Jobs that pay well without a degree Canada

jobs that pay well without a degree Canada, As you read it, it is not a dream in this article we will mention the best options for you to arrive in Canada with a great job. 

The necessity of improving lifestyle and guaranteeing a better future make people (particularly the young ones) look forward to the researching of new opportunities. Most of the time, this leads to moving abroad and taking new risks, all of this in order to grow both their personal and professional lives. Obviously, we know there are plenty of reasons why some people choose to not go to the university: it can be related to finances, family responsibilities or basically that their bachelor’s degree does not allow them to enter their desired career.  

However, the fact of moving abroad involves a series of important circumstances to take into account before making this decision.

  What am I going to do once I get to my destination?

In the case of Canada, this country brings a lot of great chances for those interested in achieving new experiences, and guess what: you can do it without the need of a university degree.

Now-a-days, due to the pandemic situation, a tremendous lack of skilled workers in certain specific work areas has increased. According to statistics, the unemployment rate in Canada has dropped at least 7.5 percent, which is the lowest it has been since February 2020.  

Do you need a university degree to work in Canada?  

Not necessarily. In most jobs experience is more important. The second biggest country of the world offers too many different job options based on market necessities, and the same do not precisely require higher acknowledgements than experience. For this reason, Canada provides a variety of solutions and working visas to remain in the country.        

Check the top 7 of Jobs that pay well without a degree canada  

jobs that pay well without a degree canada

1. Transport Truck Drivers

This sector is always looking for new drivers since it is one of the biggest industries in the country. Transport trucks provide approximately 35% of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Salary Range: Approximately $15.25 – $33.65 per hour Requirements: Secondary education and a collage/university diploma is required. Also, sales abilities and product knowledge.

Driver candidate successfully finished truck driving training and acquired commercial driving license.

2. Farm workers  

This is one of the major agricultural sectors all around the world. It contributes to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), mainly producing grains and oilseeds, livestock, dairy, poultry and eggs. Most farms are located in Ontario and count with several immigration programs to accelerate the application process.

  Salary Range: Approximately $12 – $27 per hour Requirements: Basic education is no required. However, a collage certificate may be an advantage for those focused on this sector.  

3. Fish Plant Workers

Canada is known for having the longest coastline in the world, which makes the fishing industry a major market for the country. Great part of the aquaculture is located in Atlantic Canada, making the demand of fish plant workers to grow as this sector evolves, increasing job openings.  Thats the reason for include this proffesion in our list of 7 jobs that pay well without a degree Canada  

Salary Range: Approximately $12.55 – $17.28 per hour Requirements: Secondary education is required as experience.  

4. Electricians

Canada has significantly evolved its construction sector, which has also grown the necessity of skilled electricians. According to statistics there will be 23,400 vacant for this job by 2028.

Salary Range: Approximately $18 – $43 per hour Requirements: Secondary education and trade certification may be required. Also, a four/five-year apprenticeship program.

5. Industrial Butchers

Another major market flourishing in Canada is the meat processing industry. Throughout the years it has been a market that has provided many work opportunities.  

Salary Range: Approximately $14.88 – $23 per hour Requirements: Secondary education could be required along with meat cutting experience.  

6. Retail Salesperson  

Sellers move all around the world. To be good at the selling market it is not mandatory to have a degree. Actually, the best existing sellers are born with the powerful gift of selling. Due to the pandemic, there has been a significant decrease of workers in this sector, which has brought many opportunities for job applicants in many provinces and territories of the country.  

Salary Range: $12 – $23.08 per hour Requirements: Secondary education and collage or university diploma are a requirement. However, having a good experience level is also an advantage in this market.          

7. Cleaners, Janitors, Caretakers & Building Superintendents  

Tourist industry sector has always been a BIG YES to finding great job openings. Within the most demanded vacant are included janitors, building superintendents, housekeepers, and caretakers.  

Salary Range: $12.02 – $21.75 per hour

Requirements: Certification for housekeeping room attendants and Journeyman/woman is commonly demanded.  

These jobs might don’t require a university degree, but do at least a course.

It is true that to apply for the jobs mentioned below it is not required to have a university degree, but some of them demand the applicants to have courses and diplomas in order to get the vacant. Having certain preparation in any area you want to work in is always an advantage, especially when you expect highest paying opportunities. Therefore, make sure to look forward to the opportunity of saving some money and invest in a good course that helps you obtain that job opening.

  Does Canada offer visa opportunities for immigrants without a degree?  

Of course! If you think having no university degree decreases your opportunities of working in this country you are wrong. Canada has two temporary work visas for those who want to apply for a job and have no university degree: open work permit and employer-specific work permit. However, the main priority must be to detect which program fits best with your interests.

International Experience Class. Also known a8 working holiday visa, the International Experience Class (IEC) helps people within 18 and 35 years old to travel and earn money inn Canada.

Every program mention down below requires the following working visas:

  •  Working Holiday Visa requires an open-work permit.  
  • Young Professionals require employer-specific work permit.
  • International Co-op requires an employer-specific work permit.  

Are you interested now in looking for new opportunities at Canada?  

There are many amazing chances of getting good job openings in this country with acceptable salaries. Finding the correct program for you is the first step to begin the adventure in this beautiful multicultural country.

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