How to Withdraw Money from PayPal South Africa

Did you know you have money directly withdrawn and send to your personal bank account? PayPal offers South African users, the most efficient and quickest ways of receiving money through bank account. We will teach you How to Withdraw Money from PayPal South Africa within minutes.

We have shared easy steps to withdraw and transfer,or withdraw money from around the world to your local based bank with PayPal account. Receive money from any South African based bank account that’s available nationwide.

South African PayPal users can withdrawal and receive money direct into bank accounts of there choice. Can also send money through PayPal using a linked VISA card or bank account. In Zambia, people can only receive money through PayPal, this also includes Nigeria. Therefore most people have opted to working with popular PayPal alternatives. Assuming you have created your South African PayPal account. your worries have come to an end with ways on how you can receive money via PayPal:

Since 2010 PayPal collaborated with FNB South Africa to provide a convenient way for South Africans to withdraw funds into a South African bank account. Service helps with supporting their participation in a global market and those making money online, for easy and efficient payment methods and people that requested how to withdraw money from PayPal South Africa.

Once money is received, It is as easy paying with your card or a PayPal balance from almost any device with just a few clicks especially for online based shopping. Its secure, because PayPal never reveals your full financial information.

Below are stages on how to How to Withdraw Money from PayPal South Africa and process involved in the withdrawing of money.

Here’s 5 Ways to Withdraw Money from PayPal South Africa

Make sure to first link your bank and visa card details with PayPal. After this then follow the detailed simple beginner friendly steps to transfer and withdraw money money from your PayPal account in South Africa to your personal bank account:

Step 1: On your device log in to your main FNB bank account using this link Then search for PayPal account: visit or simply visit and Click PayPal Services, then click Withdraw from PayPal.

Step 2: In your PayPal account dashboard enter amount ($). Enter the withdrawal amount in US Dollars. (Please make sure you have enough money in your PayPal balance to complete this withdrawal.)

Step 3: Scroll down to the instructions page and confirm the exchange rate from Dollar to South African Rand. Then follow the instructions to confirm the exchange rate, transactions and accept the terms and conditions.

Step 4: Return back to the PayPal website, make sure to double check and to review the amount you are transferring withdrawing to your main FNB account.

Step 5: Complete the transfer and return to the to the main FNB website. Take note PayPal withdrawals in south Africa takes between 2 to 7 working days. Therefore if you have not received the money, make sure to contact your bank or PayPal to check for transfers errors.

To conclude: You can actually withdraw money from your PayPal account without needing a bank account, just by requesting a check by mail. But its best to used a bank, because the merchant can withdraw the funds to their South African bank account fast and safely. It can be an FNB Business USD based dollar account or probably a Global Account (CFC) through FNB.

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