How to Use MTN Mobile Money Zambia: Beginners Guide

During the old days sending and receiving money was very hard. People in Zambia mostly depended on postal services, other money transfer services and swift cash. But then came MTN Mobile Money Zambia, from mobile telecommunication network (MTN).

What’s MTN mobile money? Its a mobile financial management service that allows any user to send money through there mobile device to another MTN mobile user or a non mobile user using an MTN Zambian sim card. Its one of the fastest ways of sending and receiving money in Zambia, whether in a rural village or at work. Agents authorized allow account holders to withdraw money on a both at an appropriate convenient time operating near you.

How to Use MTN Mobile Money Zambia: Beginners Guide
MTN Mobile Money

The maximum amount allowed to send is K10,000 Kwacha ON a personal account but if you’re an agent, your MTN Mobile Money Zambia balance can be increased up-to K50,000 Kwacha. Mobile Money is important because it has moved us from the old days, registered or not you will still get the cash.Those on cross networks withing the country can receive money, once the sender enters there number when sending.

Mobile money provides financial statements similar to that of banks showing the last ten transactions. You don’t need to worry about not been secured because you get to manage the account and passwords. Money can not be withdrawn from your mobile money Zambia account, unless you approve the transaction by entering a password and pressing confirm. So, YES, MTN mobile money is 100% secure!

How To Register For MTN Mobile Money Zambia

Getting started with MTN mobile money only takes less than 30 minutes and your account will be ready. Mobile money account opening procedure;

  1. Go to any MTN shop with your Zambian national registration card (NRC), alternatively you can use a passport or driving license for purposes of identification.
  2. Get photocopy of the same documents to leave behind with the agent for further documentation.
  3. An active sim card is a requirement, and make sure the details on the identification card corresponds with those registered on the sim card. If you have all go and start processing opening your account.

Note: You can only register for mobile money Zambia at MTN offices or any authorized and licensed mobile money agent or dealer.

What You Can Do With MTN Mobile Money

Now that you’ve managed opening your mobile money account, lets dive into ways and tips for beginners on how you can use mobile money service. Remember, we stated at the beginning that this service allows you to send and receive money, including making payments towards bills.

  1. Depositing money into your account
  2. withdrawing money from your mobile money account
  3. Receiving into your money account
  4. Paying bills using money account

These are the four important things you can simply do on your mobile device using MTN money account.

How To Deposit Money Into Your MTN Mobile Money Account

  1. Visit any authorized MTN money money agent, possibly working in a booth
  2. Have money on hand you wish to deposit
  3. Tell them your mobile number, which serves a purpose similar to a bank account.
  4. Tell the agent how much you wish to deposit into your mobile money account
  5. Give the agent money
  6. Await the confirmation message proving your deposit before living the booth.
  7. Double check the deposit confirmation text. It should read something like, “Yellow your mobile money account has received 3,000 ZMK from agent Katondo Kaila.”

How To Send Money Through MTN Mobile Money?

To send money on MTN mobile money, you will need the mobile number of the receivers account and an amount you wish to send.

  1. On your mobile device Dial *303#
  2. Select option 1 (Send money)
  3. Choose mobile user or non mobile user
  4. Enter recipients mobile number
  5. Enter the amount you wish to send
  6. Confirm payment with your mobile money pin
  7. Await a response message once you’ve completed the transaction successfully

How To Withdraw Money From MTN Mobile Money Account?

To withdraw money from your mobile money account, MTN Zambia has given most dealers the privilege to allow you get your money from MTN mobile money without visiting there offices.

  1. Visit any MT mobile money agent shop or booth
  2. Provide your registered Mobile Money phone number
  3. Original identification card (NRC)
  4. Tell the agent amount to withdraw
  5. You will receive a prompt message to enter your mobile money pin code and confirm withdrawal request.
  6. Press approve, yes to transaction
  7. Finally enter the pin and press OK
  8. Get your money from the agent

A summery message of the transaction will be received, showing money has gone out of your account and the time withdrawn, including the agents name. Non mobile money users and those without a phone use a token ID to withdrawal cash.

How Can I Withdrawal Mobile Money Without A Phone Number?

  1. Visit any open MTN mobile money dealer shop
  2. Provide proof of identification (Passport, NRC or Driving license)
  3. Give token number to the agent (Automatically created once payment is sent)
  4. Enter a five digit secrete code into the agents phone. Do this discretely and do not tell any anyone the code for security reasons.

Buying Airtime On MTN Mobile Money

You can use your MTN mobile money to recharge your mobile phone with talk time and buy bundles. The lowest amount of talk time you can get is from 1.00 Kwacha for yourself and you can also buy for others. To purchase talk time on mobile money app, follow the following instructions.

  1. To buy talk time through MTN mobile money dial: *303#
  2. Select option 3 (Airtime and data)
  3. You’d see options 1 to buy airtime and 2 to buy data
  4. Chose option 1
  5. Prompt options will appear 1 to buy for your self and 2 for other
  6. Finally select option 1 to buy for your self

Mobile money FAQs In Zambian

Do you need a minimum balance ?

You don’t need to have a minimum account balance for mobile money. And opening the account is don for free of charge so don’t allow anyone to charge you for opening the mobile money account.

Do you need to pay mobile money service charge ?

There’s entirely no service charge for using mobile money and activating your account. It’s only when withdrawing a certain percentage is deducted from the account.

Can mobile money work with bank account?

You can not link your mobile money account with a bank account and the transactions to send money work across networks.

Difference between a mobile money registered user and unregistered

The difference between a registered mobile money MTN user and a non registered. A registered user can access mobile money self service menu, send money and pay bills. While a non mobile money user can not do all this but can just withdrawal money through an agent by using a pin and transaction code. Mobile money through an agent allows user to deposit money into personal accounts.

What can i do after a sending money to a wrong mobile money account?

In case of a wrong amount sent to another number, immediately request MTN Zambia to reverse the transaction for you.

Does MTN mobile money pin expire?

An MTN mobile money pin does not expire and can be changed as many times as possible with no limit.

I just lost my mobile money sim card, what now?

If you have lost your sim card, replace it with a new sim card but use the same old number. After activation process, your mobile money service will automatically be available after dialing *303#

Does it have a minimum balance and how can i borrow money?

MTN mobile money does not have a limit to transactions. To borrow money Dial: *303# and then select Kongola service

How to become a mobile money agent in Zambia

Visit any MTN mobile office in Zambia, request for a form to become an urgent. You will be required to deposit a minimum of 5000 kwacha in your mobile money agent account number to get activated. Commissions from every withdrawal a certain percentage goes to the mobile money urgent. You’re also required to provide a place, booth or an office where you will be processing mobile money transactions from as an agent.


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