How To Make Money With a Website South Africa

Have you been wanting to know, exactly how to start a blog and earn money online? We’ve answered this question for millions of people, asking how to make money with a website in South Africa. There’s over 10 ways you can make money online. But before we dive deep into finding ways you can make money from your blog. Don’t forget to check out this helpful article, if you want to make money home. We must cover few web development basics, therefore reading, you will not only learn how to make money with a website in South Africa or earning from home. But also how to make a website or your first blog, especially for complete beginners with prior knowledge on web design and development.

Before exploring ways of making money through blogging, Let’s first deal with this commonly asked question below!

How do you make a blog in south Africa?

How to Start a Blog In South Africa
How to Start a Blog In South Africa

Starting your own professional blog in South Africa, has never been hard. Its actually one of the simplest things to archive at any given time. People make blogs in south Africa, withing minutes, days and months sometimes. But there’s really no major challenges to expect if everything is done right. After this you will learn how to make money with a website in South Africa. To start a blog in South Africa, here’s two methods that you can use to get online.

  • First Method

First method of making a website in South Africa, involves paying money for web hosting, domain name purchase and templates. For custom template design, cost mostly depends on the specification you need for your blog. Probably if you have no prior web development knowledge, then definitely a web developer and designer will be needed.

Find any good digital media agency, or web development company and let them know the kind of website you need. Make your website first, before you actually learn how to make money with a website in South Africa.

  • Second Method

Use this second method if you want to make a blog in South Africa for free. First step starts with finding a free blogging platform. Then create your blog, create a blog domain URL…This can be done through any major free blogging platform, such as and

Currently, these platforms are simple ways, we recommend to start a blog in South Africa for free. Both platforms are good, when it comes to creating websites, can look professional, secured and can be very easy to maintain free websites.

Why you shouldn’t you start a free blog in South Africa

We’ve noticed major flaws of using free blogging platforms to make your blog. It becomes a problem, especially if that website is actually intended for business. Most customers prefer profession websites, it just carries weight and proves to buyers how serious is your business.

Second problem of utilizing on these free website making platforms is poor SEO. Google rarely ranks sub-domain created blogs because that’s what most free website have been build on. If you want to rank well on search engines, go for self built websites running on wordpress. Its just the best when it comes to ranking content easily online.

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Slowness of your resource website becomes common. Due to the fact, you aren’t the only one with websites on Actually there’s millions if websites and you know, just like they say. “Cheap is expensive”, therefore its way better to invest little money, and get best value of having good professional website. Here’s how to make a website in South Africa, guide for absolute complete beginners.

But if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, do some google search for, “best web designer South Africa”, or “web developers in South Africa”. Thousands of search queries will pop up, check the reviews and hire professionals to have that blog created for you.

10 Easy Ways to make Money with a Website in South Africa

Having learnt ways to make your blog, finding great web developers and how you can actually do it yourself. This brings us to the bigger questions and reason why you are reading this article. Best ways on how to make money with a website in South Africa and earn money online from home.

These are methods of earning money from your South African website. Teaching you simplest ways on how to make money with a website in South Africa below!

1. Join Affiliate Programs

The most effective method to make money blogging, involves joining and affiliate program. Most companies have affiliate programs, from web hosting to big digital agencies and eCommerce websites. Find one that suits your needs, sign up and star to make money from your blog.

How do Affiliate programs work?

These are programs which compensate you for helping to drive sales to product or service. We’ve said it number of times, “website traffic is once”. This can be of high value if you know exactly howto convert those thousands and millions of visitors to purchase that product been sold.

Affiliate shares defer, depending on the type of product and company advertising. Popular affiliate programs you can join to make money from your website, include Dream Host Affiliate Program, eBay Partner Network, Ali Express Affiliate Program, and Amazon Associates.

2. Ad Networks

Make money from your blog by showing Ads. I’m sure you have come across advertisements while you surfed the internet, especially of blogs and websites? Well these website owners get paid from Ad network companies to show Ads on websites. For each visitor who visits or clicks and views the advert online. Money is paid in quarters to the webmaster, depending on the Ad network.

Which Ad network must you choose?

Here’s a list of amazing Ad networks you must choose from: Google Adsense, Adpushup, Magid, Taboola, and Propeller Ads. There’s a lot of Ad networks today but we have select few networks with good conditions to make sensible money.

With good traffic and content you can make money from your blog on line in South Africa, as much as R100.00 per day. That’s possible, people have been making it, getting money to become full time bloggers and quit day jobs.

How much you make from Ads depends on number of visitors, CPC, CPM and location of your website, as well as conversation rate. Read on how to get started with Google Ad-sense, and ways you can make money. In South Africa, Google Ad sense remains among the best well paying Ad networks. I’m sure just from the name you might have noticed Google owns this revenue program, to help content creators and bloggers earn more through monetization.

Mgid Ads most good, no content requirement and easy to join. You just need descent amount of traffic to begin with monetization. With Mgid you can monetize any type of content, which includes pirated software and music, but not with Google Ad-sense.

