africa’s richest musicians. Anytime you think about richest musicians in Zambia. Macky 2 tops the list because from these businesses alone makes over K10,000 per month. On the other end manages musicians who pay him not less than 60 percent on whatever they make every month.

Finally here are the top 5 wealthiest local musicians from Zambia with money. The complete list above is for the five richest musicians living an expensive lifestyle, running businesses and driving porch cars. These Artists have build mansions, get millions from endorsements.

Top 5 Richest Musicians In Zambia 2021 (Summery)

Musician NameProfessionNet Worth In Kwacha (2021)Assets
1. Macky 2RapperK1.5 million (ZMK)K700,008 Assets
2. KayomboSingerK995,000 (ZMK)K600,300 Assets
3. Slap DeeRapperK955,000 (ZMK)K570,90 Assets
4. OC OscilliationSingerK910,000 (ZMK)K338,010 Assets
5. Chef 187RapperK900,000 (ZMK)K225,770 Assets

To conclude: “Hip-Hop recording musician and multi award winner, Mark Mulaza Kaira, popularly known as Macky 2, is the richest musician in Zambia for the year 2021. He has an estimated net worth of K1.5,000,000 million (Kwacha), therefore making him richest musicians in Zambia”.


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