5 Jobs On Demand In Zambia

What jobs are on demand in Zambia? Many university and college students do this before enrolling to study. Because you don’t want to graduate and end up unemployed. Better still if you have already graduated, here’s how to get your job. Jobs on demand in Zambia, tend to also be the highest paid careers sometimes. Hence, this article evaluates jobs on demand, and not how to start work. Resources such as this article, explains types of businesses you can start. Find ways to make money online and profitable online business, If you’re interested in online marketing. There’s tons of jobs available to work remotely from your home. Its good you’re reading this, because basic rule of thumb requires to do little exploration, for jobs on demand in Zambia.

This article classifies important best careers on demand for jobs. Zambian labor market is mostly vacant for these trades and jobs. These aren’t top paying professionals but they’re of high value to employers. Take note: Before you start looking for a job. Ensure the job has good conditions, well paying and if the employer, follows employment and labor laws. Here;s top six jobs on demand in Zambia for government and private sector.

Top 5 Jobs On Demand In Zambia

Highest Paying Jobs In Zambia
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1. Doctors

Dermatology, Anesthesiology, Family medicine, Diagnostic radiology etc. Doctors have been ranked number one Zambia. Its not common staying without any job, because up completion of program in medicine. Doctors and other healthy related specialists, instantly get employed by the government.

Doctors control treatment and healthy related issues. Sometimes work in the disease, prevention and control section. Some doctors and specialists are actually those in charge of making sure there is no spread of diseases.

2. Lecturer

Lecturers and student teaching specialist for tertiary education are on demand. Hence when discussing jobs on demand, nothing can be compared to becoming a university or college professors. Did you actually know university professors are among the highest paid professions and jobs on demand in Zambia? You can learn more from our previous article, which discuses jobs in Zambia that pay more than you can imagine.

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3. Administrator / Human Resource Managers

Human resource managers and Administrative officers are referred to in other parts of the world, has seen increase in demand. Hence today, jobs on demand in Zambia for administrative roles keep on been vacant. This has been a popular scenario, especially for degree holders, and those with more than one qualification in administration.

Human resource and public administration, and business administration. These three professions are among jobs on demand in Zambia from different stakeholders, including NGOs, health sector, government, and some law firms, of course including the private sector dealing in mining.

4. Civil Engineer/Surveyor

Civil engineers control the overall production, planing and building of any infrastructure. Jobs expand from planning roads, building to maintenance and doing analysis. Any civil engineer holds some skills that involves surveying and helping builders to construct a proper infrastructure.

It takes somewhere between for to five years to complete this program. But hey its worth the time because not only is it challenging, but also high paying and one of the ;leading jobs on demand in Zambia. Salary for this job is good, job sites advertise interesting positions and projects looking for civil engineers. You can be your own boss if you want. Just by opening and registering your construction company.

5. Software Developer / Programmers

Software developers are ICT and computer science specialists in charge of creating, managing and implementing of ICT systems. There jobs vary from creating job websites, applications, computer desktop and mobile applications and cyber security. Its number five on these jobs on demand in Zambia, due to the fact any institution and company requires software developers if not programmers to build and make jobs easy through computerized systems. Its why today software programmers and software genius get paid more.

Programmers can get on making some money online while home because this job is simply never limited. Freelance websites allow people to create profiles, educate and tutor online to make money. Hence just have needed knowledge in programming can make you more money than you can imaging.

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