10 Best Money Transfer Services In Zambia

Do you want to send money to Zambia? There so many transfer services you can use to send money withing and outside the country. These providers can offer local money transfers withing Zambia and money coming from other countries in a foreign currency. Zambian Banks have also integrated financial transfer services for people to send and Receive Money from families and friends at an affordable cost. We’ve compared the best available Money Transfer Services In Zambia you can choose from. Analyzed the pros and cons including which money transfer service we recommend in Zambia.

Money Transfer Services In Zambia For Sending & Receiving Money

Money moves the world around been a medium of exchange. You can not get it unless its gets to you, again getting to you is very impossible unless with fast ways to send money been available. Having ways to send money is not enough because most people expect good services, cheap and reliable. These are the commonly used money transfer companies in Zambia you should be using to send and receive money in 2020.

1.Western Union

Western Union money transfer is a very big Company with its head quarters in America. This financial service has so many outlets in Zambia you can use to send and receive money. Mainly deals in transmitting financial transactions through Telegrams. To send money through Western Union you need the receivers full names, country name for foreign international transactions, including phone number and local location. To receive money money through Western Union: Go to any of there local branches. Give the agent your identification card and Senders full name including amount expected to be collected and money country name of origin.


  • Western Union is the most fastest way of sending money and receiving
  • Its very safe and secure
  • Cost effective and efficient


  • Western Union is a bit expensive
  • The percentage charged is not clear and stable
  • Western Union charges according to how much you’re sending
  • Western Union agents are found only in a few selected places
  • The sender pays for the cost, you can’t split the cost with a receiver

2. Ewallet FNB Zambia

Ewallet is a mobile Banking service from First National Bank (FNB) and the mostly used money transfer services In Zambia. With Ewallet you can send and receive money through your mobile device to any one who is withing Zambia. Despite the location money can be sent from anywhere and anytime if you have a (FNB) account on any mobile network and e wallet activated. To send money with FNB Ewallet, simply dial *130*320# and select money option. The receiver gets a message with a temporally message asking them to visit a nearest FNB ATM and withdraw or any certified agent or dealer. Its among the best money transfer services in Zambia.


  • FNB Ewallet Zambia is 99.9% safe and secure
  • Ewallet is very fast and effective way to send and receive money
  • Fair charge for sending money
  • You don’t need an identification to collect money
  • With FNB Ewallet money can be withdrawn anywhere and anyplace


  • Its very hard for some people understanding how to use Ewallet
  • You can only withdraw through an ATM
  • The secrete pin expires after a few hours and you have to request a new one

3. Shoprite Money Transfer service

Africa’s biggest retail and wholesale dealers Shoprite have headquarters in south Africa. The company is currently available and operational in more than 30 African countries. The Shoprite money transfer service was launched in 2016 to help local Zambians send money and collect in any convenient store for Shoprite money transfer anytime. It one of the best money sending and receiving services today which money is collected through the store inside at the counter. Its easier for most customers to just walk n the store, receive money and buy the items and goods needed without going outside. The service is very helpful because Shoprite is open 7 days a week providing services to customers.


  • Shoprite money transfer service is safe and secure. It provides assurance for your money to be collected
  • Most Shoprite stores are operational even after 17:00 hours to collect your money
  • Recipients don’t need to pay for collecting money

Money can be deposited into your Bank account if requested for those not interested in visiting the store. But you will have to wait seven working days to reflect in your account.


  • A lot of people use the service, So you have to wait before you are attended to by an urgent
  • You can only send and receive money with Shoprite if you’re above 16 years
  • Its time consuming and frustrating
  • You can not reset the pin once lost, unless you contact Shoprite customer care support

4. Zanaco Xpress

The Zambian commercial Bank Zanaco PLC has a financial service available to those who need to send money in Zambia. If you have a Zanaco Bank account money can be easily transferred to those in rural remote areas. Zanaco Xpress allows for Zanaco customers withdraw money instantly without the need of having to visit the nearest Bank. The Zanaco Xpress service allows for quick deposits and checking of Banking statements anywhere you’re in Zambia.


  • Reduces on unplanned costs and Bank withdrawing charges
  • Deposits can be made anywhere
  • You can use the Bank to withdraw, deposit and check statements using the Zanaco Xpress Agent.


  • Zanaco Xpress is only available to its customers
  • You must be an account holder with Zanaco to withdraw or send money
  • Charges are incurred for every withdrawal made
  • You must be above 18 years to use Zanaco Xpress

5. Swift Cash

Swift cash is one the oldest money services in the Country operated by Zampost limited. On this list its the only Government owned service for sending and receiving money when you’re in Zambia. The company operates from 08:30 hours t0 17:00 hours monda to Friday. Swift is only available in parts of the country having postal offices operated under Zampost services.


  • Money can be collected withing minutes
  • Reliable
  • Safe and secure
  • No Age limit for sending and receiving money


  • The problem with Swift cash is that you can only send less than 10,000
  • Huge amounts must be approved by the manager before you can collect
  • Swift cash is not available in most rural areas
  • Expensive cost for sending money 2% per transaction

6. MTN Mobile Money

Zambia’s leading mobile network MTN launched mobile money fro its customers to send receive money through mobile phones withing Zambia. MTN Mobile money transfer works including for those without having MTN sim cards, allowing them to collect money at any Agent. To send money through MTN mobile money dial*303# and choose the send money option.

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We’ve covered in detail the commonly used USSD short codes for mobile networks in this article. There is no restriction with this service. Anyone with a phone registered and active can collect or send money instantly.


  • MTN Mobile money is a fast service
  • Available everywhere you go, no need to visit MTN stores Agents will help
  • No Age restrictions. Anyone with a sim card or mobile number can receive money
  • The service is very easy to use
  • You can send money to both MTN and none MTN mobile money users
  • Good for emergencies


  • With MTN mobile money you can not send money above 10,000 Kwacha
  • Agents complain not having space for transactions because there is a limit on transactions they can perform

7. Airtel Money

Airtel money is considered a relative close to MTN’s mobile money service. Available to all Airtel mobile users in the country for sending and receiving money in there comfort zones which is collected through any Agent nationwide. With Airtel money can be sent to both mobile users and none mobile users. None mobile users use a secret pin when collecting money and Airtel Zambia mobile users just need to provide a phone number and approve the transaction. To know more about Airtel short codes read this previous article and learn how you can purchase bundles.

8. Zamtel Kwacha

Zamtel Kwacha is an electronic money service which allows you to send receive money despite the location withing Zambia. Its a good service if you have more Zamtel users and there agents get a commission at least two times in a month. Offloading some cash into your mobile money account is a great way to save and avoid regular unplanned spending. To register for Zamtel Kwacha visit any agent or dealer shop with your NRC and an active sim card to start using the service.


  • Zamtel Kwacha is safe, no case of fraud recorded
  • Money receiver doesn’t need to pay
  • Reasonable Charge when withdrawing


  • Not many people in Zambia use Zamtel Kwacha because most of there users only buy sim cards for bundles
  • Poor customer service. No one quickly answers when you need to be assisted
  • Its not that popular probably because of poor marketing
  • Make sure you don’t make a mistake when sending money because its hard to trace once you make a mistake

9. Zoona

10. Kazan

These financial services are great for transacting, receiving and sending money in Zambia. Some are suitably best for settling bills as well and you can also be given a short loan.


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