Natural monuments and Historical sites Zambia

Below we will show you some Natural monuments and Historical sites in Zambia that definitely we all have to visit in our trip to Zambia . This amazing country that have a diversity of places to see and enjoy.

Natural monuments

  • Lunsemfwa Gorge of Wonders and Bell’s Point: Mkushi District, at the confluence of the Lunsemfwa and Mkushi Rivers, at 14°39′ S 29°07′ E. About 75 km east-southeast of Kabwe, Zambia, the Lunsemfwa River cuts a 500 m deep gorge, known as the Gorge of Wonders, through the edge of the Muchinga escarpment (as seen from Bell’s Point). The antenna of the Taipei 101 skyscraper, the tallest building in the world, protrudes just above the edge of this gorge.The hills are covered with what at first glance look like large cylindrical columns of rock
  • Chipoma Falls on the Chimanabuwi River, 24 km southwest of Chinsali, at 10°46′ S 32°01′ E.Chirundu fossil forest: 50,000 year old fossil trees, 21 km west of Chirundu at 16°02′ S 28°40′ E. Just off the main Lusaka – Chirundu road, not far from Chirundu, are fossil trees that belong to the Karoo period and are about 50,000 years old.
  • Chisimba Falls, Luombe River, 7.2 km from Chilubula Mission, Kasama District. Hippo Pool, Chingola, on the Kafue River.Kalambo Falls, Mbala district: waterfalls and archaeological site of early human settlement (the falls are shared with Tanzania.Kundabwika Falls, on the Kalungwishi River, Kaputa district, at 9°13′ S 29°19′ E.Kundalila Falls on the Kaombe River, 12.8 km SE of Kanona in Serenje District.Lake Chirengwa (sunken lake) 14 km E of Ndola at 12°58′ S 28°45′ E.Lake Kashiba SW of Luanshya: a sunken lake 100 m deep at 13°27’S, 27°56’E.
  • Lumangwe Falls on the Kalungwishi River between Mporokoso and Ntumbachushi Falls on the Kalungwishi River between Mporokoso and Ntumbachushi Falls.
  • Ntumbachushi Falls on the Ngona River, Kawambwa District, at 9°52’S, 28°58’E.Zambezi Spring, Mwinilunga District: source of the Zambezi River and botanical reserve, part of the Zambezi Spring National Forest.

Historical sites in Zambia

list of Historical sites of Zambia.

  • Chilubula Mission, Kayembi – the first White Fathers’ mission in the territory, built in 1895 by Father Joseph Dupont, known as “Moto Moto”, has a large church and well-preserved buildings.
  • Otto Beit Bridge, Chirundu – 1939, first modern suspension bridge with parallel cables built outside the United States (shared with Zimbabwe).

  • High Court, Livingstone – built in 1910 for the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Connaught.
  • Broken Hill Mine, Kabwe – one of Zambia’s first mines (1906) and site of the Broken Hill Man fossil find, commemorated by a monument at the municipal offices.
  • Kilwa Island in Lake Mweru is the site of the 19th century slave traders’ stockade.
  • Petroglyphs of Lwimbe: about 15 km west of Kasama.
  • Girls’ boarding school, Mbereshi – 1915, first African girls’ school in the country, now mission house.
  • Mumbwa, Zambia’s first commercial Cop
  • perbelt copper mines were the Sable Antelope mine and the Hippo mine at Mumbwa, now a heritage site.
  • North-Western Hotel, Livingstone – built in 1909 by ‘Mopane’ Clarke.
  • Shiwa House – ‘manor house’ built in 1922 by Sir Stewart Gore-Browne on his Shiwa Ngandu estate.
  • Victoria Falls Bridge, Livingstone – 1905, first major bridge and first railroad (shared with Zimbabwe).
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