Who writes a letter to God answer?

The author of the story,” A Letter to God” is G.L. Fuentes. He was one of the greatest writers of that time. He was a Mexican poet, novelist and also journalist.

Why did the man write a letter to God?

He wrote a letter to God asking for a hundred pesos. He needed the money to sow his field again and survive till the new crops came.

Who is the writer of the story Lencho?

A Letter to God is a story written by G.L. Fuentes which shows the belief of a poor and not-so-clever-minded farmer named Lencho in God. Lencho was poor but a dedicated farmer. He was hoping for a good harvest.

What did Lencho write in his letter to God answer?

Lencho wrote in his letter to God that he badly needed one hundred pesos to sow his fields again and for his family to live until the crop. He went to town placed a stamp on the envelope and dropped it into the mailbox at the post-office.

Who read Lencho's letter to God?

Answer: The postmaster read Lencho's letter addressed to God. Question 3: What did the postmaster do then?

A Letter to God | Class 10 In English | Full Chapter | Summary/Question And Answer/Explanation

Who was Lencho answer?

Lencho was a farmer who was very hardworking. He lived with his family on the crest of the low hill, where it was his only house in the whole valley. Because of hailstorms, his crops were destroyed and thus he wanted to sow his field t support his family.

Who read a letter?

Postmaster read the letter.

What did Lencho write in his second letter answer?

Lencho wrote to God to send him the rest of money as he needed it badly. But he requested God not to send the money this time through mail because the post-office employees were dishonest.

Who received Lencho's letter Why did he answer it?

The postmaster initially laughed after reading Lencho's letter. However, he soon became serious and was completely moved by the writer's unquestioned faith in God. He didn't want to shake Lencho's faith. So, he decided to gather money and send it to Lencho on behalf of God.

Did Lencho receive a reply to his letter?

ANS. No, Lencho did not try to find out the sender because he was very optimistic about the existence of almighty and that, his letter is actually received and replied to, by God.

Who is the character of a letter to God?

Lencho is the main character of the story “The Letter to God.” He is a poor farmer who is the sole bread-earner of the family. He had faith in God. Lencho lived in a small house which was situated on the crest of a low hill in the valley.

Who is the writer of a letter?

Answer. Answer: An amanuensis is a person employed to write or type what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another, and also refers to a person who signs a document on behalf of another under the latter's authority. The term is often used interchangeably with secretary or scribe.

What did Lencho called?

Solution: Lencho called the " raindrops" as new coins. Because, the raindrops are useful for fetch and harvest good things and turns into money.

What is a letter to God?

A Letter to God Summary – The story, “A Letter to God” by G.L. Fuentes depicts the unwavering faith of a farmer in God. It begins with a farmer, named Lencho expecting for a rain shower to nourish his field of corn. He is confident that his harvest is going to yield him huge profits just like it does every year.

Who wrote to God and what did he write to him?

Answer. Answer: Lencho wrote the letter to God as he thought that he would be the only one to help him in his bad times. He wrote a letter addressing to God to send him 100 pesos so that he and his family can survive in such a difficult situation. ...

Why was the letter to whom written when?

Who had written the letter, to whom, and when? Answer: Captain Jim Macpherson of the British army who was fighting a war against the Germans had written the letter to his wife Connie on 26th December, 1914.

Who found Lencho's letter first?

Answer: The postmaster read the letter. Question 7: What did the postmaster do then? Answer: Postmaster was deeply touched by Lencho's faith in the God.

Who did Lencho write to for help?

Lencho wrote the letter to God because he had immense faith in God and believed that God would help him. Was this answer helpful?

Who saw Lencho's first letter first?

First the postman read the letter of Lencho's. He was laughing at the letter. Then he showed it to the postmaster. He was also laughing at the letter but he thought that some thing must be done for Lencho and his family.

How many letters did Lencho write to God answer?

He wrote only one letter.

The question has been asked from the story A Letter to God . Lencho's field received heavy rain one day.

What did Lencho hope for 2 marks answer?

Lencho hoped for a good rain as it was much needed for a good harvest.

Why did Lencho write in another letter to God?

Solution : lencho. s crops were completely destroyed by hailstorm. He wrote a letter to God to seek help because he was the only source of hope far him. He asked God to send hundred pesos so that he could sow his field again and support his family.

Who is the man of letter?

a man engaged in literary pursuits, especially a professional writer. a man of great learning; scholar.

Who deliver the letters?

A courier is a person you trust with delivering important messages or packages.

What does writing a letter to God for help really show?

Writing a letter to God for help, really shows not only the unshaken faith in God of the writer Lencho but also shows his utter simplicity and innocence.