Is Qatar a Country? Qatar Location Map, Geography & Facts

Qatar, officially the Qatari citizens state – is a nation located west in Asia and the wealthiest nation on earth This is located near the Persian Gulf of eastern Saudi Arabia, north of the United States.

Geography in the middle east

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Desert Coast Rockformations in Qatar The Arabian Peninsula extends 160 km north-west to the Persian Gulf. It is an area around latitudes of 24 and 25 N, and longitudes of 51 and 52. Most of the territory is surrounded by shallow barren plains covered with dirt. A little further south lies the Khor al Adaid (“Inland Sea”), which comprises sand dunes surrounding an inlet in the Persian Gulf. It is mild during the winter and extremely humid during the Summer months. Qurayn Abu Al Bawl at 338 feet (83 metres) in the Jebel Dukhan to the west, a series of low limestone outcrops running north–south from Zikrit to Umm Al Khayr.

Biodiversity in the qatar peninsula

Ostriches in Qatar signed the Rio Convention for Biological Diversity from 11 June 1992. The convention was officially signed on 28 August 1996. The country has subsequently prepared a national plan for biodiversity. A new report from the Ministry of Environment documents known lizard populations found or suspected in Qatar through surveys conducted by scientists worldwide.

The finishing touch of the modern phase of the unique Coral management Programme is a milestone in the try to maintain the marine biodiversity of the united states of america. The venture undertaken by means of Qatargas in collaboration with the Ministry of environment and climate exchange, Qatar college and the Ministry of Municipality was released in 2021.

In current years, each the authorities and company sectors in Qatar have been contributing closely to the protection of nature and the upkeep of biodiversity. With alarming adjustments taking place all around the international due to the climate alternate phenomenon, it turns into even extra essential that we take care of our plants and fauna and maintain the neighborhood biodiversity by way of nurturing the surroundings.

From putting in place a ministry specifically for surroundings and weather trade to web hosting a carbon-impartial international cup, Qatar has taken many steps to address the environmental challenges of the present and the future.

The surroundings Ministry recently highlighted the need to elevate recognition and train the significance of retaining the biodiversity of Qatar. They have been doing many one-of-a-kind projects over the years related to instructional institutions and public volunteers to hold the biodiversity of the united states and also to conserve the conventional and endangered plants and fauna belonging to the country and location. an awesome example of this is the endangered sea turtle hawksbill conservation assignment, which has emerged as one of the most a success environmental tasks in the usa to preserve biodiversity. beneath this project, 31,586 infant turtles had been launched for the duration of 2016-2021 on the protected area, Fuwairit seaside.

Every other thrilling task which has been ongoing when you consider that 2014 is the studies accomplished on dugong in Qatar to shield their herbal habitat. The dugong turned into additionally selected as national Museum of Qatar’s mascot “based on its representation of the museum’s ethos of sustainability and environmental attention, and also for its cultural significance as a part of Qatar’s nearby background.” They play an critical function in keeping a wholesome surroundings.

Efforts to defend whale sharks have additionally visible fine output as one in every of the largest collecting areas for these endangered whales is the Qatar territorial waters.

The present day segment of Coral management Programme saw the deployment of hybrid artificial reefs, which were locally fabricated, using environmentally friendly substances, taking the whole range of artificial reefs deployed to at least one,a hundred units. This became followed via the relocation of live corals from task areas to these recipient websites, bringing the total wide variety of relocated corals to 12,000.

Ethnic groups and languages for a persian gulf

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Qatar’s first inhabitants were Bedouin Nomads who occupied the center of the Arab peninsula. Qatar is the second largest country on earth today. Economic expansion started in 1970 generating a dependence upon migrant workers—mainly from Pakistan, India, and Iran — now far outnumbering nationals. Many Qatari residents are nomadic. Arabic language is used as the official language and most Qataris have dialects of Arabic like those of neighbouring nations. Modern Standard Arabic is a school language, and English is common. In the vast expatriate population, Persian is widely spoken as well as Urdu.


