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Today we are going to talk about Lad Baby Mum and her clothing collection in collaboration with In the style. I guess you have heard about her, since she’s a celebrity on social media, however, in case you don’t know who she is, we will tell you some details about her. Let’s go to talk about In the style UK Ladbaby Mum.

LadBaby and LadBaby Mum 

LadBaby Mum unveils first In The Style range & it's perfect for Mother's Day

Mark Ian Hoyle (born 12 April 1987), commonly known by his Internet pseudonym LadBaby, is a British blogger, YouTuber, social media personality, singer, musician and philanthropist from Nottingham, England. His video content focuses on his experiences as a father, and is filmed with his wife, Roxanne Zee Hoyle.The couple had the Christmas number one on the UK Singles Chart in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 with the novelty songs “We Built This City”, “I Love Sausage Rolls”, “Don’t Stop Me Eatin'”, and “Sausage Rolls for Everyone” respectively. This made LadBaby the second act to secure four consecutive Christmas number ones, matching the record set by The Beatles in 1967.

This couple both have a lot of social media presence, especially instagram where LadBaby has 1.6 million followers and LadBaby Mum 1.2 million followers. Both are always showing their fans their daily experiences and those of their children (after all, their social media story began with the birth of their first child). 

In the Style UK LadBaby Mum. 

In the Style is a brand that offers clothing and consulting for girls. In addition to observing their website, blog and social networks, we can notice that they do a work of inclusion and female support, also promote self-love, something that is extremely important in this age, since social media have led us to always question whether our body is fine as it is. Women tend to have certain insecurities and it’s great to find brands that are inclusive, that offer clothes for all body types and all sizes, we appreciate that.

In 2021, Roxanne released a collaboration clothing range with In the Style with most of the clothing aimed for mothers and women of all sizes.  She created a collection of clothes that besides being flirty is very comfortable and inclusive, since it adapts to any size and type of body, which seems Amazing! Apparently the concept of her clothes encourages acceptance and self-esteem in women, which is incredible! 

When Mum launches her own fashion line! 👠😱 - YouTube

In their collections we can find a variety of styles, there are casual and sporty garments, with different prints, and bright, warm, pastel colors, etc. She has created really beautiful garments for all tastes and above all garments that will surely look good on curvy and slim bodies. 

Now, among the somewhat recent publications of In the Style I found a message that I thought was great and I’ll share it with you. By Danae Mercer who is another influencer working with In the Style. 

” Don’t COMPARE YOURSELF to a stranger on the internet 

Social media skews things

So today I just wanted to remind you: 

Don’t compare yourself to a stranger on social media.

Don’t compare yourself to hundreds of highlight reels.

Not in the way your body is shaped

Not in the way you handle emotions or challenges 

Not in the raw fragile parts that make you how you are 

Because what we see on here is an echo chamber of perfect angels and hand picked truths

And humans are far more complex, far more nuanced, far more perfectly imperfect than that 

you got this” 

And I think that message is absolutely wonderful. Women should understand that our body is perfect as it is, that we should appreciate it and not compare it with other bodies. We are all beautiful. 

You can get the Ladbaby Mum collections on the In the Style website and if you check out her blog as well, you might be inspired with so much love there. 

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