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11 Richest People in Zambia

by Jonathan

Zambia popularly called the “Real Africa, due to its vast open land. The country is a home to the big five wild Animals and over 72 ethic tribes speaking different languages. Zambia is surrounded with loving people, sharing so much in common, represented through lifestyle, culture, politics and music. Richest People can be found In Zambia even though the country has some of the most difficult financial stability. Its indebted to China and other developed nations. Despite the challenges, Zambia is one the most beautiful places in Africa. This nation is identified through a peaceful motto, “ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION”.

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Zambia has ten provinces after they got changed from nine provinces since independence. This move by the late president Michael Chilufya Sata, which was to improve decentralization and economic growth. Home to the mighty Victoria falls and mosi oa tunya falls. Sharing borders in Livingstone with Zimbabwe, Congo Dr, Malawi and Angola. After winning the AFCON 2012 Africa Cup Of Nations, Zambia became a country of the African Champions Chipolopolo.

For over 55 years since independence, peace has been flowing in the nation since the year 1964. Zambia like many African countries was colonized before it became an independent sovereign state from the British BSA company. Many tourists visit Zambia, records show over 5000. Foreign investors come to Zambia, because of its affordable business environment. Other reasons are because of good interest rates and international relations with other countries. The nation is still known to have over 80% of people in poverty despite major developments. According to statistics by the world Bank, “people survive on less than 1 USD dollar per day.

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Having said this there is so much you can do in Zambia. It has some of the finest talents and art. Musicians have elevated the country through art, making them among the wealthiest individuals in music industry. Despite the poverty levels which are at a higher rate. Zambia is a place in Africa you also find loving people on the African continent.

These Are The Richest People in Zambia

We’ve made a complete list of the richest men in Zambia. This inclusive of having most powerful politicians on the list like Hakainde Hichilema. Rich men from Zambia in 2020, names behind major companies with influence on the social and political lifestyle of Zambia. After this article you will learn Who Is A Richest Man In Zambia this year.

11. Chishimba Kambwili

The man is a political icon in the country. Founder and initiator of the fast rising political party National Democratic Congress (NDC). Held a parliamentary seat for Roan Constituency form the year 2006. Only left office when he was revoked of the post in the year 2019. Chishimba Kambwili born on 3RD June 1969 from a small town on the Copper-belt near to Ndola in Luanshya District. Today the men is among most powerful local politicians and those with money. Positions held during his tenure under the patriotic front include National Youth Chairman. Also served under Minister of Foreign affairs, Minister of Sports for Zambia and finally Information minister for Broadcasting Services.

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Regarded a political master mind and successful business man, dealing in mining, real estates, transportation and selling of scrap metal. Chishimba Kambwili is a big face in Zambia to the world. Owns a company in the united Kingdom, which makes him hundred thousand ($200, 000) dollars per month. In 2019 Chishimba Kambwili recorded a net worth of 1.5 million kwacha, together with working property worth 3 million kwacha. This comes from mining machines, equipment, trucks to vehicles and foreign investments.

10. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba

The Zambian businessman Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba , well known in the country by the name “GBM”. Holds huge influence on the political scene. GBM is a former Kasama Central member of parliament under the patriotic front from the year 2009 to 2016. After this later decided to join the opposition united party for national development (UPND). Saved as defense Minister, apart from that GBM is a very successful businessman. “Milling companies in northern province of Zambia and other day to day businesses belong to him.”

In 2011 to 2014 Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba had a net worth of over 10 million Kwacha. This made him a stable respected businessman. Has businesses including South Africa and maintains a very healthy bank balance of not less than hundred thousand (K100,000) Kwacha per month, also owning a chopper costing between $1.2 million and $25 million dollars.

9. Charles Milupi

Popular in Zambia among the richest men due to the local influence and business he holds. Hails from the western part of Zambia, were you find the people of the tribe referred to as Lozi. Mr Charles Milupi is currently the chairperson for Kainsha energy and director for Zal holding company limited.

Regarded the second biggest shareholder from Hakainde Hichilema. Milupi has investments in a cement production company and one of the strongest competitors for “Dangote” cement, called “Lafarge. He’s a President for a political party Alliance for Democracy and Development. An engineer with a masters from the countries largest learning institution, University of Zambia (UNZA). Charles Milupi has a net worth of 15 million kwacha from the year 2008.

8. Andrew Sardanis

He is a Zambian renown business tycoon at the driving front of the countries sectors. Investments including tourism, wild life and art music. Coming from a small impoverished village called Chaminuka after coming from Cyprus. This was far back when Zambia still remained Northern Rhodesia. Andrew Sardanis, then moved from one endeavor to the other in search of a living, and in doing so the man joined the journalism profession. Before this Andrew Sardanis served as a member of the legislature an organ of the Zambian Government that formulates laws.

Moved from one opportunity to the other, finding opportunities with government.Andrew Sardanis had a tough beginning and struggled with life. This pushed him into publishing his first book ‘Africa is Another Side of the Coin’. He is among Zambia’s reputable business men the nation upholds as a blessing to many people. Employing over 200 people in the businesses that are under his management. Andrew Sardanis net worth is 20 million kwacha not to include the Infrastructure owned and foreign investments.

