If what you want is to know whether or not there is an IHOP in the UK, you have come to the right place. Here we will be talking a little bit about pancakes and IHOP. His career and why his pancakes are so famous. The first thing we must consider is that the English love pancakes so much that they reserve one day a year to dedicate it to this delicious culinary work, it is like the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, in the month of February this day is known as “Shrove Tuesday”.  No one is quite sure of its origin, but it is believed that before the arrival of Lent, a time of fasting and abstinence, the British consumed all the products that they were not going to be able to eat for the next 40 days, such as milk, sugar and eggs. Others, however, believe that Pancake Day was a pagan holiday that celebrated the arrival of spring and that the round shape of the pancakes symbolized the sun. On the other hand, the name of Shrove Tuesday comes from the custom of Christians to make a confession at the beginning of Lent.

 What is IHOP? 

Its name is Internacional House of Pancakes and It’s an established restaurant in the United States owned by DineEquity, specializing in breakfasts, specifically the breakfasts that IHOP offers are pancakes, waffles, French toast and French omelette.

The ihop restaurant chain originated more than a half century ago in the United States, it’s a leader in the breakfast and family dinner category. This is mainly due to the varied menu offering that includes more than 65 different options, such as appetizers, breakfasts, sandwiches, desserts, among others.

Free pancakes at IHOP

We all love to eat and when food is free it gets even better, all you have to do is sign up for MyHOP to get your pancake benefits, and not only will you get a free gift just for signing up, but you’ll also get a free stack at the anniversary of your enrollment each year, as well as on your birthday. Surely you’re willing to put up with a little IHOP spam all year long to enjoy free pancakes twice a year (at least), not to mention the ‘members only news’ you’ll receive, which we can only assume is stuff. sparkling.

Does IHOP exist in the UK?

today there are 1,650 branches in 10 countries around the world: Mexico, United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Guatemala, the Philippines, Qatar, Bahrain and continue to expand. However, there are still no IHOP branches in the UK, which can make us a little sad, but let’s see, it’s not all bad news, they were proposing an expansion for these days, so it could be that the UK is on the list of countries to conquer.

What is its secret? 

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that your plate of IHOP pancakes will contain nothing but perfectly cooked, evenly browned discs of impossibly fluffy flapjacks. No, there is no complicated machinery in the kitchen to make those pancakes, and neither do the robots. There’s a line cook back there manning the griddle, just like you would in your own kitchen. So how are IHOP pancakes always perfect? 


For starters, that griddle is set to a very specific temperature (350 degrees to be exact) and, believe it or not, it’s not smeared with oil or butter, or any other fat, for that matter. These pancake-making techniques come courtesy of Marie Grimm, IHOP’s vice president of culinary innovation, who spilled the company secrets to Delicious. We can only assume that a griddle that requires absolutely zero grease but is still a surface that pancakes don’t stick to like glue must be heavily seasoned from years of use. If you don’t have that confidence in your own iron, there’s still hope. According to Grimm, if you need a little help creating a slippery surface, use a paper towel to rub a small amount of Crisco onto your cold pan. Using butter, he explained, could produce a pancake with “that webbed, lacy appearance, rather than a uniformly golden-brown surface” that we’ve come to expect from IHOP.

One more thing you’ve probably noticed about a stack of IHOP pancakes: They’re all the same size. Whether it’s a small stack or a full stack, there’s a uniformity there that you can never seem to achieve with your ladles full of batter at home. Maybe one ends up being a silver dollar and the next one takes over the whole pan, but they’re certainly never the same size. There is a little tool (something like this) in which they put the dough. Cooks pour batter into the open end, and there’s a lever that they push down (2-3 times for a regular pancake, more for one of the big kids’ pancakes) that dispenses the pancake onto the grill in a circular fashion. I guess after making a million of them in one shift, the cooks know when to flip them and all that.

What about the syrup from IHOP?

Probably your favorite thing to dip that sweet, fluffy tower of pancakes with is delicious IHOP syrup, however if you think IHOP syrup is so good because it’s real maple syrup, we’ve got bad news for you: unless you’re dining at IHOP in Vermont, that syrup definitely doesn’t come from a tree.

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