Photos Of Iris Kaingu

Photos Of Iris Kaingu are popular making the face and name in Zambia to be a big deal. This girl is so famous to the extremes of having over 220K followers on Instagram and 200K on Facebook. Iris Kangu pics, highly influential individual with social media and controversy after making a name in what most people condemned. This was due to the video which most people came to know her from, Iris Kaingu got associated with the current lifestyle. Its for this and other reasons we’ve amazingly revamped most popular photos of Iris Kaingu.

Photos Of Iris Kaingu You Shouldn’t Miss

People look up online for the images of Iris Kaingu, some on the quest to see whats special about her while others its due to curiosity and exploration. Whatever the reason, this individual has continued to prove of importance to Zambians, and for that we’ve compiled some photos of Iris Kaingu most people wanted to see.

1. Le Queen

Iris Kaingu images has managed to derive a strong name which most people sought to call her “Queen”. Outstanding images accompanied with amazing captions that signifies the her every moment.


2. Sunbathing

Loves the lifestyle and absolutely lives life to the fullest. Considered to be among some of the wealthiest ladies that have a person can need at there disposal.

Iris Kaingu

3. OMG!

Iris Kaingu on images a person even from the far continent can agree, despise her bad reputation but the beauty of a true woman can be seen and reflected with higher relevance.


4. That Girls Dangerous

Most people have come to understand through posts on social she somehow influence the masses to do what she intends. Owns lodge uses the crazy acts to promote even the family business.

Iris Kaingu

5. Popular Than Kim Kardashian

In the year 2019 Prince Harry visited Zambia for the first time. Iris did not go missing into action because the police had to chase the drama queen Iris Kanigu out of the premises. Then the next day social media was flooded with comments requesting she be named the Zambian Kim Kardashian.


6. People Love The Looks

Most of the times individuals have criticized but wondered why she had people that enjoy her behavior. Then one man withing Zambia when asked why he still was among the followers of Iris Kaingu, responded and said, “I love how photos of Iris Kaingus look. This is the only reason I’m the number one top fan of this person”.


7. African Queen


8. Professional

iris kaingu

9. Still Gridning

Photos Of Iris Kaingu
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