If you intend to use Ad sense eon your website make sure your website is content original based and copyright free. Else you will not et approved.

Despite Mgid been easy to join, I feel its one of the low paying Ad network, especially for developing countries. Therefore to make money from a website in South Africa using a website, you need some good amount of traffic from UK and the United states of America USA.

Taboola Ads is one of the high paying Ad networks, great for websites with more monthly visitors. Entry requirement include at least not less than 300,000 monthly page views. You must be eligible for Ad sense to join Taboola, meaning your website must be 100% policy compliant.

Taboola pays on net 30 day policy, after reaching the threshold. You must wait for at least 30 days before payments can be processed.

3. Guest Posts

Guest posting has been on e of the quickest and ever green methods of making money from any website. Even through this method, actually takes time. It can be the most profitable because people are always looking for websites to post articles. Aside from posting if you’re a great writer, you can make some cash form writing for people.

From article writing and guest posting you can make as much as R100.00 per article. Secrete is just investing on your website or blog. Ensure it has authority and great quality content that people would want to have a live guest post.

4. Sell Digital Products

Method number 4 of making money from a blog in South Africa, involves making of digital products. Create an online course, a weight loss program and sell on There so many website that allow for selling of online products to thousands, if not millions of customers.

Just find whats on demand, my first digital product sold was an online course educating people how to start a blog. Generated over 1,000 dollars from the E book. It really pays off especially if you have mastered the tactics of transitioning web visitors to customers that click on the link to buy products.

5. Create a Membership Site

This method of making money from your blog, involves creating a membership website. It can be a dating website, Job and anything that allows people to become subscribers and pay in order to access the full services. These are the most paying method of making some passive income.

We’ve already shared with you some of the most visited blogs you can create. Just find what people need, do SEO to rank on Google, and get on it to make your membership website.In South Africa, people want to learn about finding best women, relationship advice, health, etc.

6. Sell Your Services

Sixth way of making money from your website includes selling your services. If you have nay special skill sets, which includes web designing, graphic designing and even blogging. You can create a platform that helps to sell your portfolio and convert web visitors to customers.

Remember, every time people want a graphic designer. They make an online search and expecting search results to pop up with someone from nearby. Hence if your website ranks well, you can be getting thousands of visitors per month and making them to hire you fir the services offered.

7. Build an eCommerce Website

E commerce websites have been the hottest trending topic and platforms in South Africa, Zambian and the USA. It can be easily converted to a drops shipping business. We’ve covered more on ways of making money online, see our previous articles and find more detail about these profitable online businesses. Drop shipping is a type of business ran online, where the seller sales products and merchandise on behalf of the store or producer.

Collects payments with commission and asks producer to ship the merchandise to the buyers address, without having to touch the product or meet with the buyer. People dealing in drop shipping business, essentially just act as middle men and woman selling products on behalf of companies and business.

8. Become a Web Hosting Reseller

Web hosting reseller hosting is the top trending business idea. Its no surprise people have bee making thousand of dollars from this business. Web hosting business will help generate some money for your website, because you can refer people as well and earn from affiliate commissions.

Web hosting involves having to pay for the saver, rent it out to your customers and avoid cost of installing, maintain and running your own server. Profit generated from this type of business is the difference between what your customers pay and what you pay to rent the web servers.

9. Make a Subscription Job Board

Having a job his part of every human social, basic and constitutional needs. Jobs have been linked with technology, hence saw the increase in online job portals. People have phased out the experience of having to take applications in person, therefore online job websites have given opportunities for people to find jobs on demand with good salaries. You can restrict high paying jobs to only premium subscribers. People will pay a certain fee from R2.00 for example to get exclusive access. If you’re from any part of Africa, you will agree.

The most visited websites today, includes those offering a service, entertainment and providing solution to money, health and banking. Job portal website generate more income from online advertisement, banner Ad placement and guest posting. Companies like to endorse employment websites with more visitors.

You can become a recruitment agency for a certain business by referring job applicants to selected open vacancies. You can earn as much as 500 from just an online endorsement from south African companies.

10. Sell Your Website

Did you know you can actually make money from your website? and this has been done fro year just by selling it to the highest bidder? Aah right I also once sold my website on for over $1,960 dollars, this website only had 1,000 daily visitors and was generating around $20.10 per month. Then my next website, one year later I created in the blogging and lifestyle niche was sold for $15,340. It

If I did it, you can also succeed. Just make a website with good standing, amazing content profitable, and at least making a few dollars. Empire Flippers is another great business selling platform, for online start ups and established websites you can sale your business and earn good money. Go and check out these platforms, you will be surprised some websites cost as much as $100,000 dollars.

Hopefully you have found this article on ways to start a blog and earn money in south Africa helpful. Don’t forget to check ways you can make a blog. Its going to be very helpful, especially if you’re based in Zambia. But if you have further questions, drop your comment below, on making money online, or sub related topics and I will be glad to help you out, with solutions to grow your online business.

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