Commercial area in Doha. Before oil was discovered, mainly in Qatar’s economy focusing on fishing. Among the reported earnings of the pearl hunts was 2,450,000 Kran. During the 1920s – 30 years after the introduction of Japanese cultured pearls on international markets Qatar suffered restitution. Oil has been discovered at the field of Dukhan, Qatar in 1940. These discoveries changed our economy. In addition, the United States enjoys very high living standards. Qatar is a country with a low rate of tax and an income that can’t be redeemed for income.

Qatar’s monetary prosperity is derived from the extraction and export of petroleum—determined in 1939 and first produced in 1949—and herbal fuel. before global battle II Qatar’s population engaged in pearling, fishing, and a few change (with little exception the most effective occupations available) and turned into one of the poorest within the world. by way of the 1970s, however, local Qataris loved one of the maximum in line with capita incomes inside the international, despite next declines in profits due to fluctuations in international oil fees. Qatar’s unique oil concession become granted to the Iraq Petroleum agency (IPC), a consortium of ecu and American companies. This and later concessions have been nationalized inside the 1970s. while state-owned Qatar Petroleum (previously Qatar fashionable Petroleum organization) oversees oil and fuel operations, private corporations keep to play an important position as carrier organizations.

Agriculture and fishing

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The authorities has attempted to modernize the fishing and agriculture sectors with the aid of offering hobby-loose loans; but food manufacturing maintains to generate best a tiny fraction of gross domestic product (GDP). The shortage of fertile land and water imposes intense limitations on agriculture, and a huge percentage of the united states of america’s food ought to be imported. Use of treated sewage effluent and desalinated water for irrigation, but, has helped to enlarge the manufacturing of fruits which include dates and melons and vegetables along with tomatoes, squash, and eggplant, which Qatar now exports to other Persian Gulf international locations. production of meat, cereal-grains, and milk also commenced to boom by using the cease of the 20 th century.

once the mainstays of Qatar’s economic system, fishing and pearling have substantially declined in significance. Pearling is sort of non-existent, in large part due to Japan’s dominant cultured-pearl enterprise. The government continues a fishing fleet and since the past due 1990s has placed greater emphasis on business fishing and shrimp harvesting.

assets and electricity

Qatar possesses good sized deposits of herbal fuel, and its offshore North subject is one among the biggest fuel fields within the international. The us of a’s petroleum reserves, observed both onshore along the western coast at Dukhān and offshore from the eastern arabia coast, are modest through local requirements.

In an attempt to lessen its dependency on oil, Qatar commenced to develop its herbal gasoline assets inside the mid-Nineteen Nineties. To increase its gasoline fields, Qatar needed to borrow closely, but high oil charges within the early 21st century put the u . s . a . on more company monetary footing. Qatar’s strategy has been to expand its natural gasoline reserves aggressively thru joint tasks with most important global oil and gasoline agencies, focusing on the North area. herbal fuel handed oil as the most important proportion of the authorities’s revenues and the country’s GDP in the first decade of the twenty first century.


Qatar has sought to diversify its economy thru industrialization. most of the producing sector comprises large corporations of mixed country and overseas private ownership. for example, the Qatar Petrochemical employer is basically owned by using a government retaining corporation, and a French firm has a minor stake. Flour milling and cement production have also been undertaken. Diversification by expanding production relies upon on an abundance of cheap energy for jogging vegetation, however, and is consequently tied to Qatar’s hydrocarbon sources. Its natural gas reserves had been used to increase a sturdy liquefied natural gas (LNG) enterprise.


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The Qatar central financial institution (Maṣraf Qaṭar al-Markazī), based in 1993, offers banking features for the state and troubles the Qatari rial, the national foreign money. similarly to home banks, along with business, improvement, and Islamic banks (institutions bound by means of strict non secular guidelines governing transactions), licensed overseas banks also are legal to function. Qatar has been generous in its overseas aid disbursements, especially to different Arab and Islamic international locations. The Doha inventory exchange started out operations in 1997.


equipment and shipping gadget, manufactured items, and meals and live animals are Qatar’s essential imports. LNG, crude petroleum, and subtle petroleum account for the majority of the cost of exports. top import sources for Qatar include america, China, Germany, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. Japan, South Korea, and India are amongst Qatar’s most important export locations. Japan receives the biggest percentage of Qatar’s exports, largely within the shape of petroleum and petroleum merchandise.


