Nigerian Breakfast Recipes

While to most people breakfast is limited to toasted bread, butter, fried eggs, sausage, bacon, kippers, baked beans, sardines doctors always advise breakfast is the most important meal of the day on most dishes and recipes in Nigeria. For people in Nigeria, the food business it is a wise idea to invest in good breakfast recipes for consumers and Nigeria’s most loved food, a country with diverse cuisines. In Nigeria one needs to be well acquainted with various recipes and Nigerian Breakfast Ideas and Nigerian Breakfast Recipes.

As will be explored in this article, there are some dishes that are common in most Nigerian homes despite having variations depending on the household preferences.

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1. Bread Sandwich with a hot beverage

Bread sandwich with a hot beverage (mostly tea or coffee) could sure be the most common breakfast dish in African homes and Nigerian ones are no exception. In most homes, this is the go-to breakfast dish. Gaga a Nigerian restaurant owner says, “It is loved by both adults and children, it is quick and easy to throw together.”

Nigerian Breakfast Ideas variations of this dish can come in the accompaniment of a boiled egg, omelette, sausage, bacon, canned sardines, corned beef or mackerel in tomato sauce (geisha).

2. Akara and Pap

This combination of a beans fritter made from beans paste (Akara) and a paste made from grains, mostly corn and at times millet (Pap) is another very common Nigerian breakfast dish. In most homes, both the Akara and pap are bought from street vendors who fry the akara on the spot, so you buy it steaming hot. Some people for different reasons, process and fry theirs at home. It is turned into a gruel to go with the akara using boiling water.

3. Instant noodles and egg

Instant noodles and an egg is another common, easy to throw together breakfast dish common in Nigeria. It can even be served as lunch or dinner in most Nigerian homes. Noodle stands at street corners dishing out delicious noodle dishes are also common and likewise restaurants and food outlets serve these dishes.

“Instant noodles are so convenient, cheap, easy to prepare that it will give bread and tea a run for the money in Nigerian homes,” Gaga says. These are mostly served with a boiled egg or omelette. “In fact, in a lot of homes, this is the first dish children learn how to cook.”

4. Moi-Moi with custard or pap

Moi-Moi, a form of steamed pudding made from beans is another simple Nigerian breakfast dish that has the ability to blow your taste buds. In order to serve it for breakfast, one has to start very early if using whole beans because the process is quite tedious. Alternatively, to cut down on prep time, beans powder can be used or moi-moi can be bought already made. It is served with pap or custard made from custard powder.

5. Cereal

Cereals are also a favorite in the Nigerian breakfast culture. However, the high cost of cereals, especially imported ones, is pushing them out of the reach of the average Nigerian. The other challenge with cereals is their inability to fill up an individual like the other available options. Cornflakes are the most common, best recipe and one of the best meal for those in need of Nigerian Breakfast Ideas. People love cereal in the country followed by coco pops.

6. Okpa

This is a very easy to prepare dish yet Nigerians hardly make their own but rather buy from Okpa vendors. One can go for hours on this deli without worrying about hunger and it is excellent for diabetics. Okpa is the local name for Bambara nuts. It is also the name of the boiled pudding made with the Bambara nut powder. It is mostly sold in the eastern part of Nigeria.

7. Ewa Agoyin with Agege bread or any soft and elastic bread

This is a dish foreign to Nigeria but has gained popularity in parts of the country. “Ewa agoyin is a mashed up beans porridge served with a special stew prepared by agoyin women of Togo. These Togolese women hawk this dish on the streets. It is served with soft chewy bread, Agege bread,” says Gaga. They are sold mostly in Lagos.

8. Hausa Koko and Koose

This traditional delicacy is spicy millet porridge and Akara. Hausa Koko is a gruel similar to Pap. Koose is made from beans paste just like akara. This is a staple breakfast dish in Northern Nigeria. The working Nigerians in the Northern part of the country perfer this dish to nost options because of its ability to fill one’s belly for a long time

9. Fried plantain and yam with egg stew

This is a highly nutritious dish that has an amazing taste and it is common in most Nigerian homes. It can also be served as lunch or dinner. According to Gaga “For the fried plantain, ripe plantains are used. Some households prefer boiled plantain and plantains that are not totally ripe. Some people also include fried sweet potatoes.”

The egg stew is scrambled eggs with other ingredients added.

10. Pancake

Pancakes are another staple breakfast dish in Nigeria and a favorite of the children. There is also the Nigerian pancake called Diet.

There are other dishes that can be consumed for breakfast. In Nigeria as it is in most African countries, it is very common for the previous night’s dinner to be warmed up in the morning and eaten as breakfast. On our website, we have shared recipes for Nigerians, you might enjoy as well. Eat well and this is done to avoid spoilage and it also saves time for those who may have busy schedules.

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