How to start a YouTube channel in South Africa

Can you make money on YouTube in South Africa? Yes you can but before moving to the money aspect, you must lean How to Start a YouTube channel in South Africa. Have you been wondering how many views you need on YouTube to make money.

Probably even how much do you get paid on YouTube? Well no hustle, because that’s what this article is about. Unlike ways of making money from home. Where YouTube is one of the available methods, South Africans and Zambians earn money online. This YouTube beginners guide focuses on YouTube. From making of any Channel, monetization to ways of growing your audience.

Why start a channel on YouTube?

YouTube monetization is regarded among the best business idea, its the easiest way of earning passive income. Provides you with a brand, that secures your own job. Having a YouTube compared to blogging, seems fastest. Especially if you need an easy way of income from home.

Google purchased YouTube few years back, today its the largest video content uploading website. Either ways are applicable, hence even without any personal blog. Google Ad sense runs on YouTube and website. People these days use YouTube almost to do everything. Therefore there’s wide selection of things to monetize, movies, music videos, tutorials, education, news, politics etc.

How much do YouTubers get paid in South Africa?

Today most people earn in Rand’s converted from either $dollar or £Euro. An average South African You Tuber earns R15,000 for a YouTube video, with over a million views. Earnings might fluctuate, due to channel category, engagement, and location of viewers. According to an evaluation survey, some are able to make stable living from YouTube, generating over $60,000 on an uploaded video with 800K views.

Therefore to earn more you need at least between 10K – 800,000K subscribers on your channel, getting over 5000 views each month. With this you should be able to make over 1000 Rand’s per month online via YouTube. Be persisted, grow your audience, upload consistent regularly and engage with your subscribers.

Videos mus be uploaded at least a minimum of 1 video every week. But again over uploading of videos might exhaust your visitors, therefore only upload maximum of 3 videos every week.

YouTube is a very exceptional platform not only for watching videos but V loggers earn a living from content. Bloggers make money from content on websites, but You Tubers use videos uploaded on there channel for people to watch.

Monetization is one common way of making money on YouTube, affiliates, selling of digital products and click bank commissions. Its very easy selling your products through a YouTube channel making you have a nice amount of money.

How to create a YouTube channel and make money

How To Make Money Using YouTube In Zambia
How To Make Money Using YouTube

Create a YouTube channel. Been a V logger involves sharing content on YouTube, the irony about YouTube monetization is that your channel can be just be about anything. This cab be travel, how to videos, sports, music, technology and blogging etc.

Here’s How to Start a YouTube channel in South Africa and make money. If you’re interested in blogging with Ad sense. The most successful blog categories to make cash with Google Ad sense can be found in this other article. Learn how to create your blog within minutes, which includes personal blogs, forums and online tools.

How to create a YouTube channel

Create your YouTube channel. This is the first step on how to make revenue using YouTube in South Africa. Did you know major major YouTube channels make lots of money?. Your channel can be just about anything you want, but just make sure it follows the google guidelines. Steps to create a YouTube channel in south Africa for beginners

1. Signup With G Mail Account

YouTube content creators must have a G mail account to get started. Go to YouTube official website,once signed in should see a section for you to create a Channel. Choose a name for your channel, should be easy to spell and remember. Think of it every time you’re learning How to start a YouTube channel in South Africa. What’s the purpose of your channel? Because a complicated name for a YouTube channel can make users forget if they came across your video.

Remember a YouTube channel name is the same as the G Mail account which you can change in Google plus. Your YouTube channel can be about any niche from cartoon, movies, fashion etc. Simply just follow your passion. Buy a better a camera for your channel, your video can be about anything, including How to Start a YouTube channel in South Africa.

2. Upload Your Videos

Upload content on your channel. Make amazing content you can upload on your channel. Don’t worry about quality if you’re just starting out because it takes time to be good at anything. Keep uploading your videos and you will be getting views, doing this makes you have a steady audience.

Buy a better camera, good video editing software to make your videos and make sure you make videos at least 10 minutes long. Post videos regularly at least twice or one video every week, add tags on your videos so people can easily find your content. Include keywords in the advanced section of you channel to make it easy for your videos to appear in related content on YouTube.

3. Get Subscribers

Build your audience: Don’t forget to make passive income on YouTube, you need people viewing your content. Therefore try sharing your content on Facebook, your personal account an other social networks. Get people to subscribe by telling them to hit the button, either at the beginning or the end of your videos. Your audience will find you, so make every conversation on your videos personal so they can stay and keep coming back for more.

Getting more subscribers on your Channel

You need more people watching your videos to make quick cash through YouTube. Getting more subscribers for your channel is done by finding content that is trending. Make your videos about interesting stories and make sure you remind them about subscribing to your channel for more every time when watching your videos.

YouTube Studio analytics

Data is based on signed in viewers across all devices. When your viewers are on YouTube helps you predict there online behavior on your channel. This can help to know which videos are been enjoyed more, in the end expand your audience. Analyzing your audience is very important.

Don’t forget analytics is the most important aspect for both bloggers and You Tubers. You need to follow through your visitors to know what intrigues your viewers, so you can know how to make more interesting videos.

