Indo Zambia Bank internet banking login

Indo Zambia Bank Internet Banking (IZB) is one of Africa’s leading digital financial institutions with a wide range of international memberships, access to virtual services and connection anywhere.

Each of these propositions makes IZB one of the best opportunities for the thousands of users who wish to make transactions through the use of smart devices with the use of its specialized platform.

Just by accessing its website, you will be able to enjoy all the services in a simple, fast, optimized and global way due to its international projection that only depends on Internet connection.

Learn more about one of the first and best digital banks in Africa to join the innovation of virtual markets at hand.

Why use a digital bank?

The economic, technological and social evolution became a necessity for today’s banks, so IZB fulfilled the main step of offering net service and mobile connection to access from any smart device.

In this way, the Indo team has sufficient plans to offer a greater number of alternatives in services and applications for members in Zambia and throughout the African continent.

So incorporating digital banking has a lot of benefits compared to traditional accounts or the successful village banks that excel throughout the territory to encourage collective savings.

Even so, its formula limits the application of faster and simpler transactions that are on par with international market standards, making IZB one of the best in the business to offer solutions for a better life in Africa.

Indo Zambia Bank internet banking login

To join these platforms, the process is simple as specified on the official website of the Zambian based bank, whereby the information is explained by the members of the financial institution.

Members wishing to join the website only have to register their data in the same way as a traditional registration for Internet accounts, where personal information and data about the account owners are essential to improve the protection and security of the space.

To do so, they must have the official residential data and be verified by the team, where any doubts in the process can be answered by the platform support through their phone numbers or email provided on their website.

The registration system is simple, so then you only need to download the application and start using IZB Mobile.

IZB Mobile application

IZB Mobile allows you to access your account on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets from anywhere, anytime.

This service provides access to all available banking services of the bank on all platforms (Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows, J2ME) and USSD-based services (*232#).

The application is compatible with most of the current phones and devices available on the market.


Starting to use this format offers important opportunities for its users, know all the advantages of starting your login in the digital bank format:

Security: Transactions are encrypted and secure within the IZB format, so it does not record data inside the smartphone or SIM cards to protect the information used.

In case of loss of the device, the account created remains secure and is not at risk without the use of confidential login credentials.

Compatibility: IZB Mobile is an updated and interesting platform in the financial market, so it has all the features to be compatible with all mobile platforms.

Time: the use of virtual currents optimizes the time to perform transactions and use of bank accounts, so that activities can be completed with a button in a few seconds.

Better payments: the payment formats within IZB Mobile allow creating factures and recharges to all platforms and services 24 hours a day, so the connection does not stop to log in to make use of the account. 

Notifications: each of the actions within the application will be officially notified immediately through alerts sent by SMS, in order to confirm the transactions made and changes in the savings accounts.

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