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Macky 2 was born on the copper-belt on 10th October 1984 in a town Chingola. He’s among very respected Artists from Zambia, making steady income from music. Mark Mulaza Kaira, famously known as Macky 2 is a Rapper, musician and song writer from Zambia.

Not only he’s gifted with music but also acting and producing wonderful songs. Brother to award winning Rapper Chef 187, who has also been of high influence on the music space since his appearance in 2010. Looking at Macky 2 biography, Its a more reason, a lot of people around the world want to know Macky 2 Net worth.

Macky 2 Net Worth And Life History

During this era in Zambia history from 2003 to 2012, Macky 2 claimed been predominant King of Hip-Hop. Slap Dee another prominent heavyweight Rapper, also claimed this same titled. Confusion arose, Rappers could not be on good terms for years.

Supporters began stabbing each other for the sake of claiming who was the best among the two musicians. Not until when Slap Dee decided to reconcile in 2018 and everyone commended them for taking this step to unite the industry.People in Lusaka favored Slap Dee, and the Copper belt also did the same, hence it prevented musicians working together.

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It becomes imperatively clear, he’s the King of music in Zambia. Macky 2 biography also embodies of how he introduced Yo-Maps who’s now Zambia’s renown most happening Afro-Rn B singer taking the industry to another level.

Despite living this small town of Chingola. He has made some abundant wealth for himself. Macky 2 emerged a star. bounced on the scene and became dominant in the industry. Continues doing the same even in 2020 and beyond. People love due to the simplicity nature and personality.

Macky 2 Net Worth 2020 (Artist Profile)

Full NamesMacky 2 (Mark Mulaza Kaira)
Stage NamesMacky II, DJ Bugar, Flava Boy, Ghetto President
Age36 Years
ChildrenFaith Kaira (Daughter)
Marital status Married
Wife NameCheelo Hantinga
TribeBemba (Mambwe)
Place of BirthChingola (Copper-belt)
Genre Hip-Hop
Charge Per Stage PerformanceK9000 – K20,000
Cars Audi A6, Hammer, BMW & Land Cruiser
Net Worth In the Year 2020K1.5 million

Born a legend, rose to prominence 15 years ago, rated among the best Rappers of our time in Zambia. Won over 7 awards which included video of the year, album of the year and song of the year. Macky 2 is the first Zambian Artists to be offered a record deal from Nigeria’s music star D’Banji. Also first male celebrity from Zambia to ever participate, and reach finals in Africa’s biggest reality TV show Big Brother Africa in the year 2014.

Wife, Family And Children

Married to Hantanga Cheelo, He’s an elder brother to Chef 187 and Towela Kaira. Has a beautiful daughter named “Faith” and been in a happy marriage for over 3 years now. No other distant relatives have been disclosed, Rapper claims parents died at his young age and learnt to be a man on his own from 10 years old. Hustled hard, became an example and role model to Chef 187 and taught people you can archive anything if you just believe.

Macky 2 Net Worth
Macky 2 Net Worth

Then 2011 came and Macky 2 relocated to Lusaka, began his rain to take on the industry. Its during the same time after loosing from Slap Dee in 2010, who had bagged more than 4 awards at the just ended music awards show. Participated in the Big Brother Africa hotshots. Despite been quiet, like many claimed people voted and supported him from Africa. Therefore, Macky2 stayed in the house for months and emerged third position.

Macky 2 Denied A Record Deal From D’Banji

Did you know he was once offered a record deal from the famous D’Banji? Ah that’s right but he denied the deal. Well many say, Macky 2 should have taken the deal with D’Banji, and probably would have been Africa’s biggest musician by now. But stated the conditions weren’t favorable, demanded he relocated to Nigeria.

“My love for Zambia and this record label, Alpha Entertainments was my valid main reason I can’t move to another nation. It was more like asking me to reset my life and career.” ‘Macky 2 said’.

Who is the richest male musician in Zambia

How much is Macky 2 worth?

Today Macky 2 is the richest musician in Zambia with net worth of 1.5 million ZMK, based on facts according to verified online sources. Macky 2 hence is not only the richest but also talented and luxurious musician. Owns some of the most expensive cars, easy to relate with and works hard to improve the lives of upcoming musicians.

Macky 2 Albums Released

He’s one of the leading musicians with over 5 recorded studio albums.

  • Ghetto President Album: Release Date 2018
  • Legendary Album: Release Date 2015
  • Ndimupondo Album: Release Date 2015
  • Zero 2 Hero
  • Gheto President Album: Release Date 2019

Macky 2 Songs 2020

  1. Banono Banono (feat. Yo Maps) ·
  2. So Much More
  3. I Declare
  4. Feeling Feeling
  5. Too Much Influence
  6. Mrs Me
  7. Early Riser (feat. Pompi) ·
  8. Everything Is Better
  9. Ghetto President
  10. Umutima Wandi
  11. Nangu Banchinge
  12. Ndili Waku Church
  13. Mami Niuze
  14. Mona Fye
  15. Bana Chanda
  16. Mama Rabecca
  17. Amaka Ya Kwa Lesa
  18. No More Love
  19. So Much More
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