YouTube Analytics shows you how long visitors watch your videos, location etc. Working with analytics can enable you to make more more after understanding your steady audience. Now that you have learnt ways to make money and how to Start a YouTube channel in South Africa: Check most asked questions on this topic.

How to make money on YouTube in South Africa

Finally after people begin subscribing: Upload more fresh video content at least one video after 3 days, or 3 videos weekly to keep your audience engaged and glued to your channel. This makes people take your channel serious and earning money. If your channel meets the monetization requirements for YouTube. Here’s 6 ways on how to earn money from YouTube views in South Africa.

1. Monetize Your Videos

Monetize videos to start making money: YouTube easily allows you to monetize your videos so Google can begin adding ads on them. Program eligibility YouTube monetization requirement are 4,000 hours of watch time on videos in the last six months and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers. These are the requirements to start monetizing your YouTube videos, so please meet the requirements before you can apply to monetize your videos.

How does YouTube monetization work?

Millions of advertisers pay Google to bid on your videos. According to Google ad sense, you get 40% revenue share of what Google makes from displaying ads on your videos and content if you own a website.Read (starting a blog in South Africa) If you have interest in making money and income on your blog based in South Africa.

How to Make more money with YouTube monetization

To make more money with YouTube, you need at least over 50K subscribes. Ensure your videos are long so you can place different ad formats withing the video to make more money. Make your videos at least between 10 – 15 minutes long.

Add different ad formats banner ads, links and videos ads at the beginning or ending of your videos. Target users with countries that have a much higher CPC and CPM. Remember: how much you make with YouTube on your videos depends on many factors, including click through (CTR) of your videos, watch time and (CPM) cost per impressions.

How to activate YouTube monetization and earn money

  1. If you have met the YouTube requirements to monetize: Go to video manager -> Then click a dollar sign ($) to have ads monetization on your videos. After this YouTube will place ads on your videos.
  2. Next: include Ad sense to your YouTube channel so you can get paid.
  3. Next: Enter a valid address or P.O Box in your Ad sense location tab. This is important for Google to pay you, activating account and mailing of checks. Don’t also forget to enter a valid phone number starting with a country code.
  4. Finally: Add Bank details and PayPal account to get paid once a threshold is reached. If you’re younger than 18 years, ask your parents to help you receive money. Google Ad-sense payments are based on a monthly billing cycle of $100 minimum. If you don’t reach the minimum threshold your earnings are pushed to next month billing circle.

2. Sale Affiliate Products

Company brands in the world are always looking for customers on there advertising space. Both E bay and Amazon including pay people for referring traffic to products been sold. You get a commission on each sale depending on the price of a product. Hosting companies also have affiliate programs, so if you have a YouTube channel about domain selling, hosting websites, this is a good way to make money on your channel.

3. Sale Your Own Products

You can use your YouTube channel as a product advertising platform for your products instead of selling other peoples merchandise. If you have interest in mobile businesses, sale phones to your audience. Show then what your company offers, do reviews on your products and a YouTube channel can be used to send traffic to your website. Most You Tubers start a drop shipping business to sale products on the website through a YouTube channel.

4. Sale Advertising Space/Sponsorship

Remember your channel is a brand for you to sale advertising apace and Sponsorship. If you have millions of subscribers you can make millions of dollars in revenue every year. Sell space for advertising to companies and brands.

Big companies in the world including Apple and Microsoft pay to advertise there new products. Imaging how much Microsoft would pay you for your channel to advertise a new laptop? Just one deal and you can be worth millions through selling your ad space in videos on YouTube and blog if you have more traffic. If you’re interested in learning how you can make money from your blog (Read this article).

5. License Your Content

Another way of making money on YouTube is selling of content. Any video content you create from scratch can be sold to movie companies, documentary creators and travel agents. You own the rights to that content, just find people in need of such materials and license them a right to use your footage.

The best content to go for if you wan to sale rights to footage through YouTube is traveling, tech and mobile reviews. Companies sometimes avoid shooting a footage so they would rather just find a video clip already made and use it on an advert etc..

6. Become A YouTube Partner

The final step in making money through YouTube is becoming part of the YouTube partner program. To qualify you must have 15,000 cumulative watch hours on you YouTube channel in the last 90 days. YouTube partner program gives exclusive access to more advanced editing tools. Another advantage of been a YouTube partner is winning prizes available for those in the program. You get paid after reaching a minimum payment threshold of your earnings $100.00 dollars.

Frequently asked Questions:

  • How does YouTube send you money? Money is sent through your bank account, PayPal and via a check to your personal address or P.O Box. This is done on a monthly basis and you only get paid after reaching a minimum payment threshold of $100.00 dollars.
  • How to monetize YouTube videos? To qualify you need to meet monetization requirements of 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers on your channel.
  • Can I make money on YouTube without videos? The answer is no. You need your own videos to get monetization activated on your channel. Videos must be in compliance with Google Ad-sense policies. You can’t make money on YouTube without making videos. Videos are needed to make money using YouTube in Africa.
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