Bouquet Prices For DSTV And GoTv

DStv is a sub Saharan leading Digital Satellite Television company owned by Multi Choice, providing satellite services. Launched in the year 1995 to provide TV services and channels to customers, including South Africa. These Dstv bouquets and multi-choice bouquet prices, will help you to access packages available in Zambia.

Payments are billed every month, on a monthly subscription basis. Failure to which TV services get terminated. Multi Choice in Zambia and South Africa, including other neighboring countries in the region has over 18.9 million subscribers. These are just customers watching, and subscribed to channels in Africa (Sub Saharan Region).

Multichoice Bouquet Prices (Updated)

Dstv Decoder Prices in Zambia

Have you been wondering how much multi-choice decoder and products cost? Two available decoders, include the HD Zapper 6-series and DStv Explora Decoder (See prices) and Dstv Bouquet Prices In zambia updated list below.

Therefore, millions of customers have Dstv paying service in Africa. This is what makes it number one in the sub-Saharan region. Multi Choice has been working on enhancing local talent in Zambia, hence introduced entertainment based African channels. Zambezi magic Dstv Channel 162 showcasing Zambian stories, music and movies. Other countries covered include, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, and Swaziland. Zambezi magic is available on both compact plus and premium Dstv bouquets.

Bouquet Prices For DSTV & GoTv (Multichoice)
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There so many different packages, comprising of music, TV shows, Movies, sports, etc. Not can you only enjoy foreign entertainment but even local shows. Each DSTV Bouquet prices has different channel subscription and watch.

Bouquet Prices For DSTV & GoTV Channel List In 2021

Here is Multichoice bouquet prices list released by DSTV customer service representatives team in Zambia. Its an UPDATED document showing channel list, complete bouquet prices for both DSTV and GoTv in the year 2020. 

Bouquets in Zambia & Channel List

DStv AccessDStv FamilyDStv CompactDStv Compact PlusDStv Premium
ZMW 115 per monthK210
per month
per month
ZMW 490 per monthK850
per month.
DStv Access
Get 90 plus TV and Audio radio channels.
Change your TV experience with exciting news access, music and kids channels and TV series
DStv Family
Enjoy over 100 TV on this package and high definition Audio channels from Africa and Zambia. Family viewing giving everyone best viewing experience.
It will enhance your viewing entertainment lifestyle today to the max.
DSTV Compact
has over 140 TV and high definition Audio channels .
It suits your lifestyle giving access to hundreds of TV shows and premium entertainment channels giving access to a wide variety of entertainment.
DStv Compact Plus will keep you entertained with a broad variety of shows.
Get over 150 best TV channels and Audio channels for entertainment, sports and documentaries. Including all the European soccer channels.
Good for
DStv Premium
has over 190 plus channels for premium viewing giving everyone best viewing experience.
You get TV and audio channels at an affordable cost.
Multichoice Bouquet

Add-On Bouquets Channel List For DSTV

DStv Great WallDSTV Indian
ZMW 46 per monthZMW 170 per month.
DStv Great Wall
Get access to over 10 channels and a collection of Chinese based channels for entertainment which you can watch online, anywhere using a smartphone or tablet through the DStv TV App. This package includes documentaries, movies and news channels for your enjoyment.
DStv Great Wall is the only package that provides Chinese dialects programming and shows to satisfy the Chinese community.
Also available to Zambians eager to learn more about china and its culture.
DSTV Indian
Add on your package to get over 20 channels from Indian selections of channels and prime Indian entertainment television.
You can choose to just subscribe on this package alone, but can be an addition to your DStv premium package to enhance your experience.
Provides viewing preference to both to North and South Indian based communities.
Multichoice Add On Bouquet

This guide shows DSTV and GoTv package prices, and channels available. So you can choose which suits your entertainment needs.

Prices for Bouquet

Here Are Dstv Bouquets Prices Zambia 2021/2020

To get started with DSTV, SELECT a package of your choice. Below we have DSTV and GoTv packages. Find Dstv bouquets prices for Zambia down below. Compare Dstv Zambia new prices 2020 to find what you need.

DSTV Premium Bouquet Price = K850.00 Per Month (ZMW)

If you are looking for premium TV viewing enjoy this Premium Bouquet package. Premium bouquet package has over 190 TV channels exclusively added for premium experience. Comes with both TV and audio channels from around the world. Local channels included, movies, music and live news from Africa

DSTV Compact Plus Bouquet Price = K490.00 Per Month (ZMK)

The Compact Plus comes with a wide range of great entertainment channels. Get maximum value with music, movies and documentary channels. Combines more valuable services for family entertainment, sport channels inclusive.

Viewing experience online improved. Get access to your TV through DStv App. Maximum access to manage and control your account, fixing error codes for your package and make payments online from your bank account. Combines channels for all ages from young generation, Sports channels, movies, cooking and documentary, tailored for you!

DStv Compact Bouquet Price = K330.00 Per Month (ZMK)

Compact gives different programs and improved hours of entertainment. Best for entertainment community. DStv compact has so many best channels, which include M-Net Action and animal channels. If you’re interested in nature enjoy Animal Planet and National Geographic for world documentaries.

