Learn How To Log In To Ctrack Zambia

Ctrack Zambia provides intelligent monitoring and management solutions for fleets and other resources. The company specializes in the research, design, development, and production of high-tech GPS and GSM systems to meet the needs of various consumer and industrial sectors.

In addition, Ctrack has developed a complete fleet management system that can be tailored to meet different needs.

Ctrack operates on four continents and has offices in more than 60 countries. As a global leader in fleet monitoring, fleet management, and insurance solutions, we have a constant vision of fleet, fleet, and occupants.

With over 30 years of experience, over 95% stolen vehicle recovery rate, and continued investment in research and development, we are committed to ensuring that your vehicle or vehicle is always on display. increase. Our products provide safety for car owners and their families, provide management and cost savings for businesses, and provide extensive fleet analysis for decision-making. Ideal for large companies. Fleet Monitoring Service

Ctrack’s Fleet Monitoring Service

Fleet Monitoring Service Ctrack is a complete outsourcing of fleet control room operations supported by analysis and reporting. Reports, prospective data, and information on streamlining fleet operations. A dedicated fleet controller carefully monitors vehicle movements, breakdowns, alerts, and alerts from our 24/7 support center and provides real-time assistance in optimizing fleet operations. Experienced fleet consultants investigate and interpret vehicle data to provide the information and actions needed to reduce costs and improve future operations. Outsourcing these activities to Ctrack’s fleet monitoring service allows you to save money and focus on your core business and, most importantly, your profits.

How To Log In To Ctrack Zambia

To login into CTrack Zambia you need to contract one of their many services offered worldwide. These are available at your local CTrack or through their official website. These services are:

Fleet Monitoring Software – Ctrack Maxx

Ctrack MaXx is a powerful server-based vehicle management and monitoring tool that combines advanced vehicle tracking with an advanced vehicle analysis software package.

Mobile Application – Mobi

Ctrack Mobi is a web application that allows you to monitor your vehicle from almost anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

Ctrack Driver Mobi

Driver Mobi enables drivers to self-manage via their smartphones. The driver checks the score and the driver’s behavior during the ride. You can also submit a corporate/private mileage statement to complete the vehicle inspection.

Web Based Vehicle Tracking – Online

A web application that allows you to remotely monitor your vehicle from any computer connected to the Internet.

Ctrack Fleet Analytics

Using comprehensive fleet analysis and intelligent data interpretation, Ctrack Fleet Analytics makes critical investment decisions to reduce costs right now. Provide the information of what you need to do.

Ctrack Bureau Service

Ctrack Bureau Service Reduce administrative effort and provide fleet management and reporting services to a 24/7 service. Looking at your screen can save time and reduce risk.

Iris Camera Solution

Front-Back-Side camera and software platform based on the web, desktop, and mobile applications (password protected). Including Online Visualization, Geofence / Point of Interest, Live and Video Tracking, and Dashboard Event Management

Ctrack Drive

Affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) for SMME. Suitable for businesses where vehicles are a non-essential resource.

Once you’ve purchased one of their services you’ll be prompted to register into the Ctrack online website. That is to say, with all your details and essential payment information. At the end of this process you’ll have your credentials to log in to the Ctrack website. To log in you just have to use your username and password to enjoy their services and quality control assurance.

It is important to note that they’re customer service is always active and ready to attend to all your inquiries. If you have any questions you can contact Ctrack Zambia them you’ll get a response in no time.

Ctrack Asset Management

For any business to effectively own and operate a vehicle, fleet owners must have as much information as possible about its operation. Combined with Ctrack’s fleet of expertise, you can make much better operating decisions, even when vehicle replacement is optimal. Ctrack data can also be used to compare different vehicles with each other, helping businesses of all sizes to more accurately calculate operating costs.

Ctrack Total Solution

The company achieves ROI by consulting with fleet owners and implementing a complete solution that covers these five key areas of fleet management. Can the total cost of operations really only be reduced if the fleet has sufficient visibility and overview over each of these areas?

Safety and Security

Dangerous driving is a serious threat to your business. This factor includes driver safety, discomfort, and rest period. It also covers common vehicle safety including theft, theft, traffic lights, route compliance, and zone management.

Cost management

The behavior of drivers on the road has a significant impact on their bottom line. Cost management provides detailed information about speed, collisions, braking and cornering, idling, speed analysis, and fuel monitoring so you can track those costs.

Fleet Use

Entrepreneurs need to know how to use a vehicle, not just how to drive it. Ctrack provides mileage, vehicle time, duration, route compliance, auxiliary tracking, and waypoints.

Asset management

As vehicles age, it becomes more difficult to have an overview of their individual condition. However, you can use Ctrack to get daily health checks and odometer readings. From there, it becomes much easier to schedule vehicle maintenance, update vehicle license renewals or perform accident analysis.

Operations Management

In the same vein, Vehicle management is becoming more and more difficult due to the increase of vehicles. At the same time, the change of routes and schedules increased as well. Ctrack solves this complexity with yield reports, route deviation details, and timing information.

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