7. Satwant Singh

Satwant Singh is among the richest Zambian people bringing pride to the nation. Successful businessman and entrepreneur, having won the African Rally competition for drivers more than 7 times. Dominates the motor on the African continent and more especially in south Africa, after breaking records in South African and on other soils in the world.

A normal World Motorsport Championship has an outstanding amount of about $500million to be won. But in Africa its between $1 million dollars depending on the competition sponsors. Satwant Singh net worth stands at 35 million kwacha that’s about 2,322,826.80 United States Dollars today.

6. Noble Findlay

Referred to as the drug lord, due to the pending cases with the CIA and Interpol. Noble Findlay is the founder of Zambia’s largest motor repair and fitness company Auto World. Noble Findlay started a family venture back in the days with his wife and Kids. Then sought this opportunity to invest in this type of business. The man has other businesses other than fixing of vehicles. He is a car sale dealer and broker, bought shares in telecommunication companies. Noble Findlay‘s current net worth projected in 2020 is over 350 million dollars.

5. Carl Irwin

DR Carl Irwin is the founder and a man behind Zambia’s successfully grown meet company Zambeef plc. The company began more than ten years ago with not more than 60 employees to deliver meet to the consumers been purchased from the local farmers. The company today exports meet to other countries such as South Africa, Dr Congo, Botswana and Malawi. Its one of the major contributors to the nations growth and on top of that, this multi-national entity is listed on the Lusaka Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. Due to this Carl Irwin is worth over 700 million dollars and maintains a business that makes not less than 2 million kwacha per month from selling of beef and other dietary foods.

4. Hakainde Hichilema

It all started in a small village town of Choma, located in southern province. Hichilema popularly called HH, now abbreviated to HELP & HOPE. He is the founder and owner of a Zambian company Lybrand which he helped build and establish before moving to a second company Grant Thornton. Shareholder in Zambeef and over the years the companies operate in 90 countries world wide. Among the most feared politicians in the country, very influential and powerful having the most highly trained body guards from the United States, Russia and United Kingdom.

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Employer of over 1,000 people in Zambia, educated and shareholder in the biggest company providing solar energy in based in South Africa. The man is currently working on the University project to cost over $80 million, having a net worth of not less than $1.0 billion dallars, populated cattle ranches having not less than 500,000 Cows and 100 farms including personal airports and Zanaco personal account having a debit balance of $2 Billion.The man is a rich tycoon like no other in Zambia!

3. Hanson Sindowe

Nothing would make you among the Richest People In Zambia, other than owning a second largest electricity company Copperbelt energy popularly called CEC. Holds a bachelors degree in electrical engineering from the University of Zambia. He is a very educated developer and committed investor in the energy sector for Africa ensuring the continent is equipped with needed skills in the filed of energy. Became part of the company Copper-belt energy since the late1990’s after the MMD Government under the former dead president Fredrick Chiluba decided to sale off the copper mines. Hanson Sindowe has a net worth of $6 Billion dollars and currently serving under the new position as the chairman for the Zambian chamber of commerce.

2. Robin Miller

He is an important respected business man, founder and Managing Director of the biggest housing company in Zambia called “Real Estate Investments”. This business tycoon with amazing specialties found great ways of acquiring capital, breaching the commercial market and making sales to the retail customers of properties. Back n the days the man trained accountants under the company Coopers & Lybrand, together with Hakainde Hichilema in London.

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During the holidays, Robin Miller was doing the farm works and now today, the man is the second richest person in Zambia with a net worth of $18 Billion Dollars. So far, “Real Estate Investments” is the only available property establishment company for infrastructure development you can find listed on the (LuSE) Lusaka Stock Exchange.

1. Mark O’Donnell

The Managing Director of a Union Gold Group, Mark O’Donnell is Zambia’s richest person and stands at number one. He is in charge of performing super operations in the manufacturing industry and the former Managing Director of a company ERZ Holdings. Been the big name in most industries in Zambia from engineering to manufacturing and importing of spare parts. Holds so many board positions in both public and private sectors in the country today.

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The man is like a kingpin is Zambia due to the prestigious riches he holds and businesses. Built and invested in shopping malls and was the first in Zambia to into this business. Currently the largest owner of most hotels in Zambia which have sought to help the sector for tourism boom, accounting for at least two percent of Zambia’s gross domestic product. Robin Miller is Zambia’s richest man according to Forbes.com with a net worth of $35 Billion dollars . Owns 30 shopping malls, reserve parks, boats and seven executive hotels both in Zambia and south Africa, making him to have over 800,000 visitors a year from foreign land find there way into either one of his lodges or hotel.

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading about richest people in Zambia 2020. These individuals hold a great deal to the nation and they’re successful business men in different sectors with influence. Owners of factors of production and entities from meat production, hotels, energy, mining etc. Its not an easy thing to get rich in this country, so these eleven rich men from Zambia definitely deserve a round of applause.


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