Mobile Money Business, Is It Worth It?

After having taught more people information about mobile money. The most popular questions is, how profitable is mobile money business in Zambia, including Mobile Money commission in Zambia. Asking this should mean you already know how to become an MTN Mobile Money agent. It means again you have basic knowledge on how to start a mobile money business. Probably have more insight on the requirements to become an Airtel money agent. So, this article teaches how to make money with mobile money. If its worth it and we evaluate if mobile money Business can be Lucrative.

Can You Make Money With Mobile Money?

Yes definitely very possible and thousands of people have been doing this. But it can take some time, requires more effort and more traffic to your business. Also need to apply, collect forms and choose if you wish to become an agent or dealer.

Each mobile money agent makes money through commissions. Commissions, defer depending on the mobile company providing the money transfer services. Currently Airtel and MTN in Zambia have been the most leading mobile business company helping with sending and receiving of money.

How profitable is Mobile Money business in Zambia

Mobile Money Commission/100%Commission /100%Capital
MTN Mobile Money1% For Cash Out Transaction 0.5% For Cash Out TransactionK5,000
Airtel Mobile Money1% For Cash Out Transaction0.5% For Cash Out TransactionK2,000
Mobile money commissions

From the above table details can be seen of what to expect once an agent. Commission are calculated in percentages and to increase revenue you must have more traffic to your outlet. Transactions amount to cash in and cash out. These are evaluated differently depending on the money been withdrawn or sent. So is mobile money business lucrative? Well do a close examination of the commission and know how much agents make.

Mobile money commission in Zambia Profits, Capital, loses + Estimates

Starting with mobile money commissions, to understand how profitable is Mobile Money business in Zambia. These commissions, come in form of incentives to again. Even these companies make it clear, to make money with this business one must be hard working. Secondly must choose a location with more visitors and customers. Each commission mostly paid depending on the type of transaction. Similar to banks, customers either withdrawal and deposit money through mobile devices.

Any mobile money withdrawal known as Cash Out (CO) amounts to 1% commission. That money instantly goes to the agents holding account and only payable after 30 working days. Deposits with mobile money referred to as Cash In (CI) which mobile users, send money through deposits amounts to 0.5% commission per transaction. Each deposit amounting to 0.5% becomes commission for retailers, also payable after 30 days.

Mobile Money Profit

How much you can make per month form commissions, depends on different factors. People have been making more than K3,000 per month, while some even less than that and possibly more. Take note MTN mobile seems to be more popular in some areas, compared to Airtel. And I have visited places in Zambia where MTN appeared less popular, more especially in rural areas compared to urban towns.

Hence when choosing which type of mobile money business to start. Ensure to asses that area firs, do some proper ground breaking. Choose a good business spot, build good structure and treat customers with respect. See our business guide if you aren’t sure of how to begin with the planning process.

Required Capital

Depending on which mobile business you choose. Required capital should include the registration of company and business name. Property and rental fees or construction of building to operate from. Alternatively just hire any welder to design and construct booths for your business.

Welding cost between K1,000 to K3000 depending on the quality and size. Company registration costs between 500 to 1000 plus other fees depending on the requirements. To become an MTN mobile money agent your application must be accompanied with start up capital of K5,000 and for Airtel money agent you’re required to provide K2,000 for start up capital.


Mobile money business currently has no loses recorded. Maybe unless due to fire, theft and falling victim to fraud. Otherwise, its still highly important to buy insurance coverage for mitigating the risks and loses of your business. But these companies have continued investing resources in IT services to prevent that from happening.

To conclude, its empirically crystal clear, both MTN and Airtel collect huge percentages of whatever agents make. Commission for retailers depends on number of transactions performed and more especially withdrawals. Hopefully you have been helped with regards to knowing How profitable is Mobile Money business in Zambia. For any further assistance, drop your comments and will quickly respond.

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