DStv Family Bouquet Price = K210.00 Per Month (ZMK)

Family bouquet great for you to enjoy happy family viewing. Anyone has there own favorite channel included on this package. Find TV channels from cartoons for kids, movies, sports selections and news channels. DStv Family offers and gives you too many fantastic channel selections which include, Universal channel, for our culture check Africa Magic, Action Movies, Sony Max and many more.

DStv Access Bouquet Price = K115.00 Per Month (ZMK)

Cheapest package on DSTV is the Access Bouquet. Just like the name you get access to selected channels you can enjoy with your kids and family. DSTV Access has Over 50 channels from cartoons, music, radio inclusive and local based TV stations. Good for you if you can not manage to pay for much expensive subscriptions.

Indian Bouquet Price = K170.00 Per Month (ZMK)

Made for the Bollywood community to transfiguration home and viewing lifestyle with Indian Package. Get access to more than 100 Indian channel offers, considered best and mostly attached to an Indian origin, showcasing culture, news and movies from the region induction. DStv Indian Package is mostly loved and subscribed Indian package in Africa for people with interest in Indian lifestyle.

Great Wall China Bouquet Price = K 46.00 Per Month (ZMK)

DStv Great Wall Bouquet has over 100 Chinese based channels. Package designed to suit your viewing and TV needs and channels you can watch anywhere, conveniently online. Added services include, access to channels through your smartphone and tablet once installed DStv App. Comes with maximum best Chinese based channels for entertainment, music, culture, documentaries, sports and news with an advanced TV Guide.

Summery For DSTV Multichoice Bouquet Prices

Since April 1 in 2019, both DStv and GOtv packages were hiked by 10 percent.This is how prices changed. Most Dstv bouquet prices Zambia for subscription packages costing K60 was hiked to K100. K210 moved to K205. Another increment was K330 from K305 which was previously charged for services. Hence, this caused a major increase on another package from K455 to K490, and finallya premium package moved from K795, increased to K850.


DSTV bouquets prices and subscription cost, from 2018 to 2020 respectively. This is how much DSTV bouquets cost and access fees increased.

DSTV Bouquet Prices In Zambia201820192020
DStv AccessK60K100K115
DStv FamilyK210K205K210
DStv CompactK305K330K330
DStv Compact plusK455K490K490
DStv Premium bouquetsK795K850K850
Table Showing Bouquet Prices For DSTV

If you need further assistance and information: Contact +260 211368300 or Email kindly visit this link for more information on Dstv bouquet prices Zambia.

Bouquet Prices For GOTV In Zambia

African based television company and are subsidiary of DSTV for entertainment. Has so much to offer from a wide selection of local channels based in Africa. Due its cheapest packages it is the mostly subscribe pay TV service in Africa.

Bouquet Prices For DSTV & GoTv (Multichoice)
GOtv Max GOtv PlusGOtv ValueGOtv Lite
ZMK 160 per monthZMW 110 per monthZMK 50 per monthZMW 30 per month
GOtv Max
Enjoy 48 Channels available with GOtv Max. Get exclusive access to music, cartoons, sports and movies.
GOtv Plus
provides so many ultimate local 57 channels and international based for entertainment and sports in your home.
GOtv Value
gives you access to 28 Channels for family and local, overseas entertainment. You have 40 exclusive channels to choose from.
GOtv Lite
is the most affordable package, providing a minimum of 23 channels.
Table showing GOTV Bouquets

GOTV Bouquets Prices And Package Details

According Multichoice bouquet prices here’s a comprehensive list for GOTV pricing and package details to help you choose.

GOtv Max = K160.00 Per Month (ZMK)

Enjoy over 48 high quality Channels available with GOtv Max. Get exclusive access to music, cartoons, sports and movies. This also includes African movies and documentaries from around the world.

GOtv Plus = K110.00 Per Month (ZMK)

GOTV max provides so many ultimate local 57 channels and international based for entertainment and sports in your home. Other channels include movies, sports and lifestyle for your viewing pleasure.

GOtv Value = K50.00 Per Month (ZMK)

GOTV value has a combination of more than 28 Channels for family and local entertainment. Don’t miss out on the action, overseas entertainment, sports and shows. You get 40 exclusive channels to choose from.

GOtv Lite = K30.00 Per Month (ZMK)

GOtv Lite is the most cheapest and most affordable package. Get a minimum of 23 channels including for local news and christian channels.If you can not afford a much more expensive mothly package, then go for less.

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If you need further assistance and information: Contact +260 211368300 or Email kindly visit this link for more.

How To Pay For DSTV And GOTV

To stay connected with your viewing package, ensure to always settle bills on time. Fastest way to pay subscription is visiting any nearest Multichoice office in Zambia. Through mobile money, Visa card and also supports auto payments deducted from your bank account. Payments can also be made through DSTV main website by simply selecting package -> upgrade and then -> payments.

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