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How To Make Money Blogging

by Jonathan
Make Money Online In Zambia

I have come across a number of individuals in Zambia, their most commonly asked question been, “How Can I Make Money Blogging?”, “How much can I make blogging?” and “How to make money online using a blog?”. Don’t worry, you’re not the first to look up for this online. I guarantee you, after reading this article you will be on your way to making over 100 dollars blogging in Zambia per month. I will teach you simple techniques showing how in Africa and Zambia Bloggers make money on the internet from home.

These three phrases always pop up in this line of business and I believe for you to read this article, its either you’re having one of the above questions, for educational purposes, or you’ve just created a website and now you want to start making money online? If you have other reasons for learning ways to make money blogging. Don’t forget to comment below.

NOTE: Blogging is a very broad term, it takes time, well paying, its not an easy job and finally, it requires patience and commitment. In the past I made over $3,000 thousand dollars before by using some of these simple tips.

How To Start Blogging?

Blogging involves having the skills to post content on a website, provide links and sharing of content on the internet through the available internet tool. To start blogging you need to have an idea, a blogging platform you can also use blogger.com, a blogging platform owned by google which allows you to make beautiful website in minutes.

But i advise making a website or a blog of your own. Having a website helps you to publish content whenever you want, easy to manage and its more secure. Another thing needed to start blogging is a computer or tablet for writing content. You can hire someone to design a website for you, We’ve already covered the detailed process of making a professional website in this article if you don’t have one already. Another thing to take note of is to not start blogging because you need to make money. It should be based on interest and the need to add content on the internet. Doing it this way guarantees you don’t fail or possibly quit along the way.

I began my first blog years ago about finance. This was because its during the time I was pursuing my bachelors degree in banking and finance at the University of Zambia. So I thought of providing information and knowledge to those that needed it after learning. The website grew withing two years until i decided to sale it for ten thousand dollars back in 2017. If you are a fashion designer a niche to go for should definitely be based on fashion and clothing, follow your interest.

In Zambia the easiest niche types to start blogging about from my experience is music, entertainment, technology and current affairs. Most people running news websites have been doing fine, don’t quit and their making tons of money online.

How Much Can You Make Blogging?

You can make money online from home and blogging, the amount depends on a number of things. Money made online in Zambia can be increased or limited because of location of your website, visitors on your website and the type of content. Most ad networks pay based on the amount of page views you get per month and clicks. Page views are a number of times a user on a website views the content. If a website gets over 1 million page views per month then you’re likely to be making over 700 dollars in revenue. But it depends with a company providing the adverts displayed on your website.

Calculating How Much You Can Make Blogging

Lets us take a quick survey to know how you can calculate your AD revenue. For instance, if you’re using an advertising company to monetize your content which pays based on the clicks you get PPC. To know how much you can make per month first of all you must understand the number of page views you get per month. For example, lets say your website has a keyword targeted like “insurance”. Lets not forget this is the most competitive keyword to rank for on google. But with good SEO techniques you can, so give it a try.

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The keyword “Insurance” gets a CPC bid from advertisers of up to $250 dollars per click. Its a more reason its highly competitive because almost everyone tries to rank for this word. If you manage to get visitors searching insurance, this means you get paid that amount every time a user clicks on the advert. So if your website gets 5,000 clicks from 10,000 page views you’re most likely to be making $250 (CPC) X 5000 (Page Views) = $1250 per month.

How To Make Money Online Your Blog

I personally make over $1,000 dollars every month from the different revenue streams discussed below. To make money online you must monetize your content and this can be done through different ways. Note the more visitors you have on your website the more you’re likely to make money online and blogging. Visitors covert into revenue and customers bring you money if you’re selling your own products on the website directly. You can make money blogging by using the following monetization programs and methods in 2020.

1.Google Adsense

Google AdSense is an add serving network owned by Google that pays content publishers around the world having sites, which provide files, text, video and images. It serves advertisements through an algorithm based on the content and audience of the website. With Google AdSense publishers make money online In Zambia every time a person clicks on the advert because its a PPC based advertising company. PPC stands for paid per click. Meaning the more clicks your website actually gets with Google Adsense is directly translated to how much you make per day.

I know of websites that make over 1 million dollars per month from this ad serving network. Google Adsense sets a threshold you must meet before you get paid. Only when a thresh hold is completed you get paid monthly otherwise its pushed to the next billing cycle. But just make sure your website content follows the Google Adsense publisher guidelines including the terms and conditions of service.

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You can’t apply for Adsense with a website that shares pirated material, unauthorized sharing of music files and videos, adult content, gambling, hacking material etc.To make money with Google Adsense just make sure your website is clean from the prohibited category and has visitors.

