Learn how to log into Liquid Telecom Zambia

Under the words, “We believe every individual on the African continent has the right to connect.” Liquid Telecom is dedicated to building a digital future for Africans. In this article, you’ll learn how to log into Liquid Telecom Zambia!

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What is Liquid Telecom technology?

Liquid Telecom Technologies is an African Technology Group with functions primarily in sub-Saharan Africa. Founded in 2005, Liquid has paved its position as African’s leading digital infrastructure provider. Liquid Intelligent Technologies is redefining network, cloud, and cybersecurity services through strategic partnerships with leading global companies. This includes the African continent, plus innovative business applications, services intelligent cloud, and world-class security.

Liquid is now a one-stop technology corporation providing customized digital solutions to public and private sector companies across the continent. In the same way, the group also operates data centers in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi, Zambia, Harare, and Kigali. It has a total of 19,000 square meters of rack space and 78 MW of electricity.

With this combined product, Liquid Telecom Technologies enhances the customer experience on the digital journey.


At the heart of their business is the belief that everyone on this continent has the right to connect. They believe the power of technology creates better and brighter lives for all.

Liquid Telecom has a wide reach and are committed to a big impact.
The company’s presence covers all continents and serves different countries and customer groups. Yet, they not only do what we do in the short term but they also make a difference everywhere.

They are committed to excellent service. Liquid Telecom exists to provide a great customer experience, starting with a strong service mindset. They treat every business seriously.

Liquid Telecom is a pioneer and daring, as they provide the best solution for the customer’s success.

They have invested heavily in unique networks and technologies. Liquid Telecom has created the largest single fiber network in the region, over 70,000 kilometers beyond national borders. This fiber connects people locally, nationally, and internationally. What’s more, they continue to invest in connecting people across Africa.

Change advances technology, so they accept change. In other words, they are brave enough to reinvent and grow by themselves. They are dynamic and market-responsive.

Our history

Liquid Telecom Technologies, a subsidiary of Econet Global, began as an econet satellite service for voice and satellite operators. It was founded in 1997.

In 2009, they launched a cross-border fiber optic network. As for today, they have grown to serve more than 50 global wholesalers operating in the East, Central, South Africa. In addition, Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and domestic and international corporate markets.

Operators and users likewise understand the benefits of a reliable and affordable communication infrastructure. In 2021, they switched from Liquid Telecom to Liquid Intelligent Technologies, bringing African intelligence to continental public and private sector enterprises.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, an African technology group, announced the culmination of a series of business transformations, from telecommunications and digital service providers to a one-stop technology group through rebranding at the team level.

Over the past two decades, Liquid has cemented its position as an all-Africa leader in digital infrastructure with a network spanning over 73,000 km. This rebranding to Liquid Intelligent Technologies highlights the expansion of the organization’s cloud operations, cybersecurity services, and other technologies. All these in addition to existing connectivity and communication capabilities.

This furthers the Group’s goal of driving growth by providing personalized digital solutions to public and private sector companies across the continent. This strategic rebranding reflects Liquid’s new digital product offering, allowing employees and customers to interact digitally anytime, anywhere.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is accelerating the
growth of the digital workspace by bringing more people together in award-winning, high-performance networking by aggressively expanding into new countries such as Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Liquid Intelligent Technologies will expand its managed service offering to drive and ensure success by adopting tools to rethink enterprise customers and how they operate and connect. Are you focused on collaboration or using advanced cloud applications?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Liquid Intelligent Technologies is redefining networking, cloud, and cybersecurity products through strategic partnerships with leading global companies, applications Innovative business, intelligent cloud services and world-class security. With the future of cloud-based cybersecurity, Liquid Intelligent Technologies recently launched a cybersecurity business unit. It offers its own core security and protects corporate data throughout its lifecycle. Nic Rudnick, Group CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, said: “Continuous investment in networks and data centers across Africa allows us to use our infrastructure to accelerate the availability.”We are excited to realize our vision of bringing new technology opportunities to market with a highly differentiated product suite supported by existing infrastructure and innovation.

What services does Liquid Telecom offer?

Liquid Telecom offers ultra-fast and unlimited connection. They also offer access to their ultra-fast fiber network, as well as a great variety of devices for you. With this, you have to choose the product that matches your needs. They also offer great online learning resources.

How to log into Liquid Telecom?

Learn how to log into Liquid Telecom Zambia!

Firstly, you need to register on their website. Then, follow this link, which will take you to the log-in page, or simply go to their website. If you’re on the official website, look for “Sign in”. There, write your email address and password to log in to the main menu. It is as simple as that!

Always remember to write correctly your log-in information. This will let you use properly enjoy the services that Liquid telecom Zambia offers.

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