Can the R350 grant be paid into my bank account?

SRD R350 Grant
Since the roll out of the grant, government has called on beneficiaries to choose that payment be made to their bank accounts for convenience and so that they can access it from anywhere. How to add or change banking details for R350 Grant: Visit the SRD
The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant was introduced during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. › tags › what-is-srd-grant
website at srd.sassa
South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a national agency of the government created in April 2005 in order to distribute social grants on behalf of the Department of Social Development. The DSD has an oversight role over the Agency but no operational control over it. › wiki › South_African_Social_Securi... .

How do I get my R350 in my bank account?

As Sassa said: “Once the applicant submits their application, and after approval, the beneficiaries submit their bank details as part of the application n process. The bank account payment selection would make paying your R350 grant easier and faster. This will allow you to get your grant money through any bank ATM”.

How long does it take for R350 to reflect in bank account?

Kindly note that turnaround time for payment to reflect once bank details have been verified is about 7 working days.

Does Sassa pay R350 in bank account?

Sassa allows for a R350 grant to be paid directly into your bank account. This is one of the most convenient ways for people to access their grants.

What to do if your srd is approved but no pay date?

If you have been approved for the Social Relief of Distress grant but have no payment date, then here's what you can do about this.
Here are the bank contact number for cash send queries:
  1. ABSA- 0 800 000 122.
  2. TYME BANK- 0860 999 119.
  3. NEDBANK- 0 800 555 111.
  4. FNB- 0875 759 405.
  5. Standard Bank- 0860 466 639.

R350 grant beneficiaries encouraged to use bank accounts | Details:

Why is 350 approved but not paid?

Sassa said, “Those approved but not yet paid are those whose records are outstanding bank accounts or bank accounts provided failed bank account verification or bank accounts pending verification from National Treasury or those who selected cash send payments”.

Does Sassa money expire if not withdrawn?

If people have already accessed their SASSA grant payments, it can't be reversed, unless there are those who haven't yet withdrawn the money. The system can pick that up easily. The funds that are waiting for them, as they don't expire, can be collected at a later stage.

How will I know if my R350 is in my bank account?

If you applied for the R350 grant, you will receive two SMS messages. The first SMS will let you know if your application was approved or declined. The second SMS will ask you to go to a Post Office to collect your R350, because the money is ready for you.

How long does SASSA take to pay R350 into bank accounts?

SA Social Security Agency CEO Busisiwe Memela-Khambula said payment will take up to two days to reflect in the beneficiary's bank account. File photo.

How will I know if my SRD grant is in my bank account?

You will then receive an SMS notification with a secure link that is unique to you. (Please note: The SMS will be sent to the mobile phone number you registered with during application your application process) Click on the link in the SMS and follow the instructions carefully.

How do I know if my r350 has been paid?

How to Access via the SRD SASSA Gov Login
  1. Enter your South African ID number of Applicant.
  2. Enter the phone number you used to submit the application.
  3. Your sassa status check will then be displayed on the following page.

Is SRD grant increased to r500?

Sassa States "Newly Approved" SRD Grant Is Fake News

The Department of Social Development has warned vulnerable South Africans of a fake Sassa announcement circulating on social media.

Can SASSA check your bank account?

When you provide your bank details on the SRD grant website, SASSA will check if you exceed the income threshold for the grant. Income threshold refers to the amount of money that an SRD grant applicant is allowed to have in their bank account.

How do I transfer my SASSA grant to my bank account?

Print out the form. Take it to your bank to be filled in and STAMPED. Submit it to a SASSA local office for capturing. As soon as this written request is processed, SASSA will then deposit the social grant money directly into the bank account.

How long does SASSA take to verify your bank details?

How long it takes for SASSA to verify bank details. The process of bank verification does have a specified timeframe. However, banks may take about seven business days to verify and process banking details.

How many days does it take for SASSA to pay after approval?

Any applicant has the right to request confirmation that this request is from SASSA to protect themselves. The turnaround time of payment after the application has been approved is up to 7 days.

How do I check if my SASSA money is in my account?

Yes if you have a SASSA card you can dial *120*3210# and follow the prompts - please avoid going to an ATM to check your balance.

Is it true that SRD grant increased?

According to Treasury, the SRD grant is expected to grow by at least 8.8% every year and its financial implications could reach some R64. 9 billion in the 2030/31 financial year – casting an impact on the sustainability of the public purse.

How do I change my SASSA R350 payment method to cash send?

Here's How To Change Your SRD Grant Payment Method:
  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to “How do I change my banking details”
  3. Register your ID number.
  4. An SMS containing a reliable link, specific to you, will be sent to the mobile phone number with which you registered with when you applied for the SRD.

How much is SRD grant now?

Every month, around 10 million people qualify to receive the R350 grant.

How do I get a R350 without a bank account?

How To Get Your Sassa SRD Grant Without A Bank Account
  1. Pick 'n Pay.
  2. Boxer.
  3. Shoprite.
  4. Checkers.
  5. USave stores.
  6. CashSend.

Can you use someone else's bank account for R350?

The grant can also be paid into your bank account. However, can one use another person's bank account for R350 grant payment? Sassa says to avoid any possible fraudulent activities, this is not allowed. They recommended that grant beneficiaries should rather use their own bank account or cellphone number.

At what age does Sassa stop?

For the child to qualify they must:

be under 18 years old, not be in the care of a state institution, live with the primary caregiver, who isn't paid to look after the child.

Is the yellow sassa card still valid 2022?

Sassa declared that the Sassa gold card remains a valid and acceptable payment option on the National Payment System. This includes ATMs and retailers. The agency also assured grant beneficiaries that they will receive their December 2022 grant payments.

How do I collect my SRD grant from Postbank?

Where do I access my grant once I've been approved? once you have received the SMS telling you to do so. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Always have your cellphone and ID number with you. A USSD will be sent to your mobile phone when you are at the till, to approve the cash withdrawal.