To signup for Google Adsense you need an account which should be made using G Mail. After creating a G mail account, log into Google Adsense or create account if its your first time. You will be prompted with a sign up option if its your first time. But if you already have a Google Adsense account, then you just have to login your account and get started.

2. Taboola

Taboola advertising network for publishers can be used to make money online. But you need to have over 500 thousand page views per month to qualify for the Toboola publisher program. Its a CPM program cost per impressions, it pays publishers for the impressions on the website content. Alternatively you can go with Mgid.com to make money on your website. In case you fail to reach requirement for five thousand visitors. I have friends whom are bloggers in Zambia using it and making a lot of money online on there platforms.

3. Sponsored Content

Companies and people pay to have there post displayed on the website. You can make money online in Zambia through a banner ad, an article and sometimes a video which you can share on your YouTube channel and Facebook account. News and media websites like Mwebantu in Zambia, makes over 10 thousand Kwacha every month. The website charges a minimum of 10 thousand Kwacha to have an ad posted on there Facebook page which has over 1 million followers. This does not include Google Adsense and any other monetization company having ads served on the website. In Zambia the perfect place to find companies interested in spoored content is finding alcohol dealers, fashion designers, mobile companies and restaurants.

4. Guest Posting

If you’re a great content writer with a voice on any topic you can find online platforms that pay for guest articles. You can check out guestposttracker to find people and clients looking for post written for them and bloggers. How much you will get paid depends on the number of words and a company which hires you. Did you know major websites like BBC.com pay publishers for content? Its very easy if you’re just skilled. Simply right to them and search online for “guest posting” and a tone of websites will pop up.

These platforms some will pay you depending on the quality of the articles you provide. You can charge based on the visitors your article drives. My first guest article on another website can be found on Africa.com which I wrote about business ideas in Africa and was paid $200 dollars. Now imagine if you manage to write over 10 articles per week just how much you’d make?

5. Affiliates

Affiliate programs pay you for either converting a visitor from you website to purchase a product. Some pay according to the number of visitors you send to there website from your website. If a user buys a product you get a certain percentage from the sale. Affiliate programs like Amazon pay for selling and referring people. Quickly sign up for Amazon using this link and start earning money today once you make a website.

6. YouTube

YouTube is one of the major content video platforms owned by Google. The platform allows for file sharing of videos and launched its YouTube publisher program that pays content makers. If you’re a musician you can monetize your videos online with YouTube Ads and make money. Most people in Zambia are starting to learn on how to make a YouTube channel and capitalizing on this money making venture. A blog works well with YouTube,combining ads can bring in significant good amount of income on a monthly basis.

If your video on YouTube gets over a million views you’re most like to make over 1000 dollars per month, which is over K15000 ZMK in our local currency. To be accepted in the YouTube publisher program your video needs to have over 1000 views and watch time of more than 6 hours in total.

7. Product Reviews

Any website can do a product review for businesses but you need to be a good product marketer. Reviews are a great way you can make money online in Zambia on your website. Banks in Zambia and money transfer services are always looking for people to promote there products. A product review is a short self perception you feel towards a product. I have written reviews on mobile devices, insurance, MTN mobile money etc and for each I was paid a good amount. A good product review for a major website can make you over 5000 dollars more especially if your website is about technology or fiance.

It can be in form of a critic, or sales promo to persuade customers in buying the product. To make make money online in Zambia, you would prescribe why your readers should buy such a product.

8. Selling Membership

Membership websites are the easiest platforms to earn money from. You can easily scale your audience to pay for the full service on the website. Platforms including job portals have this feature if a member wants exclusive access to important job notifications. You can make money blogging on courses and then sale the access to users on your website. Membership sites can be on any category and niche from dating, education, music, tutorials etc.

9. Sell Digital Products

Digital products selling is the most common way people use to make money blogging in the world. You just need to have a passion for something. If you are a music producer you can sale beats online on your blog. Sale online courses, eBooks, plugins, word press themes if you are a developer. Products sold online includes plugins, software, apps and how to guides. Trust me people are always on the look out to find a digital product that helps them learn something. I personally first purchased an online course on how to play a guitar. Digital products a good way of streaming some income from your platform rather than selling others people products to your visitors.

10. Sale Your Blog

After establishing a blog apart from monetization, you can sale it online. Yes selling of starter and established websites is another way of making money from a blog and online. Major online platforms for selling businesses Flippa.com and Empireflippers.com. These are two leading website brokers with people ready to buy your blog. So onece you have a website with visitors, good ranking and making some money. You can visit one of these websites and place it on sale either direct or through auction bidding.


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