Jobs in Nigeria That Pay in Dollars

Ten Jobs in Nigeria That Pay in Dollars. It is inevitable for one to gravitate towards a job that pays in United States Dollars (USD) because of the stability of the currency. These jobs will give you a better lifestyle, to buy best food in Nigeria you want and enjoy vacation trips abroad around Africa. For these jobs to pay in dollars, companies have to be willing to pay in that currency hence this article will explore the companies translating to jobs.

In Nigeria there are quite a number of companies and jobs in Nigeria that pay in dollars and these are also among the highest paying companies in the country. If you’re an entrepreneur see ranking businesses in Africa today. This list starts with Shell being top of the list of these enterprises.

1. Shell Petroleum Development Company Joint Venture (SPDC JV)

Shell not only tops the list of the highest paying companies in Nigeria, but also that of companies that pay employees in USD. The company operates a joint venture with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). The Nigerian Infopedia reports, that depending on skill and type of job, the entry level salary for staff in Shell Nigeria is between the range of USD2500 per year going up.

“SPDC JV focuses on oil and gas production in the Niger Delta. The joint venture has the largest acreage in the country and operates a leased area of 31,000 square kilometers. It produces more than half a million barrels of oil per day on average with additional capacity to produce more,” reports

2. Chevron

Another oil and gas company sits in second place on the list. Chevron is an American oil company in Nigeria which not only pays in USD but is also one of the top paying companies in the country. Their staff enjoy around USD8000 per year as entry level salary.

3. Mobil Oil and Gas Multinational (Exxonmobil)

Exxonmobil is another American petroleum company in Nigeria. It is the world’s largest refiner of petroleum products and as anyone would expect they are one of the most paying jobs in the country. They pay their employees between USD9600 and USD25600 annually as entry level salary.

4. NNPC (Oil and Gas)

The list of well paying companies in Nigeria clearly shows that oil is the dominant cash cow in the country. As such NNPC trends in the country as every Nigerian graduate’s dream job by virtue of the company’s own oil and gas company. They are also responsible for the regulation of other Oil and Gas companies in the country.

Despite the company being among the top paying companies in Nigeria, not all staff are paid in dollars. The salary range per year for NNPC staff is USD4000 and those who are paid in dollars are at the top echelon of management. They earn bigger as compared to other staff.

5. MTN Nigeria (Telecommunication)

MTN Nigeria is not only the most popular telecommunications company in Nigeria, but also one of the most paying and the only telecommunications company on the list of companies that pay in dollars.

Despite there being bitter complaints from some Nigerians about their tariff with dwindling service, the company stands as one of the best companies (the fifth) in Nigeria. Some of MTN’s top staff take home a paycheck as big as USD4000 per month.

6. Nestle Nigeria PLC

Nestle Nigeria are producers of household items in Nigeria. The company success stands directly proportional to the Nigerian population which is quite dense and translates to high demand in the company’s products. They pay their staff between USD2500 and USD6000 per annul excluding other allowances.

7. The Nigeria Civil Service (Federal)

Despite there being lack of clarity as to whether there are any Nigerian civil servants who receive their remuneration in dollars, the Government of the country is one of the top paying entities.

Many Nigerians would want to work in the civil cervice not only because of the salary but also job security which is not guaranteed in the private sector. Being a huge entity, salaries in the civil service vary according to ministries.

8. Total Oil and Gas

Total is one of the biggest companies in Nigeria and undoubtedly among the top laying companies in the country. They pay according to area and some employees on the same level in different regions get different salaries. An example is the difference between salaries for staff in Port-Harcout and Lagos.

The former gets higher remuneration than the latter. Every staff earns as high as USD125000 annually. Attributed to their foreign staff, other top management workers take home as much as USD10000.

9. Dangote Group

Not only is Aliko Dangote the richest man in Africa, but also one of the top paying bosses in Nigeria through his Dangote group. They pay their employees well although details of the entry remuneration range could not be obtained for the purposes of this article.

10. Nigeria Breweries

It is common knowledge that most breweries and beverage companies perform well in most African countries and even across the globe. Nigeria Breweries is no exception and it pays employees accordingly. The company is owned by the government and entry level salary per year ranges from USD2000.

Like most African countries, Nigeria’s wealth is highly attributed to the abundance of natural resources and it is no surprise that oil companies dominate the list of companies and business in Nigeria that pay well and in foreign currency, particularly the powerful USD. There are other companies that pay well in Nigeria. Other than from Jobs in Nigeria That Pay in Dollars. See other articles for students online as well and like those in the banking. You can also earn dollars in Nigeria from a blog sector but currently these are the top ten that pay in USD

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