Mulungushi University Fees & Tuition Cost

Mulungushi University Fees, Zambia’s third largest public University situated in Kabwe. The institution was founded in 2008 and despite been one of the most expensive Universities in Zambia. This University has since continued to offer quality tertiary education, transforming students to graduates.

Provides degree, masters, and short courses in different fields. Main degree programs consist of 40 course students learn from first year, with 5 of the courses allocated each semester, which only takes 4 months in the following schools. Social science, Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship and Business. Other courses offered, include computer science, human resource management, economics, medicine and surgery, internal relations, education (major), banking and finance, bachelor of commerce, etc. Thus this article shows all you need to know, especially if you’re in Zambia about fees, and mode of payment, for residential and non-residential students, including those on distance learning.

Find boarding fees, cost of registration, tuition’s for non-residential, and postgraduate students. Fees for those willing to study law, ICT, and medicine, under the school of medicine at Mulungushi University. Fees for engineering and complete detailed list of all available courses offered at Mulungushi University for 2021/2022 intake. Currently the institution also provides bursaries to undergraduate students, through the ministry of higher education.

Mulungushi University Fees 2021/2020 (Lodging & Tuition Fees)

mulungushi university fees 2020/2021
mulungushi university fees 2020/2021

Mulungushi University officially unveils the 2021/2022 fees and structure of payments for both distance and full time learning students. Across the bold there has been a 3% increment in the respective schools. Consequently the latest University fees this year are as follows: (See images showing Mulungushi University fees & tuition cost)

School of Business & School of Social Sciences1st, 2nd, 3rd year student fees

Mulungushi University Fees

School of Business & School of Social Sciences – 4th year students fees

School of Agriculture & SSET – 1st, 2nd & 3rd year student fees

School of Agriculture & SSET – 4th year student fees

School of Education – 1st to 4th year student fees

School of Agriculture and SSET - 1st, 2nd & 3rd year student fees

School of Medicine – 1st to 4th year student fees

School of Agriculture and SSET - 1st, 2nd & 3rd year student fees
Mulungushi University

How to pay for your student tuition fees:

The institution provides for different payment methods of your tuition and lodging fees. For quick and efficient payment to Mulungushi University. Make deposits through the Universities bill master account, MTN and Airtel mobile money. If you prefer Banks its possible paying through FNB ewallet, Atlas Mara, Zanaco Bill master is available. No payments are accepted at the institution, only required to provide deposit slips as proof of payment.

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