The carrier sector, which includes public administration and defense, debts for roughly half of GDP and employs more than 1/2 of the team of workers. The u . s .’s navy expenditure as percent of gross countrywide product is excessive, at nearly four times the arena common. In an attempt to similarly diversify Qatar’s economy, the government has sought to expand tourism, in particular by promoting the u . s . a . as a domain for global meetings; but, tourism remains a notably small thing of the economy.

Labour and taxation

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Foreigners account for the superb bulk of Qatar’s personnel, a be counted of continuing problem for Qatari officials. Qatar has banned the employment of Egyptians for the reason that 1996, when the authorities claimed that Egypt was involved in an unsuccessful coup. The authorities has actively pursued applications to inspire employing and selling Qatari nationals within the body of workers. but, a five-yr plan brought in 2000 to reinforce appreciably the quantity of Qataris in the labour force fell far short of its goals. Labour unions and associations are forbidden. As in maximum countries of the vicinity, the usual workweek is Saturday thru Wednesday.

Qatar does not levy taxes on non-public earnings, nor does it have a general income tax. overseas organizations (aside from those owned by using individuals of the Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC]) are taxed, however the quantity money owed for less than one-tenth of the government’s revenue. the bulk of its revenue comes from the sale of petroleum and herbal fuel. The country set up a fashionable tax authority in late 2018 as it commenced to enlarge and reform its tax regulations. In 2019 it implemented hefty excise taxes on sugary beverages, tobacco products, energy beverages, alcohol, and pork. Qatar become additionally set to put into effect a price-introduced tax of five percent via 2022 in coordination with the GCC.

Transportation and telecommunications

Qatar has more than 760 miles (1,230 km) of road, nearly all of that are paved. There aren’t any railroads. The united states of america has several critical ports, such as those at Doha and Umm Saʿīd. An global airport is placed at Doha, and Qatar airlines is the u . s . a .’s country wide provider.

Qatar Public Telecommunications organization is the sole issuer of telecommunication services in the USA. It additionally sets policies and makes administrative selections for the arena. In 1996 the net turned into made available to the public, with Qatar Public Telecommunications organization as the sole carrier issuer. internet use is highest among Qatari nationals. A submarine fibre-optic cable device finished inside the past due 1990s links Qatar with Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait.

Energy in arabian peninsula

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Qatar holds 15 billion barrel oil reserves which account for over 1/3 of global petroleum resources. This has led to it being the wealthiest state per capita. There’s also a low unemployment rate. Qatar’s economy had suffered repression during 1982 – 1990. OPEC has lowered its oil prices and lowered its oil output compared to last year despite this the oil industry is still struggling with oil prices. The Qatari authorities are unable to reduce their budgets to achieve a better return to their lower income. This recession led several companies to lay off employees.


In Qatar the demand for reliable transportation is increasing as the number of people increases over the past decade and the economy is expanding at its fastest rate. So far the government has made a good performance to satisfy the demand to create more transport options. AASHGALA is a state agency overseeing infrastructure development and the government has undergone an overhaul in 2008 with the intention of modernising its functions in the light of major project expansions in the next few years.


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Qatar is a country with the highest tourism growth. 2.3M tourists visited Qatar in 2017, according to World Travel Ranking 2017. Several recent reforms to visa policies in Qatar are expected to help Qatar’s tourism industry expand. [210]

Where is Qatar located?

The country of Qatar is in the western asia part and lies in the Qatar peninsula in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is the 164th largest nation by land area. Qatar Maps also indicate that it is a small state in the Middle Eastern arabia. The country has an international border with Saudi Arabia at the south and the rest of its territory, the area is surrounded by the Persian Gulf. An important stretch of Gulf waters separates Qatar from the nearby Arab island kingdom of Bahrain. Qatar’s government type is emirates government.


