Top 10 Nigeria’s Food Recipes

Most people visiting Nigeria all seem to have a similar question, What is Nigeria famous food?. What Nigerian food can I cook for dinner?, What is Nigeria’s national dish?, etc. As food makes an integral part of culture as a whole, its impact on cultural exchange is worth everyone’s attention here’s 10 Best Nigeria Famous Food.

For foodies who would do anything for the pleasure of an exotic Afro-delicacy, Nigeria will make a brilliant start with its diverse ethnic communities that can be exhibited in numerous culinary traditions.

Nigeria’s cuisines are ranked among the top in the world a myriad of their ingredients and staples cut across state boarders as well. Emmanuel Oyibo of writes, “Nigerian cuisine like those of other West African Countries such as Ghana and the Benin Republic contains spices and herbs alongside palm or groundnut oil to produce deeply-flavored sauces and soups with an enticing aroma of these Nigeria famous food.”

Not only are these delicacies taste bud-blowers, they are also rich in essential nutrients.

“Various meats such as beef, mutton, and chicken and different spices of fish are often used to garnish it to your relish,” says Oyibo.

1. Jollof Rice

This is a common recipe in all parts of Nigeria and as such it became one of the most popular foods in the country. Jollof is just ordinary rice prepared with tomato, its number one Nigeria famous food with onion and, pepper and other spices.

The simplicity of these ingredients will make one wonder why it is so highly rated but just one spoon will prove its worth.

One can choose to serve jollof rice with chicken, beef, vegetables or any other type of relish. Other West African countries have also adopted this dish.

2. Garri

Prepared from dried cassava, garri is, according to oyibo, “undoubtedly the most popular staple food eaten in Nigeria. It is consumed in the majority of the households in Nigeria irrespective of region or ethnicity.”

The process of making garri after harvesting the cassava starts with peeling it followed by washing and grinding it. It is then drained of water, some starch and hydrocyanic acid before it is sieved and fried.

Garri is used to make eba by mixing it with hot water in a bowl. Eba can be eaten with any Nigerian soup like egusi among others.

3. Pounded Yam.

Many Nigerian homes and food outlets serve this very soft food. A variety of soups can be used to enjoy Pounded Yam making quite a scrumptious meal. The desired amount of yam is peeled, washed and boiled to tenderness then pounded in a mortar until a soft mash is formed. Pounded Yam is a common favorite among the Yoruba people of Western Nigeria but it is also eaten in the East among the Igbos.

4. Egusi Soup.

Even foreigners know the popular egusi soup and as such it is one of the most common soups in Nigeria. In several homes it is consumed especially on celebrations. On egusi soup Oyibo says, “Its unique texture and fluffiness are some of the qualities that make this soup a special Nigerian delicacy.”

Egusi soup is made from processed melon seed using ingredients such as stock fish, red oil, meat, vegetables, seafood, onions and other condiments.

5. Suya

SUYA is beef that is cut nicely, spiced and grilled over an open flame. It is served with fresh cabbage, tomatoes and onions. Some usually wrap it with old newspapers or aluminium foil. The Hausa people of Northern Nigeria boast of this specialty and a special kind of spice mix called Yaji is usually added to the meat before grilling.


Akara is a bean cake simply fried in either palm or groundnut oil is another popular Nigerian delicacy. People from the Northern parts of Nigeria call it Kosai.

The beans are soaked to peel off the skin then ground to a mash that will be deep-fried. Another kind of Akara is made from grated water yam.

7. Moi Moi.

Moi Moi Like akara it is made from beans but in the case of moi moi, the beans are boiled instead of frying them. Moi moi is one of the really pleasurable foods in Nigeria that can take your taste buds on a wild ride.

It can be garnished with fish, egg or crayfish.

8. Pepper soup.

This soup is common in almost every part of the country. Pepper soup usually has a lot of beef, chicken, mutton or fresh fish. Nigeria famous food is usually sold in bars where it is comes with beer. The natural spices used to prepare this soup make it very healthy.

9. Nkwobi

Nkwobi is also soup and is common in Eastern Nigeria among the Igbos. It is a traditional desert prepared from legs and head of a cow. It is garnished with Utazi leaves and palm oil. It is usually accompanied by a glass of palm wine which is regarded the best drink to flush it down the stomach.

10. Ewa Agoyin.

The Yoruba people are custodians of this delicacy although it originated from the Benin Republic. It is cooked mashed beans eaten with pepper sauce. The sauce also has additions of onion, tomato, crayfish and spices.

For the purposes of this article we only explored ten food recipes, Nigeria famous food but Nigeria has a myriad of delicacies that can never be adequately shared in text on our website. The Nigerian culinary culture is one that takes you on an entire experience.

By Tapiwa C. Kapisa

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