10 Most Commonly Spoken Languages in Zambia

Today there is just so many commonly spoken languages in Zambia, a beautiful nation which is actually highly known its wonders. This is a great nation and land rich with vast opportunities. So whether you’re are a tourist, wanting to visit Zambia, maybe just checking out this article on our website for information and education purposes.

These aren’t just popular languages in Zambia. But languages in Zambia which are easy to learn and Popular. Its not enough to just know Zambia official languages if you can’t learn quickly.

How Many Tongues Are Spoken In Zambia?

There 72 ethnic languages in Zambia, coming from different parts of the nation. People practice different cultures, which shows there background attachments and beliefs from the late 1980’s. Zambian people are mostly keen to loving one another, its a common trend even abroad to find people of the same origin associating in foreign land.

10 Easy Languages In Zambia You Can Learn Today

We’re known to be loving and peaceful, what differentiates others in there countries, things such as tribes, politics and been rich is on the other hand a connecting factor that unites these people of Zambia. Hence its not about, how many languages in Zambia. Because there’s multiple ethnicity with 72 tribal official languages and more than 9 provinces, in Zambia it does not matter the languages and dialects of your origin, its all about showing the one love bond.


In Africa looking at countries including Angola, the official language been Portuguese is a significant sign to show that, language spoken has an attachment from the previous colonial masters. Zambia’s official language is English, because the country got colonized by the British people. Very popular, among Languages in Zambia. The government structure operates under the bureaucratic form of system, that which shows it was adapted from the colonial British rulers.

English is the first commonly spoken language in Zambia. Most children are taught at a very young age from Preschool until the time a children reaches the final grade school stage, which is grade twelve, formerly called form five in the 1960’s and beyond the year 1964. English is considered an official on these languages in Zambia for the learned and depending on our fluent you are, somehow in Zambia,this symbolizes some for of illiteracy level and great analytics skills.

2. Bemba

Bemba is the second most commonly spoken Zambia language. It originates from the Northern part of Zambia, most people trace its roots to be from two popular districts in Luapula and Kasama province. Its a common language and most people wonder as to why this not just the main language of the country. This language is widely spoken in all provinces including, more especially on the Copper-belt.

With about 7 million people are Bemba speaking, languages in Zambia began to migrate from the Northern part of Zambia in search of Jobs and employment through the Tazara line of railway and caused the language to spread through out the province.

3. Nyanja

Nyanja is another popular language with a trace coming from the Zulu nation of South Africa. This language has spread including other countries like Zimbabwe and Malawi have adapted to suing Nyanja and some parts of Mozambique. In provinces such as Lusaka due to its closeness with Chipata town, closest to Eastern province. The city is flooded with Nyanja form Zulu land, with about 70% of people living in the capital city of Zambia speaking and able to understand. That’s about 1 million of the population.

4. Tonga

Tonga is spoken by over 15% of the population, and is the most populated tribe in Zambia. Toga people known for farming and animal keeping are also the most educated ethnic group of people in this country. Languages in Zambia, which include: English, Bemba and Nyanja are common and seen to be competing tongues due to there popularity and dominance. There thousands of people are familiar with, spoken by those in the region and close tribal cousins Lozi’s, Kaonde, Luvale and Ila speaking people.

5. Lozi

Traces coming from the Niger in Congo, its a very reputable tribe of Zambia. Lozi speaking people are first to settle at lower Zambezi in western province of Zambia. Having more than 2 million people that use it and its widely used frequently in education. Even though the tribe is mostly commonly spoken by people from the western part of this country, its one of the most recognized languages. One of the best languages in Zambia, It relates to a widely spoken tone of south Africa called Sotho and Tswana. You can find it in major provinces and Livingstone.

Learning this language gives you vast opportunities and makes it to interact with the other close neighbors. The language is a mixed of other languages in the region, consists of a different tone and vows unique to pronounce.

6. Kaonde

Kaonde can be traced from the Democratic Republic of Congo.Its a primary language spoken by over is a Bantu language spoken primarily in Zambia but also in the Democratic Republic of Congo spoken by over 400,000 people. Originating from one of the richest province Solwezi, where the largest emerald mine in the world is located. The Senior Chief called Kasempa of Kasempa, spear heads the The main traditional ceremony celebrated by all Kaonde cerebrated annually in Kasempa.

7. Lunda

Widely spoken in northwestern due to having similar roots of its origin with Kaonde.The Lunda people of this province came from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the 17 century, then later established and formed the Kingdom of Lunda. Every August of each year, these people to time to celebrate the Lunda Lubanza, a traditional ceremony initiated by there senior Chief Ishindi. More than 100,00 people speak Lunda today.

8. Luvale

Yo can not conclude the list and comparisons for popular languages in Zambia, without having to remember the Luvale speaking people of Zambia. In the year 2007 records collected and statistics show that, 150,000 people spoke Luvale. Coming from the Bantu-speaking found in a province called northwestern and parts of the southeastern Angola. Luvale is very closely related to Lunda and these people are cousins according to tradition and Ndembu.

9. Tumbuka

Tumbuka is commonly spoken in the Northern Region, mostly near the border of Zambia and Malawi including a district of Lundazi. Also of a Bantu origin, its a language which is not spoken in the most other parts of the country. 70,000 speaking people and Tumbuka’s have enshrined there language in Bemba and other closely interlinked tribes due to cross marriages common in Zambia.

10. Nsenga

The Nsenga languange, arguably one of the most beautiful languages in Zambia. It should not be confused with other closely related ethnic tribes speaking Senga. Its origin is of the Bantu tribe with roots from Mozambique and Zambia. Not more than 50,000 people speak Nsenga and can be found in Eastern province, Nyimba district and Petauke if you are interested in learning these languages in Zambia.

Other langues in Zambia, spoken by various people in the country include: Luyana, Mashi speaking people, the Mbunda, Nkoya people and Luchazi. These are the widely spoken languages in Zambia today and make up Zambia’s main languages.

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