Pliny the elder wrote the early record pertaining to the inhabitants of the peninsula about the mid-1100 AD. He refers to these individuals as the catharrei, a name which may be a reference to a prominent local community in that area. Ptolemy published the first known map of the peninsula, naming it “Catara”. The map mentioned another town named Cadara east of the peninsula. The terms Cata (Inhabitant Cataraei) and Cataa (Kata) have been used only for the last century. Katar was later a common usage spelling. [36]


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The first humans in Qatar occupied the area around 50,000 years ago. Settlements dating from the Stone era were uncovered on the peninsula. Mesopotamians artifacts dating from ubaid periods were found in abandoned coastal towns. The settlement located at al-daasa on the West coast of Qatar is the largest site in the Ubaid region and it is believed they had housed small camp camps in summer. A kassite Babylonian material dating from 2 millennia BC found in The Khor Islands demonstrates trading ties between the residents of Qatar and these kassites in the current Bahrain. [ 41

Early and late Islamic period (661–1783)

Qatar had been called the world’s best horse breeder in the Umayyad period. As a strategic commercial port of commerce it gained valuable commercial advantages in the Persian Gulf and was soon becoming a centre for pearl shipments. The significant expansion of the pearl-growing industry in Qatar began in the Abbasid time period. During that time ships attempting to reach India or China would stop in Qatari ports. China porcelain Chinese and Western Asia and African coins were also recovered at the Qatari museum. [51]

Ottoman period (1871-1915)

Old city of Doha. Jan. 1904 under military pressure by the Sultan of Ottoman Vilayets of Bagdad Midhat Pashas the ruling Al Thani tribe was under Ottoman control in 1871. [75] The Ottoman government is still in power. Nevertheless, al Thani remained a loyal supporter of Ottoman rule even as his followers rejected his decision. The relationship between Qatar and the Ottomans in 1883 retreated from supporting Al Thani during his expedition to Abu Dhabi-controlled Khawr Al Udayd.

British period (1916–1971)

During the Anglo Ottoman Convention 1913 the Ottomans agreed that they would withdraw from Qatar. Nevertheless, with the start of WorldWar 1, no action was taken. The Garrison remained on the fort at Doha even though its numbers decreased when soldiers left town. In 1915 Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani (who voted pro-British) convinced all the others to leave and during their visit British troops found the fortress the same morning. [78]]

Bahraini and Saudi rule (1783–1868)

In 1766 members of the Al Khilifa family of the Utub tribal confederation moved to Zubarah in Qatar. When it arrived, Bani Khalid held weak power on a small peninsula. In 1783, Arab clans and allied tribes in Qatar invaded Bahrain. Al Khailifa imposed control over Bahrain and retained jurisdiction over Zubah. Partly restored section of the destroyed city of Zubarah.

Independence and its aftermath (1971–present)

The Qatari sheikh entered treaty relation with the British on November 3, 1916. The agreement reserved British defence of the British military but granted internal freedom. On 30 September 1971 all such “special treaties” relating to sovereignty were terminated. [86] It was done under the terms agreed on by Qatar with the government of Britain. [ 89,

Relief and drainage

Most of the country has flat, shallow deserts, which rise from east into a central limestone plateau. Hills climb about 130ft along the west and northern coasts, with Ab al-Barawl Hill (335ft [104m] being the highest. Sand dunes, salt flats and sabkhahes are the most significant topographic feature in the south and the south-east regions. Qatar has more than 250 miles (550 kilometers) of coastline. The waters in the ocean have not been kept constant.


In Qatar soil contains very little organic matter and is generally calcareous and agriculturally unproductive. Wind blown beaches are common while bedrock distribution in soil is light and uneven. Soils are very salty in coastal regions and in farming regions in regions in which poor control over irrigation has led to an increase in saltiness. Get the premium version of Britannica with exclusive content. Subscriber.


It was the main religious faith and Qatari Muslims are mostly Sunnits. There are only small Shii minorities. The ruling families of the Thanis have a Wahhb interpretation of the Islamic order of Saudi Arabia although they are less strict. For example the women of Qatar enjoy more freedom. Non-Qatari people have a more varied religious profile — Muslim, Christian and Hindus constitute the major religious groups.


Qatar was officially considered semi-constituted monarchy. However, with large powers retained by the monarchy the kingdom is still bordering on an absolute monarchy. Al Thanis reigned in Qatar since 1825 when they built their family house. In 2003 Qatar adopted a Constitution requiring direct elections for all 30 of its 147 lawmakers. In referendums 92 % of people voted in favour. [113].

