Low Budget Nigerian Meals

Nigerians, like the rest of the world, are passing through tough times with economies being crippled by the Covid-19 pandemic. But here’s some Low Budget Nigerian Meals and food items have even gone beyond the expected prices in Nigeria.

Today in Nigeria, especially those with food related businesses and busy customer startup restaurants in Nigeria. It is not all rosy for the middle and upper classes as most of them and best restaurants, purchase theses meals to serve customers due to reduced prices for food. The amount of some food items they buy are not very expensive but delicious and among the recommended ingredients for popular Nigerian recipes.

Top 6 Low Budget Nigerian Meals

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” To save the situation, budget-friendly foods are a good way of looking inwards and actually realize we have more than we need. This article interacts with a list of budget-friendly Nigerian foods, for the benefit of households as they plan their diet in the midst of a pandemic.


These are rich source of protein and one of the cheapest and most popular food items in most households’ pantries. There are numerous types of beans available in the market, going from the big white beans. Low budget Nigerian meals include the small white beans, the brown beans, and butter beans, to mention a few.

What makes beans a critical food is their versatility as a meal. There are several ways beans can be prepared. No matter your preference, one constant thing is that beans are cheap considering the value.

2. Vegetable soup

In Nigerian most people prefer to make their soup using common vegetables like water leaf, ugwu (Pumpkin leaves), bitter leaf, and scent leaf. Most vegetables are relatively cheap and are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium.

3. Garri

Garri is found in almost every part of Nigeria and it is a major source of Carbohydrate. It can be prepared in various ways; like eba for soups or soaked with water and eaten with groundnut, kuli kuli, or cooked/fried beans, subject to choice.

Garri is cheaper compared to food items like yam and other alternative products.

4. Okro soup

Okro is a vegetable also found in most parts of the country and is a rich source of calcium and magnesium. The benefits of okro soup are quite exciting when one pays attention.

With N200 worth of Okro, N300 worth of fish, and N20 worth of ground pepper, your Okro soup is ready to be consumed. N520 worth of Okro soup can be served for two days depending on the size of the family.

5. Roasted Plantain (Ripe/Unripe) and Groundnut

Commonly referred to as boil, roasted plantain are a popular snack that can be relished by everybody even if you are on a tight budget. Boli cost between N50 to N200, depending on the size and can be paired with red oil, bread, cooked beans, or roasted fish.

6. Oats

Oats are one of most affordable healthy breakfast choices as they are filled with healthy nutrients. Oats with Akara combo is one that can not go without mentioning.

The choice of including all or any of the above cheap and healthy Nigerian food items will help you to cut on your food budget. These Low budget Nigerian meals are helpful, daily and periodically without conceding on the daily nutritional needs of your family.

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