Netflix Subscription (Cost & Plans)

Netflix is an American online entertainment media streaming service provider. So how much is Netflix subscription in Zambia and Africa?

Don’t worry in this article we evaluate everything about Netflix cost to help people like you find out Netflix subscription price ranges and cost. Netflix shows surely give you value for your money spent. Updated with amazing TV shows just waiting for you to discover. You get to enjoy best new TV series, releases, and new movies posted every week.

Another advantage, you can always Watch and catch up with Netflix movies using any device. Netflix is cheaper than Dstv, considering what it offers and you just need a computer. Alternatively even your smartphone, tablet, a personal laptop, or any other streaming device at your disposal with internet access.

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Watch that favorite show anywhere just after getting your first Netflix subscription in Zambia. Most importantly Netflix cost and prices are fixed, with no extended charges. So, before we talk about Netflix subscription in Zambia, and Netflix subscription price. Let’s dive more in detail and look at the available plans.

Netflix COST
Netflix COST

What is Netflix and How to Buy Subscription?

Netflix is among the worlds top leading streaming websites, providing entertainment services. You can find and watch just about anything these days, from best available TV shows, to award winning movies, high definition documentaries, and many more. Payments can be made through a bank wire transfer, Master card, PayPal or VISA. You can also set UP an auto renewal payment plan for your account to avoid been disconnected.

How to Watch Netflix Shows

You can connect as many devices as possible depending on the subscription plan. Charged on one fixed price for a month with no hidden costs. Any computer with internet access can be connected to your account. Once logged in a list of shows to choose from pop up and catch up shows missed. Suggested movies is the best part about Netflix, depending on the viewers watch time and interest.

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New features introduced, include been able to download Netflix movies, saving them and watching while on the road or traveling. Additionally an App can help with quick easy access to your account, available for both mobile Android, I phone IOS and computer applications making life more convenient for you.

Netflix Cost

Two plans are currently available, renewed on a monthly basis. Combine the cost per month and number of months in a year to come up with a yearly subscription price. I think there no yearly lifetime Netflix subscription plan but only premium, basic and standard. So how much is Netflix subscription in Zambia?

Lets evaluate Netflix prices this year and according to an Email from a representative sent to us; Available plans range from as low as $7.99 (K145.74) to $11.99 (K218.62) in Zambian currency Kwacha when converted, per month. This subscription plan of course, includes no hidden costs.

Available Netflix Subscription Plans (Summery)

To conclude; here’s a full summery for all Netflix plans, the cost and available accounts each account can host.

Basic Plan: Price = $9.00 Per Month

Netflix Basic plan meant for personal entertainment is what you get. Affordable cost but the problem is its just a regular TV quality you get. No HD quality for movies and shows. Despite that, a deal is great because it grants access to lone entertainment considering you only pay 9.00 price.

Standard Plan: Price = $13.00 Per Month

Netflix Standard plan offers great deal for your money. You can share access to the account on one subscription, either with children or your wife. Comes with a full High definition access to movies and TV shows, including cartoon and series on the go. Connect to any device and watch when not home.

Premium Plan: Price = $16.00 Per Month

Netflix Premium plan is a combo package having everything from basic to standard. Its a way to go and subscription I recommend if you want to get the most out of Netflix. Designed for family, split screens between different rooms. Watch three to four shows at the same time. You get maximum best quality, both sound and picture and 4K picture quality.

Netflix DVD Plan: Price = $5.009 to $15.99 Per Month

Don’t be surprised Netflix offers a DVD plan. Before the company transitioned to streaming services, over the years it has been known for providing DVD and CD rentals. Unfortunately the service is only currently available in the United sates.

Provides movies from way back which aren’t available on streaming services. For American based citizens, feel free and rent a copy. Many people go for this service, due to the fact Netflix, allows holding the rented copy for more than five months.

These are the updated Netflix prices and plans available. Comment below which plan suits you and what you think about the price. Don’t miss more How-to guides and letting us know, “if Netflix subscription price is affordable or probably maybe too expensive in Africa?”.

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