Foreign relations

Some analysts believe the Middle East region of Qatar is an international power. Qatar was an early member of OEC and founder member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Currently they are in the Arab League. Diplomatic missionaries for Qatar have their headquarters in the Qatari capital, Doha. Qatar is characterised through the strategic balance between regional and large powers and through its foreign policy. It operates independently and is committed to regional balancing in order to meet its strategic priorities and to recognize regional and internationally. [147]


Sharia laws are regarded in Qatar as being the primary source of law in the country but in practice Qatar has its legal system mixed between civil law and Sharia law.[119] Sharia Law is applied in the area of family and estate and in several crimes such as theft and adultery. Sharia-based courts consider women’s testimony more valuable than men’s. Codified Family Law is currently under development. Islamic polygyns are allowed. [91] In Qatar, corporal punishments are punished. Floggers use them when it comes to sex or illicit drinking. [125]

Human rights

From 2014 a number of Qatar criminal law provisions have allowed flogging and stoning as punishment. This practice constitutes a breach of obligations of the Convention against Torture of the United Nations. Qatar maintains death sentence in particular for threats to national security such as terrorism in a country. Since 2003, there has been a lack of executions for state crimes against Qatar. In Qatar, homosexuality is illegal and may lead to death. [170]


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A Qatari Mirage 2000 is pictured during the air defence exercises on the horizon. Qatar army is an army of Qatar. It has an army that includes 8500 soldiers (1 800) and 1 500 air forces (1 500). During 1993 defense spending in Qatar amounted to about 4.2% of GDP, whereas in 2010 it reached about 5.7%. Qatar is also the first country to sign pacts for defense in the past year.


In comparatively small areas as compared to Connecticut the Qatar Peninsula is around 100 miles (1660 km) south from North to South. Almost all of the coastline of the peninsula is square or rectangular. It borders eastern Saudi Arabia, where it connects to the mainland and sits northwest and west of the UAE. The Kingdom of Bahrain sits about 25 miles from Qatar.

Climate change

The climate is hot and humid between June and September, and temperatures are as hot as 122F. Spring and autumn—April, May, October and November—are temperate and average about 63 °F (15 °C), and winter is relatively cold. Precipitation remains scarce at least 3 ft. (77 mm) a year mainly in winters.

Administrative divisions

Ad Dawhha (Dwhah), the most popular town of Qatar. Since 2014, Qatar has been divided into eight municipalities (arabian: baladiyah). Qatar’s municipalities are further grouped by geographic division into 99 districts, which are then subdivided in blocks based upon the current census data. [184]

Plant and animal life

Vegetation occurs in the north where most irrigated agriculture sites exist and there are also some shadier vegetation which blossoms a little during the spring storm. Fauna are limited, and the government has launched an initiative to protect Arab oryx.

Qatar, The 2022 FIFA World Cup host country

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held between November 21 and December 18, 2022, at Qatar. Qatar is the first Arab country to host the World Cup in a single season. Below is the complete FIFA World Cup 2020.

Qatar Women’s Ranking

World ranking of International Womens Team R.K. Yrs. Months Best Ranking. Worst Ranking. Best Moving. Worst Moves. Sep. 2015 Best R.K. Worst RK – June. 2015 Best R.K. Worst.

Qatar Football Association’s details

How do we get elected as president? How are headquarters established? How many players are currently playing for a national team? Describe the process of rankings.

Recent news

Qatar spent $200b on the FIFA World Cup, which starts in November 20 2023. The 10 European Football Association are requesting Qatar to take steps to support migrant workers.

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Qatar is an independent emirate on the west coast. It consists of a small desert peninsula north of the larger Arabian Peninsula and is continuously but sparsely inhabited from the prehistoric period. During the Islamic revolution the region fell under the control of the Islamic caliphate. It later became controlled by a number of local and foreign dynasties before becoming part of the Thanis dynasty.

What is the capital of Qatar?

Doha is the Qatari capital. The city is home to 644,599 citizens and it is in the central-east portion of Qatar, which lies on its border. It sits at 25 latitudes and 53 latitudes. 5152 – 25 m.

Eight Municipalities of Qatar

Qatar is grouped in eight municipalities: Al Shamal Al Khor Al-Shahaniya, Umm Salal Al Daayen.

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