Can I deposit my daughter's check into my account?

If you plan to deposit the check into your own bank account, you'll typically need to sign your child's name on the back of the check followed by the word “minor” — and then endorse it with your signature right below the minor's name. You may also need to include additional information like your account number.

Can you deposit someone else's check in your checking account?

In general, many banks and credit unions allow this. However, you'll want to check with your financial institution before you initiate the process. If you do not follow their specified rules, it can result in the check being voided.

Can a family member deposit a check into my account?

The answer is yes, generally speaking. It's possible to deposit checks on behalf of another person into their bank account or in some cases, your own bank account.

Can I Mobile deposit my daughters check?

Alternatively, if you are able to see your children's accounts from within your online banking, you will have the option to deposit the check into their account and would only need to endorse the back of the check to read, “for mobile deposit only”.

Can I mobile deposit my sons check into my account?

It all depends on your bank's policies. Some banks may not allow you to deposit or cash a check made payable to someone else (a third-party check) while others may have special requirements you'll need to meet.

Can I deposit my daughters check into my bank account?

How do I deposit my child's check into my parents account?

On the back of the check, print your child's name. After the name, add a hyphen and the word "minor." Beneath your child's name, print your name. After your name, add a hyphen with your relationship to the child (example, "parent" or "mother").

How do I Mobile deposit someone else's check?

If you want to deposit a signed-over check without visiting the bank, a mobile check deposit is a good alternative. If the bank allows, you can take a picture of the check and upload it digitally. You can withdraw the money or send cash electronically after that.

Can my mom deposit a check into my account?

You can have someone else deposit a check for you. It is a legal and acceptable practice, but it must be handled properly. Ideally, this means that the check should include the payee's signature as well as the words “For Deposit Only.”

Can my brother deposit my check into his account?

Yes, as long as it is addressed to you and is going into an account with your name on it. The best thing to do if you don't want to sign it is, on the back of the check write For Deposit Only and your account number.

Can you cash a check that's not in your name?

Banks will allow you to cash or deposit a personal check for someone else. This is especially useful for people without a bank account, as it means a friend or family member can cash in a personal check for you.

Can my sister deposit my check?

You can deposit a check for someone else as long as it has the payee's signature and includes the phrase “for deposit only.”

Can I deposit a check that is not in my name in a joint account?

Yes you can. Just write “For Deposit Only”, and the account number on the back of the check without signature. As long as her name is on the account too, it will not be a problem.

Can you endorse a check to someone else for mobile deposit?

How do I endorse a check to someone else? First, check with the recipient's bank to see if they'd accept signed-over checks. Then, to sign a check over to someone else, write “pay to the order of (the person's name)” under your signature. Finally, give the check to that person so they can deposit it.

What do you do with a check that's not in your name?

Make out a deposit slip with your name, account number, deposit amount and date of deposit. Ask the person who's giving you the check to write “Pay to the order of + your name” on the back and sign it. Take the check and deposit slip to your bank to deposit it.

How do you endorse a check to a family member?

Write “Pay to the Order of” and the third party's name below your signature. It's important to write the name of the person that you are signing the check over to in the endorsement area under your signature. This signals to the bank that you are endorsing the transfer of ownership for the check.

Can someone deposit a check for me without my signature?

Generally, the bank or credit union will likely either not accept the check or return it to you. You will have to get the person who gave you the check to sign it before you can cash it.