How to Send Parcel to Zambia

This is how you can send your parcel to Zambia through multinational delivery services headquartered in USA, UK, India, London, or South Africa. With over 72 tribes, Zambia found in Central Africa with population of 18 million people, receives over 100,000 mails from outside the country. This includes parcels and other goods delivered withing the country, imported through borders. Parcel delivery to Zambia is cheap and not complicated to do at an affordable cost. There are numerous shipping companies from Zambia, and courier services that offer parcel deliver.

Postage to Zambia from India, Japan, China, Canada, South Africa, UK, and USA. Sending a parcel UK to Zambia through a collection of tailored exportation of goods from UK to Zambia. These companies work in collaboration with other major shipping companies including UPS mail delivery service and DHL.

Cost to send package to Zambia

Companies that provide shipping services to Zambia, charge based on the weight and mass of your goods. One world shipping express, FedEx, Mercury express, and DHL. Don’t forget all courier, express mail and parcel service, including logistics company have different price listing for delivery. Anything weighing between 0.5 grams to 10.00 grams shipping costs between $7.00 to $20.00 (K600.00). Parcels that weigh more than 1 kilo grams cost not more than $35.00 to $60.00 dollars for postage.

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Postage for heavy machinery carried out through other postal service, and car dealers nationwide which have outlets in China, India, UK and USA has different cost.

How long does postage to Zambia take?

Sending a parcel to Zambia takes approximately 7 to 14 days for any package to arrive. Parcels from China take longer arriving in Zambia than any other country, UK parcel delivery is 7 days, while those parcels from USA take 2 weeks due to the Arline restrictions and consignment regulations in America. Send parcel to Zambia today and withing days you will have it delivered safely through FedEx.

Goods not allowed into Zambia

Customs importation Act, stipulates things not allowed into Zambia. Here’s a list of things not allowed in Zambia through customs: Custom officers will not allow the following in Zambia:

  1. Drugs (Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin etc) this is considered illegal in Zambia, harmful and dangerous. Drug traffickers get jailed not less than five years in prison.
  2. Guns and Ammunition. You’re not allowed to import guns in Zambia unless accompanied with proper documentation, which must be reviewed by the police and certified license.
  3. Knives and Bombs are not allowed more especially dangerous knives similar to those used in military.
  4. Dangerous dog breads: Zambia has no strong restrictions on domestic animals but some dog breads are not allowed. This is done to protect the citizens from diseases and animal attacks.

Tips On How to Send Parcel to Zambia (FedEx or DHL)

FedEx and DHL are the most safest and reliable way to Send parcel to Zambia. Don’t just use any shipping company to Zambia for security reasons. FedEx secures your goods through controlled technology. FedEx provides parcel insurance and other challenges that may arise. Freight damage to parcels, caused due to poor packaging gets refunded. FedEx employees take care of damages during the transportation phase before arrival at destination. To send parcel to Zambia do the following:

Step 1. Locate FedEx outlet

Find any FedEx outlet near you through the main website or mobile App. FedEx has many outlets in USA and UK open from morning to 5pm, working Monday to Saturday.

Step 2. Collect a form

Collect the FedEx form to indicate the receivers name, address, phone number and full names. Indicate final destination of the parcel to Zambia (Lusaka, Ndola or Kitwe). Mobile number provided , helps through contacting a parcel recipient in Zambia, once parcel arrives at FedEx main offices in Lusaka.

Step 3. Attach form on parcel

A final step of sending parcel through FedEx to Zambia is using a form to indicate details on the parcel. Use sellotape to make sure it stays in place and does not peal off during transportation.Details on parcel are very important for the safe delivery, otherwise your parcel might get lost along the way.

Step 4. Collect receipt

Important: collect your receipt to show proof of payment. Receipts show proof of payment for parcel to be delivered, otherwise you might not have proof to make any claims without a receipt. Finally await for a confirmation message which FedEx sends through mobile number. Wait for at least a minimum of 10 days, then follow up on your parcel delivery progress. Try to ask if it arrived by calling the recipient in Zambia and checking delivery progress bar on the FedEx main tracking system. Alternatively you can send FedEx an Email for further inquirers!!


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